SAG Awards Much Better Played: Kelly O and Giuliana

These were two of my least favorites at the Globes, and in fact, Giuliana was Fug Nation’s third-worst dressed person for that event. So HOORAY for their stylists getting it right this time; however, this has me very concerned for both of them that all the fashion mojo was wasted on a red-carpet show nobody watches (and which appeared, cheerfully, to have been produced by inebriated zoo animals), and that come Oscar time we will be back to Questionable City. T-minus one month…

[Photos: Getty]

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  1. hb

    I like both dresses, but I can’t say I can see Duchess Kate wearing Kelly’s dress, it’s 10,000X edgier than anything else she’s ever worn

    • ringthing

      My thoughts too. I love the rock & roll edge it gave to Kelly, though.

  2. Sarah

    Love both looks, except for the purple hair. Also love Guiliana’s hosting style. She’s funny and doesn’t take herself too seriously. Ryan bores me.

    • Miriam

      Totally agree about Giuliana. She gets so much criticism, I just wanted to say I find her funny & refreshing. Glad someone else does as well.

  3. bex

    I can’t see the Duchess wearing a dress covered in huge, mutant studs but I totally adore it on Kelly. Guiliana bores me no matter what she does, but I love when, at the Globes, she asked Aziz Ansari to dance for her and he called her out on being totally racist.

    • Lisa

      Ha…that’s hilarious. I really can’t stand either of these two, they both rub me the wrong way. But I do like both of these dresses. And I hate to admit it, but I think Osbourne looks great.

  4. Holla

    I think this might be the best Kelly has ever looked. Now only if she could get rid of that purple hair.

  5. ErinE

    Giuliana was radiating an orange glow on Friday’s fashion police. I just can’t believe no one calls her out on that! (joan)

  6. Sara

    G looks about five thousand times better than the Globes nightmare, but I can’t get past how her dress is bunching up on side and her hair is bunching up on the opposite side. It seems too matchy to me, I guess.

    I think Ryan Seacrest is pretty boring, as well. It’s so much more fun to watch these hot messes.

  7. TonyG

    Hate, with a passion, the top of Kelly’s dress. It looks plasticky like…a knight’s armor made of triangular black legos.

  8. witjunkie

    I just wish Guiliana would use a little eyebrow pencil.

  9. Cat

    I like both these dress and they are infinitely better than what they wore to the Globes. Kelly’s is edgy to offset her hair and I love the color of Guilana’s, even though I’m uncertain about the bib/napkin/cape on top.

  10. Tamburlaine

    I never watched The Osbournes so I have really no idea what Kelly O is actually like, but I have a great fondness for her anyway. She always does something original or unusual with her red carpet choices. I love her dress here, and her hair and make-up are really good.

  11. Rayna

    Kelly O’s dress, if the “adornments” didn’t look quite so plasticky, would have been totally Downton Abbey, and I would unreservedly love it.

    I don’t approve of some of her choices regarding her appearance, but on TV, she seems to have a cute personality.

  12. Anna

    I’m not from the EEUU, so I’ve never seen Kelly O. talking or on her show(s?) and I don’t know if she’s the biggest douche on earth or the most wonderful person ever. I’ve only seen her here and… I love her. She’s such a doll and she looks really happy. That shot from her face is gorgeous and I love her hair.

  13. claire

    I just can’t get past how thin Guilana looks, although this dress accentuates it slightly less than the one at the Globes.

  14. shareen

    Guiliana: choosing a hairstyle must be hard when you’re a life-sized bobblehead doll….not much goes with that.

  15. Bottle Ginger

    This is the best Kelly has ever looked, purple hair and all! Seriously, the lavender hair works as a “pop of color” accessory, which she complemented by minimizing other accessories. It also gives the dress a bit of edge, it makes the square bead things look punk.

    And as always, Guilianna looks like an ant queen in a dishrag. She’s so incapable of pulling off red-carpet looks that she might as well eat.

  16. Wade's missing shirt

    Kelly does look better than ever. I’m happy that she’s finally turned up the volume on her hair color a little. My big beef with the purple was that it didn’t go far enough – her shade was the exact same one rocked by little old ladies with bad hair dye. This shade is younger and more fun.

    • Hima

      Definitely agree here – her hair color looks much better now. It used to look weirdly gray and I didn’t care for it. Now, the color looks a lot brighter (?) and the style here is fantastic. Loved her dress too.

      Guilliana is a success here just for the major improvement from the GG dress. Her hair is super weird though. Also…I had so much contact embarrassment from watching her interviews on the red carpet. Terrible.

  17. Vandalfan

    Kelly, Kelly, Kelly. With the hair. Try something else. Even brighter, heck, go all Minaj or Perry technicolor, but not this vague, washed-out lilac.

  18. Susan

    I have to say it, KELLY REALLY, REALLY looks cute in these photos. I think she looks cuter here than I have ever seen her even with the lavender hair.

  19. Sajorina

    Kelly looks soooo pretty… Her dress is beautiful, the accessories are fabulous and her makeup is flawless, but her hair color ruins the nice hairdo for me! FAB! And, I have nothing good to say about Giuliana’s look! Ugh!

  20. mepe

    I LOVE Kelly’s dress! It’s perfectly appropriate red carpet attire yet still edgy but without looking like she’s trying to be edgy. Plus her hair and make-up look fabulous and she looks happy and cute. Total home run!

  21. Caro

    I think Kelly’s hair looks greasy and kind of plastered. But it could just be my intense dislike of this “celebrity.”

  22. Gards

    Oh please. That lilac business has got to go. She looks like Ace Ventura meets Nana May then plastic coated. C’mon ladies – you can’t seriously like this????? Please?????

  23. Lily1214

    I love the violet hair. It’s beautiful.