SAG Awards Well Played (Comparatively) Carpet: Helena Bonham Carter


You know, we often say that if HBC ever dressed in a standard-issue ball gown, we’d be so bummed. But the thing is, I don’t know that I really would be. Yes, sure, I’d miss the laughs — oh, how we laugh — but lost amid all her red-carpet insanity is that Helena is a really good-looking lady. So I like the fact that she took all the glue-sniffing birds who usually build her outfits and locked them in their cages, just once. This is probably the closest we’re going to get to low-key in the Latter-Day HBC Era, and I plan to enjoy it. Even if she does always wear skirts that make her feet look like they’re on backwards. That’s a problem. Because this is still HBC. And if you told me she’d had her feet removed and then reattached to the opposite ankle just for giggles, I’d be like, “Yeah, that sounds right. Pass the pretzels.”

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  1. Molly

    Love her clutch- “pearls of wisdom.” TeeHee. Not totally sold on her lipliner, but I’m willing to overlook it, due to the fact that her hair is combed and styled, as you said, slightly French courtesan. I like it.

  2. Jeanie

    Aw, she looks so……Not-HBC. I miss her cracked out look :(

  3. Esmerelda

    The sheer “straps” are pointless. Put a real strap on it or make it strapless. And I hate her lip color. She’s so very, very close. I either want her to look completely cracked out or totally glamorous. Anything in between is a little dull.

  4. Dee

    She looks alright but what’s the point of HBC looking normal? She’s supposed to look half drunk with mismatching shoes and twigs in her hair.

  5. Chelsea

    I honestly gasped out loud when I saw her–I think she looks absolutely gorgeous! I love it!

  6. Sarah

    I think she looks fantastic. The thing that usually bothers me the most about HBC’s outfits is her hair. This showcases how pretty her hair is, and her makeup is fantastic, and her skin color is perfect with all of it.

    Conclusion: Fantastic.

  7. Clara

    I agree with the comments about her lips. Loosk like they are drippy with gloss etc. I like the top half of the dress, don’t think it really “goes” with the skirt but hey, who cares? HBC is a charming wacky cat.

  8. Jill

    I loved it. She was able to bring her own flair to a more pedestrian dress. And her makeup is awesome. She has the prettiest eyes.

  9. Alizay

    Noooo!! I want HBC dressed up all HBCish, as my mum would politely say “she’s got character”. It separates her from everyone else. The craziness is why we love her!!

  10. Rayna

    It’s like when someone is only ever in light comedy, and then you see them doing something really serious and heavy and nailing it, and you’re like, dang, girlfriend’s got some chops!

    HBC is gorgeous and I love her. She can come out wearing glue sniffing birds, and looking like her hair was styled with lawn care implements, or she can come out looking like THIS, and she works them both.

    3D flowers and Pearl of Wisdom! LOL, had to put the close up cam on THAT.

  11. Porter O'Neill
  12. PeachyKeenStringBean

    Her expressions are what make me love her, too. She’s not Botoxed to death, and I’d much rather look at someone who has real expressions than the cookie-cutter smiles that don’t reach the eyes (and don’t wrinkle the forehead). Plus, she’s an actress – she’s supposed to be expressive and she seems to just get out there on the red carpet and do her thing just like she does it at home or out and about on an ordinary day. It makes me respect her more, really.

  13. Adriana

    The bag is genius! Pearls of Wisdom! Almost makes me overlook the heinous lip liner and gloss straight out of the late nineties crimes against beauty.

  14. Suze

    She is so beautiful. I love her both ways–cracked out and ‘pedestrian’ glam. If she didn’t show us how truly well she cleans up once in while, how could we ever enjoy cackling with glee over the crazy?

    LOVE her!

  15. Lina

    My petty complaint to the designer: why was it so much to ask to trim the extra fabric out of the bodice darts? Those white triangles at her waist are so distracting! Maybe they show less in person (flashbulbs are unforgiving), but they keep drawing my eye.

    Otherwise, she looks lovely, and it’s a nice reminder of how lovely she really is when you set aside the Burtonesque wackadoo–which is fun, don’t get me wrong, but it’s good to remind people every once in a while that you’re actually still a knockout.

    Also, I really wish we had better shots of her hair. *stares and stares at it*

  16. vandalfan

    I dunno, her hair is a little too Saloon Gal for me, but the dress, divine. The “roast beef lips”, with dark, well done liner and rare filler, is often seen in soap operas, and is a bit too much for the close-up lens. But lordy, she could wear one swim fin and one roller skate, with a tutu and pea jacket and look terriffic.

  17. crystal

    Her feet look weird because her legs are crossed under the dress. Still not the wisest way to stand on a red carpet, but at least now we know she hasn’t had her feet surgically reattached!

  18. Joni Woodhead

    lovelovelove her clutch, too cute. and since her hair typically looks like a nest, im totally ok with the saloon vibe … actually im often Ok with saloon vibes

  19. Anna

    Someone needs to tell her what her motivation is when she’s on the red carpet.

  20. Lindsay

    I hate her so much but she looks really good in this.

  21. lc

    Did you see her on the Craig Ferguson Show the other night? She had this weird spiral of hair coming out of the top of her head, off center, of course. And her husband has told her she should use the rule of taking one accessory off before leaving the house, but make it seven. lolz!

  22. Elise

    Yeah, I agree with the lipstick-related comments. Too much outside her lips, too shiny, too goopy-looking. Yuck. The dress is pretty but the length is weird. I adore her though so I’m not really complaining too much.

  23. Gabs

    I know this dress is Marc Jacobs but who wore it in pink and green ? I thought it was ScarJo, but I went through all her fugs and couldn’t find it, so now i’m left wondering, and it’s really getting to my nerves… Does anyone remember it ?
    Anyway, i think HBC is great but this dress is nuts, (even in pink and green), the texture, the colour-blocking, and the straps… The white bodice seems very pearly, in a wedding-gown way and the skirt looks like it’s been gnawed by mice, and the overall shape is not graceful at all.
    As for her make-up, reallynot on board either…

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