SAG Awards Well Played, Brangelina


I decided last night that Intern Ross is the Eve Harrington of E!. He seems harmless, but he is coming for Giuliana, he’s bound and determined to take over her gig, and she knows it. I realized this with crystalline clarity on Sunday when they were interviewing Brad and Angelina  — separately — and Ross just basically ran with both interviews. Giuliana couldn’t get a word in edgewise, and when she did, the only think she did was ask them (surely pre-approved) questions from Twitter. And the whole time that Ross was gushing over Brad/Angelina, you could just read on G’s face how much she wanted to kill him for taking over her giant Brangelina interview. I’ve seen this movie, you guys, and we all know how it ends.

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  1. SJC

    I wish Angelina would show off that massive back tattoo more, it looks great and I like it when she’s being badass. It’s a shame that the halter neck emphasises how bony she’s become, that’s less badass.

  2. Emma

    Eek – I HATED Angelina’s dress. It’s bland, the fabric is that kind of shiny faux-leather look stuff, and the halter neck makes her shoulders look even more sharp and angular than they are. Also, her head looks weirdly big. She looked so good at the Globes, this is a huge fug for me.

    • Ruby

      She looks like some sort of lizard. she’s just gross. life-sucking whore/vampire indeed.

  3. Art Eclectic

    I’d love Angelina’s dress more if she ate a sandwich or 3 and gained some weight. She looks so much better with curves and that dress is built for curves.

  4. Maria

    I know we’re not supposed to talk about bodies on this site, but Angie is in dire need of a few sandwiches. She is way too skinny and looks like a bobblehead. However, she’s still beyond gorgeous — and I love the dress. I’ll take the badass Angie every time…

  5. Kit

    Angelina’s dress was a snooze fest in that it’s so “expected” of her when she’s trying to get a certain kind of press. In some photos it looked like leather, and I thought “at least THAT’S cool”; but in these pics, it looks like a cheap kind of poly/acrylic something or other and … whoa.

    Only marginally on-topic, there was a picture of them on another site kissing on the red carpet and it was SO. FULL. OF. AWKWARD. She was being all vampy and “let’s put on a show for the plebes, baby” and he was all “Is that my BFF Intern George over there?!?”

    It was awesome. :)

  6. Adrianne

    She’s beautiful, and has access to all of Satan’s riches, and THIS is what she comes up with???
    I actually stared at this for several moments just whimpering when I first saw it.
    It’s horrible.

  7. AS

    So glad you picked up on the weirdness between Ross and Giuliana. Her face in that pic says exactly what I was thinking — What the hell did he think he was doing?! And, sorry, but his voice is SO annoying! Would have preffered Giuliana to run that entire interview. Wish E! hadn’t made them double up.

  8. amys

    I must have missed the new intern announcement. When did Ross get the GFY intern gig? Does George know?

    • Stefanie

      I think Ross is E!’s intern.

      • amys

        *facepalm* Thanks, Stephanie. Ross bugs the crap out of me these days, so this news is a relief.

      • Heather

        He was actually Jay Leno’s intern — he got his start being called Intern Ross on The Tonight Show.

    • Sajorina

      They called him “Ross The Intern” on The Tonight Show!

  9. meow

    I am so sick of these two bland boringos and their “look at us- we’re a happy family” Oscar campaigning! They look decent but certainly are not interesting enough to be the most overexposed people in the world!

  10. Mahastee

    I love Angie, but I still give her a big fat “NO” for the garbage bag sack.

  11. Stefanie

    Yeah, still not impressed. In a way I feel like this is just as boring on her as a cream/white, long sleeved, high-neck, dramatic back dress would have been. Call me when she shows up somewhere in Pink.

    • Small Anne Cordelia

      I think we’d have to call the cops if she showed up wearing Pink, considering she’d have to be wearing her like an Edgar suit.

      • Stefanie

        Okay fine: pink. haha!

        I love you for using Edgar suit, my husband I just watched that movie this weekend and we were rolling. Some things never get old!

      • Kit

        EDGAR SUIT FOR THE WIN!!!!!!! :)

  12. Lina

    What is up with the fit of Brad’s pants? *squints* There is something really wrong going on there. Brad, you are nominated! Get thee to a tailor!

    I think I would have loved Angie’s dress if it had been in a different color and fabric, but I do love the drape of the back if not so much the front.

  13. Lucy

    erm… i know people have said she’d even look good in a binbag but there was really no need for her to test out that theory….

  14. Dazie

    Yes. Hefty bag. What is UP with her? It’s like she’s trying to NOT BE ANGELINA.

  15. Lynne

    Yeah, totally a Hefty bag. Also, Angie is clearly dying of starvation and I don’t need to see that much of her.

  16. Bevvie Hedstrom

    “… with Intern Ross and the other one.”

    Please, God, let Giuliana Rancic read this post. If she does, I promise, I won’t eat my own weight in marshmallow peeps this Easter.

  17. aa


  18. Bell

    Hefty bag draped over a coat hanger. Not so great. And someone,somewhere, please tell Ross to shut up.

  19. Feena

    Brad’s had work done no?

  20. Carolina Girl

    First, I don’t even watch E! but if that little piss ant tries to steal Guiliana’s gig after everything she’s been through, I will start watching just so that I can loudly and publicly stop watching.
    Second, Angelina looks seriously boring in that dress. I can’t believe it got a Well Played. And Brad looks like he could use a bath and a facial.

  21. Wordphreak

    Angelina a plastic trash bag. How novel.

  22. Sandra

    SWINTON is looking at this thinking “We Need to Talk About Brad(‘s Hair).” At least it’s clean and combed, but I certainly hope this look is for a role because it brings the fug in every direction.

    • Infoqueen

      THANK YOU!!
      I was wondering when someone would bring up THAT HAIR.
      And how sad is it that the best we can say about it was that it’s clean!

      Dude: you are one of the prettiest people on the planet.
      Get a haircut.
      You owe it to the rest of us.

      • liz

        Brad has the same hair as his girlfriend, AGAIN!! They both look ratty and greasy, the colour matches exactly, and the part/brush back style is so similar.

  23. just me

    This gets a well played – come on now why aren’t you being more objective? Angelina’s dress was beyond meh and Brad looked stoned. Angelina’s dress was demanding a fug and it gets a well played? And her hair – what was it – was she wearing a wig? In the close ups if you notice her hair, the mess piled on top is one color while the temples are darker. Overall, nothing impressive and sort of a very sad looking turnout from both.

    Now, a really deserving well played? Viola Davis FTW!

    • Jessica

      I agree; We gave her one. It’s the post right above this one.

      Also: we AREN’T objective. By definition, EVERYTHING here is subjective, in that it is only our opinions, you know?

      • just me

        I agree – yes it’s all about each person’s opinion a the end of the day- nothing is right or wrong. It’s just that I’m kinda new to the site and have been finding my opinions so in sync with yours that when you praised *this* look I just went WhAAt! Silly of me.

        Btw, I just love this site…you guys are so astute with your comments, at the same time very witty. I especially like the way you word the options when you have a poll thingy. Overall, this has become one of my favorite go to sites. And in case I didn’t mention it enough – I really dig your sense of humor :)

  24. Kristen

    So over Angie. My husband said ew as soon as he saw her on the red carpet.

    • aydan

      My husband asked if she had cancer, and he wasn’t being sarcastic or anything. He was seriously asking if she were sick. It’s hard to comment on the clothes, when people are wondering if you have a fatal disease that consumes you. Her face still looks fantastic though.

  25. TonyG

    Lots of meows in these comments. Just saying. Angie has been this weight for a long time. Even we she was “curvier” she was thin. I know it’s not like making fun of people with a lot of extra pounds, but there is something way too mean in telling someone to eat a sandwich, when her weight may have nothing to do with an eating disorder. Unless you know that for sure, why put such negativity out there.

  26. Julie

    I do not understand all the oozing over Angelina Jolie no matter what she wears. Glorified garbage bag that if you sent this down Project Runway they would tear to pieces as the drappery in the front is unflattering, the top portion looks like a halter top little girls would cut out of leftover fabric when playing dress up, and styled with Jersey shore earrings! If you compare to the utter elegance of the lace dress she wore at the Producer’s Guild Award, this is a total eyesore, yet she still manages to make best dressed lists because she’s Angelina. Please tell me what of any interest she brought to the SAG awards? Compare her to the fun loving Modern Family, Bridesmaids, the Help, or even the Descendants casts and I can’t wait for their fame to expire. There is no room in Hollywood anymore for the utter fakery that is these two at awards shows. They’ve been trying the same shitck for the last five years, why don’t you try to be interesting and personable for a change???

    • Heather

      We don’t ooze over her no matter what she wears. In fact, I fugged her in something not long ago and got a sheaf of comments about how I’m a misguided hater. I think people just feel VERY STRONGLY about her one way or the other, and so whenever we lean one way, the opponents tend to be the ones who are most vocal in the comments.

      • Julie

        Sorry Fuggirls I should clarify I didn’t mean you girls ooze over her, I meant the industry. After seeing her in this dress I hit the blogs the next day to see the Best Dressed and Worst Dressed lists and was deflated to see she made some of the best dressed lists! Everywhere I clicked it was OMG Angelina! I know her face is gorgeous so she can carry a lot of things, but this shouldn’t have even been an honourable mention. I had to come to Go Fug Yourself for the guiding light!

  27. Kiki

    Whoa, Jolie’s hand in the third pic will haunt my dreams tonight.

  28. Kiki

    Whoa, Jolie’s hand in that third pic will be haunting my dreams tonight.

  29. Ada

    The dress:

    1. Appeared to be made of the same fabric used to make vampire costumes for mass retail on Halloween;
    2. Completely obscured her waist, giving the appearance of a completely rectangular figure;
    3. Exaggerated the width of her shoulders while making her look consumptive;
    4. Had nothing interesting or novel about it to make up for the above, and is also like 300 other halter-necked, drapey things she’s worn in the past;
    5. Not that it’s the dress’ fault, but the picture with the caption drawing attention to her flat rear view is kinda mean. Unless you were being sincere, which, uh, might indicate you need a break from exposure to fashion industry types.
    6. Portman didn’t skate by for having a pretty face, so what gives?

  30. vandalfan

    Her dress is lovely, and she’s putting her light under a bushel because it’s Brad’s Oscar year. But her arms in the photo from behind look so emaciated it is frightening. I like his hair. Call me crazy.

  31. C

    Loved the dress! Loved that it looked like leather, and the back is awesome, as is her jewelry.

  32. coexxi

    I like the cut of the dress… not so sure about the fabric. But overall for me it is a thumbs up.

  33. Marty1211

    Ross called them husband and wife…he should be fired for that piece of ignorance, since they’ve made it clear they’re not getting married any time soon. He irritates the crap out of me!

  34. Girlin

    All about Eve…possibly one of the best films ever! Hope it doesn’t happen to Guiliana! I think Angelina is totally gorgeous but has anyone noticed that she really does not seem to have friends? He seems pretty sociable but she just seems to cling to him at these events and be awkward with chatting to anyone else? Hate his hair and her dress is pretty boring. I’m bored of her tatoos – really not attractive.

  35. Sophia

    I loved Angelina in this. She pulls of simplicity gorgeously and why should she detract from her outstanding natural beauty? As Sophia Loren said , “A woman’s dress should be like a barbed-wire fence: serving its purpose without obstructing the view”.
    Many stars feel the need to to go all Over the top with the glam, to me that shows much insecurity and a need to be loved/stand out!

    I love them as a couple, and no, im not a crazy Angie fan.

  36. exquisite red

    This should be an Unfug It Up. And I’m going to treat it accordingly, hehe. ;)

    1. Different color. Well, *a* color.
    2. More expensive-looking fabric. (I’m sure it’s actually expensive. It just looks cheap.)

    And bam! A winner. But this as it is is zzzzzzzz.

    Brad looks pretty good though. Really wants that Oscar, haha. I think they just tend to look so awful (considering what genetics gave them, obvs) that when they show up clean, we all applaud. But yeah, at least they look clean?

  37. Sajorina

    LOVE!!! I love her dress… She looked BEAUTIFUL and he looked impossibly HANDSOME! He tamed his mane and looked classically elegant! She was charming and chatted with SWINTON the whole night… Jealous!

  38. lisa

    this is not well played! You should reduce it to fug/fab just on the basis that she looks like she is going to snap in half at any point. seriously, she is scary skinny

  39. Megan

    Weirdly I have found brad Pitt so un attractive ever since he started with Angie.. This would be okayyyy if it didn’t look so cheap

  40. Ines

    thank you for brads thoughts! i laughted loud out for several times.

  41. Franziska

    Uh, no. The colour of the dress, the fabric, the heavy eye make-up and her pale lips made her look washed out. The cut of the dress is awful. And I know we’re here for the fashion, but she’d look a lot better – even in this weird dress – if she’d put on a bit of weight.

  42. jean

    Ross the Intern was fantastic with them. He just went for it! Inviting Angelina to a Dodger’s game? Who does that? A spazzy wannabe! I sort of loved Brad’s long hair. I think he can still rock it, much like Jeff Bridges. The man has good hair.

  43. AKA

    I doubt speaking to E! = campaigning for an Oscar. I don’t see the same crowd voting for the Oscars watching the E! red carpet or even caring whether Brad Pitt is nice to Guiliana/Intern Ross. For me it just looked like they decided to be nice to G this year, and since Seacrest wasn’t there it was all good.

    While this dress isn’t the best one Angie’s ever worn, I do love the call-back to her previous wild child years. And I covet her eye makeup.

  44. Lisa

    I think Brad needs a more groomed look…he’s aging and cannot pull off the Thelma-and-Louise-era-uberhot-hillbilly-boytoy thing anymore. He’s still hot, but I think most of us would agree that he was at his most gorgeous in “Fight Club” and “Mr. and Mrs. Smith”.

    And Angie…I swear I got deja-vu when I first saw this pic. Seriously, hasn’t she worn that dress before? It looks very familiar…

    Her beauty is still seriously breathtaking…but c’mon girl, you’re wasting away!

    Oh, and now I know that the little round booty that I’d admired on Angie in a movie poster for one of the Tomb Raider movies was definitely photoshopped, because that thing is flat as a pancake!

  45. Sarah

    Hate the dress and wish she’d gain some weight. She would be SO much prettier.

  46. Liselotte

    I’m sick of seeing her in black dresses, she’s way too predictable.

  47. Mandy

    Whoa. Her left arm in the last photo…. scary thin

  48. SaraPearl

    This dress is very Angelina, and I like Angelina, therefore I must like the dress. I find Brad very smashing, even at his greasiest. I just imagine them getting ready at home with the kids, and that makes me smile.