SAG Awards Well Played, Ariel Winter

Two awards shows in a row, two adorable, age-appropriate frocks in a row:

Either she’ll score the hat trick at the Emmys, or show up wearing, like, a barrel skirt and a coconut bra and either way it ought to be fun/

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Comments (16):

  1. Willow

    She’s so pretty! And I love the dress, not sure on the shoes they look very uncomfortable for someone so young, but hey, a minor quibble.

  2. Sandra

    Oh, to have the shiny, bouncy, wavy hair of a teenager again.

  3. SP

    Adorable, head to toe! The hemline, the braided ‘do and especially the sparkly shoes; they all work to youthify the look, which is perfect for her. Definitely one of the best looks of the evening.

  4. Emily

    Love it. She looks terrific.

  5. Megan

    LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE. Wish I had that dress to wear at her age. Come to think of it, I’m 33 and I’d wear it now! Gorgeous.

  6. Tegan

    Does anyone know who made the dress? It’s stunning..

  7. Sajorina

    A TOTAL WIN!!! This whole ensemble is FAB! The dress is GORGEOUS & the shoes are AWESOME! And, her hair, makeup and ring are perfect… LOVE!

  8. Angela

    Didn’t the Emmys already happen? I’m so award-show weary that I’m not even sure anymore.

  9. k

    really nice, but why did you file it under “fugs”?

  10. Mikki

    Cute dress, but I see she already has mastered the pee-pee pose…this has got to stop!

  11. gryt

    She was there – but then she had to cross her feet… Come on ladies, pee beFORe you go!

  12. The Other Molly

    STOP IT!!
    All of you, stop it NOW!
    I am so mother trucking sick of that dumb, crossed feet pose.
    It is NOT natural and it does NOT make you look thinner.
    STOP IT NOW!!!

  13. Lily1214

    She looks perfect.

  14. vandalfan

    Can I get some more sparkle down here on the skirt, please? Because to me it looks like two separate pieces, although both are pretty.

  15. Cecily

    Gorgeous dress, and she looks fantastic.

  16. Georgia Girl

    @The Other Molly – Love you, but I’ve been feeling the need to say this for a while. When I stand naturally, I cross my legs and “twist my body” in this way. It’s comfortable to me. And yes, my mom used to yell at me when I was little “Untwist your body right now and stop crossing your legs!” And I did, but five minutes later I was standing like that again. So, maybe it’s not – in all cases – a “pose” celebs have adopted and just the way they actually stand? I actually never thought it was all that weird until I started reading Fug Girls and it seems to get everyone so up in arms that I’m kind of ashamed to do it in public anymore. I’m a closet “crossed feet” stander. Maybe there’s a rehab for that? :-)