SAG Awards Fugs and Fabs: The Cast of Downton Abbey

LADY MARY. Your side-boob is showing.

[Photos: Getty]

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  1. vodka gimelet

    The under boob on Michelle’s dress is a lot of boob. What would the dowager duchess say??? She is stunning looking, and I don’t think she needs to wear a dress like that to get attention at all. But she did.

  2. AM

    Love Love Mrs. Hughes and Daisy in these pics! It is a lot of yellow and fabric for our Daisy, but Sophie looks so young and cute. And her hair is cute. I would love Michelle’s dress without the underneath part. Maybe she needs the dreaded black bra underneath, which I detest, but . . .

  3. Donna

    THAT’S Mrs Hughes?? I did not recognize her and assumed she was one of the producers. She looks divine with some colorful makeup!

  4. Orange Clouds

    Dude in the first pic certainly thinks Lady Mary looks hot!

    • Jessica

      I LOVE that guy.

    • jenelope

      *whiplash doubletake* “Oh, heeeeeeyy!! BOOOBIES!!”

    • deee

      I’m fond of the woman in the flowered mumu, Mom cardigan and flip flops in the first picture. She looks like she is attending a completely different event.

  5. Liz985

    Love Ms. Logan’s dress. Superb cut and color. Great overall look.

  6. Bella

    Mrs. Hughes is not recognizable. Wow! Lady Mary, why? Your incredible beauty really is sufficient. And that shark dress is horrible. I feel threatened.

  7. Court

    Am I the only person who thinks she’s pulling off the sideboob? The dress is conservative from every other angle, and the sideboob is covered up in the sheer fabric. I think it’s kind of sexy in an unexpected way, as opposed to your average plunging neckline.

    • Dave

      I agree — I would normally oppose that much boobage on grounds of taste, but somehow she makes the whole thing work. There’s something elegant about the look and I’m not distracted by the boobtacular.

      Also – Mrs. Hughes might be my best dressed of the night.

      • unvacuous

        Agree – I think it’s tastefully done. There is no threat of wardrobe malfunction with the sheer panels holding things in place, and 75% is covered. That’s more than can be said of most push-uppy strapless dresses at award shows – where the cleavage tends to overflow.

    • TaraMisu

      Yes I have to say (surprisingly) that I didn’t clutch my pearls at Lady Mary’s side/underboob. She has an amazing face…. amazing.

    • Jenna

      I wish she were SLIGHTLY more covered, but yeah, I think she looks ridiculously hot. And I’m a straight chick.

    • S

      I fourth this sentiment. I think she looks stunning, full stop.

    • Dani

      I’m in agreeance too. Yeah, it’s a lot of boob, but I still think it’s the best she’s looked at any awards show.

    • BW

      I agree, Lady Mary looks fantastic and the side boob is much less that most cleavage. I think the thing that makes it work is you cannot see her nipples, so she doesn’t look naked. If there were missiles pointing at the camera, I would have a completely different reaction to the side boob.

  8. Chelsea

    BUT WHERE IS MATTHEW CRAWLEY????? I mean, I know he was in New York doing the Broadway thing, but he should be IN MY ARMS.

  9. Al

    No comment on Branson’s polka dot bow tie? I thought that was so cute. I know this is an unpopular opinion but cute as Dan Stevens is I prefer the Irishman Allen Leech. Blame it on the accent.

    Too bad O’Brien wasn’t there. The actress who plays her is a knock out. Seriously, the effort it takes to dowdy her (and Mrs. Hughes) up must be herculean.

    • Rebecca

      You are not alone…I do really love Matthew but I am ALL about Branson. I didn’t get to watch the SAGs last night so I may have literally squealed out loud when I saw a clip this morning and saw him onstage. LOVE.

      Also don’t mind all the side/under boob on Michelle’s dress…like everyone else is saying, the rest of the dress is so demure that it’s not offensive. I saw something online (maybe on Vulture?) showing all the DA cast in regular clothes/hair/makeup in their off time, some of the transformations are amazing.

  10. PB

    re: Lady Mary’s side boob – No wonder that man behind her in picture 1 is looking so happy.

  11. Chasmosaur

    My husband – who totally has the hots for Michelle Dockery – asked what I was looking at when I was looking at the sideboob pictures (I’d only seen this dress from the front, missing the SAG coverage last night).

    I turned my laptop towards him and he said “AWESOME.” I married a troglodyte ;)

  12. ringthing

    Our Daisy does show a preference for mustard yellow, but don’t they all look so adorable and happy to be there? Truly refreshing. It’s been so nice to see Branson all gussied up at the dinner table this season and I could honestly stare at Michele Dockery’s lovely face for ages. I hope at some point we can all speak of last night’s truly shattering events; I have to watch it again because I couldn’t stop crying and missed the ending.

  13. Jennifer

    Mrs. Hughes looks SPLENDID. They all do really. And I hate them for that.

  14. One of the Leahs

    I don’t like the Dockery dress even if I ignore the overexposure. It just looks generic.

  15. Sandra

    Michelle Dockery’s side-boob does not look sophisticated and sex in contrast to the rest of the dress. It looks like the damn thing doesn’t fit her. She’s way too pretty to have this happen to her.

  16. kirstyk

    Lady Mary’s rope belt is too low (if even neccessary at all?) and it’s making the fabric below all lumpen. That’s more upsetting to me then the side boob.

  17. Beryl

    I think Dockery needs to tone down the eyebrows a bit; they look like caterpillars. And I wish people who obviously need bras would stop wearing frocks that won’t let them wear bras! Daisy’s long dress looks like she wore her own parachute in case her plane went down while crossing the pond. All in all, fug galore.

    • LibraryChick

      No, please, Michelle, don’t listen to those who critique your eyebrows. I love seeing a well-defined brow. It’s only the lovely contrast of your skin with your hair color that makes some people scared. Don’t give in!

  18. Eli

    I like everything that is going on with Michelle Dockery’s head. The dress doesn’t offend but it doesn’t interest me that much either. And more Branson plz.

  19. Bottle Ginger

    Busty ladies have to be careful with high necklines. If your nipple line is closer to the belt than the collar, it creates an illusion of saggage. I don’t mind the sideboob at all, it’s the porportions of the chest being off that bother me.

    Hate the mustard and chartreuse dresses on McShera. No fair-skinned woman should ever wear that color.

  20. Kate Pearce

    having lived on both continents, I suspect Americans worry more about boob exposure than Europeans do. It didn’t really worry me at all. LOL

  21. Hannah

    It pains me to say this, but I really hate Ms. Logan’s hair. Anyone hoping to master the bouffant in today’s world needs to spend some serious time studying the work of whatever genius is responsible for Joan Harris’s styling. Otherwise, though, she looks lovely.

    Re: last night’s Downton, they really love pulling shit like this out of nowhere, don’t they?

    • witjunkie

      Yes, and meanwhile dragging the Mr. Bates thing on FOOORRRREEEVVVEEERRR

      • Hannah

        THANK YOU. I know he’s beloved by most of the show’s fan base, but I am so bored with him. His blandness-to-drama ratio rivals Ryan Atwood’s, and at least Ryan Atwood got to have fun occasionally.

  22. Fletcher

    Pretty woman. Not her best look. What does the dress say? “Don’t typecast me as Lady Mary!!”

  23. Sajorina

    Michelle is showing a lot of boob, but at least they’re FABULOUS boobs! Her hair & makeup are very pretty, but her dress is a miss! Her 2nd dress is AWESOME! This a very good looking cast!

  24. fritanga

    I don’t care what they wear, I LOVE THEM ALL OMG, even the erstwhile Samwise Agrippa from Rome (ie Leech), who looks very smart in his tux.

    Phyllis Logan’s hotness is no surprise to me – please see her in Secrets and Lies. She’s playing much older as Mrs. Hughes (as is Penelope Wilton as Isobel Crawley).

    And I don’t care how much boob or shark attacks Michelle Dockery displays – she is perfection, and is such a balm after the highly overrated, horribly dressed Hathaway and Danes.

  25. Carol

    My nerves can’t stand much more after last night’s terrible thing that happened!!! I’m barely upright after seeing Lady Mary being so scandalous in front of AMERICANS. Gah.

    Thank God Ethel & Tom kept the dignity of Downton intact! Tom is adorable.
    Yes Daisy’s dress is not the best….but Mrs. Hughes! Heavens woman, that hair is amazing! Haha love it :)

  26. Mary Urech Stallings

    Mrs. Hughes has obviously been hiding her light under a bushel.

  27. TonyG

    The colorful shark dress certainly woke me up. I like it, but don’t think it needs the ruffle at the bottom. Why add ruffle to crazy? Crazy is enough.

  28. Ranch

    I could see the terrible thing that happened coming, but I was in disbelief that it would happen!!!! A 34 year old woman crying in a bathrobe watching PBS is not a pleasant sight….My cats were concerned.

  29. mepe

    Ahhh, why couldn’t they send all of the Crawley sisters and Cora?! I love seeing Daisy out and about by why Ethel? Poor Lady Edith never gets a break.