SAG Awards Fugs and Fabs: Mad Men

Where have you been, January Jones? It’s almost IRRESPONSIBLE of you to withhold your brand of crazy at this time of year. In related news, where art thou, Christina Hendricks?

[Photos: Getty]

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  1. Donna

    I’m not seeing the pics. Maybe just my computer today

  2. TonyG

    Heather, Are you trying to hide Jon Hamm from us…(joking…I know you would never do that!)

  3. Bella

    Can’t see any pics, either.

  4. Snoskred


    Wherefore art thou, Hamm?


  5. Kate B
  6. Michelle
  7. Donna

    Thanks @Kate B!

    Since when have Pete and Rory Gimore been dating??? This is big news indeed.

    J-Hamm looks a little bloated and partied out, pity. But Roger Sterling looks saucy and just like the dressed-up surfer dude he is (but why are his fists clenched? Is he about to take a swing at the camera guy?)

    • Bambi Anne Dear

      I think the Hamm looks bloated and puffy too.

      On the other hand I think January looks fantastic.

  8. Fiona

    OK, was there some really strange awning or lighting setup at the SAGs? Almost everyone, in all the photos, looks grey-faced. Hamm’s deathly pallor was the last straw. Why do all the beautiful people look dead?

  9. Snoskred

    How did Hamm let her out of the house with those wickety wack boobs? :(

    Would he not have said to her – this dress is doing terrible things to your gorgeousness, please make it stop, I can’t take you out looking like this!

    I have a sad for the lack of Christina.. however my sad turns into a happy when I see Kiernan, she looks incredible. Love those shoes she is wearing.

    • Heather

      It’s implied by the gossip sites that while they are still together, it’s not a faithful togetherness on his part, so maybe he’s not too fussed (or focused on) what she does with her boobs.

      • Stefanie

        So Heather, you’re saying I have a chance with him? (j/k!! Unless it really is an option…)

      • ok

        Maybe they are faithful– just non-monogamous.

        Since they aren’t married, maybe they are unconventional in other respects as well.

  10. Ann

    Hey, I LOVE January Jones’ dress. It looks great on her.

  11. vodka gimelet

    I like January’s dress, I think she is one of the few that could carry that off. Jessica Pare is fabulous! Please don’t let the Hamm wandering eye rumors be true…I want to believe that someone in Hollywood can stay down to earth and together. But on the other hand, if they broke up, that means he would be a free agent :-)

  12. Sara

    I’m getting weird uncle vibes from John Slattery. Maybe it’s the sunglasses?

    I think Jessica Pare’s gown would be gorgeous without any of the black.

    I still can’t get over Rory Gilmore and Pete Campbell, together, on the red carpet. She looks great except for the bangs (although does anyone else think the dress looks too big?).

    I think Moss looks the best of all of them – who would’ve thought?!

  13. Stefanie

    I HATE January Jone’s entire look. The hair. The makeup. The dress. EVERYTHING.

    I really want to see Hamm naked. Like REALLY REALLY want to.

  14. Bella

    Hate JJ’s dress/hair/makeup. EM looks good. JP’s dress would be great without that black strap nonsense. And a little less intense eye makeup – her eyes are so pretty but all that smoky eye business is covering them up. JW – I don’t understand what she’s wearing at all. Looks unfinished.

  15. birdgal

    I flat-out love Rory Gilmore’s dress, wack hair or no. But here’s my question: did her horrible turn as Pete Campbell’s dalliance come before or after her relationship with Vincent Kartheiser? If before, maybe I can understand why she got the part–and don’t get me wrong, I normally love Alexis Bledel, but for some reason her stint on Mad Men was just awful (at least to me). If she met him on set, I guess I’ll just have to concoct another reason in my head….

    • Annie E

      They got together on set. Maybe she’s so awesome that he doesn’t care she’s not that great of an actress.

  16. Megan

    I can practically hear John Slattery making some sarcastic remark in that last picture!

  17. filmcricket

    Roger Sterling, FTW. Slattery looks great. Pare’s dress looks a good size and a half too big for her, which is a shame, since it’s pretty stunning otherwise. Elisabeth Moss looks fantastic, although I wish she wouldn’t default to neutrals so often. Jon Hamm, hem your pants, dammit; that is shameful.

    I think I would like JJ’s dress if it didn’t have that ruffle part. She always goes for the avante-garde, and she is almost pulling it off here. And Kartheiser and Bledel is news to me, too. How bizarre. They would have beautiful blue-eyed children, though.

  18. Jen

    I don’t think January Jones can rely on her face for this one, seeing as how her ghastly makeup is half the problem. She looks ridiculous.

    Jessica Pare’s hair and makeup are killing it for me, too. The bodice has too much fabric, and the black bits don’t help, but for me the most distracting thing is her harsh, over-dark makeup and hair color.

    I kind of love that Elisabeth Moss is the sexiest Mad Lady here! It seems like it took her a while to figure out what to do with herself at these things, but now that she’s figured it out, she’s Aces.

  19. jerkygirl

    I’m beginning to believe that January Jones is a vampire. I don’t know what else could explain her antics. Love the color of Alexis Bledel’s dress, and Elizabeth Moss looks great. The bodice on Jessica Pare’s dress screams “plus size collection” to me, but I don’t think she’s plus size. Poor Mrs. Hamm is gonna have a heck of a mark across her chest from that dress.

  20. gin_in_teacups

    Hate January Jones’ entire everything. Terrible makeup and awful dress. The hair I could have gotten behind if she’d done a different dress but all together just no. I also don’t like Alexis Bledel’s dress. It seems like so much on her and having seen her on the subway once I can tell you she is one TINY little thing. This dress seems like it’s drowning her.

    Elizabeth Moss brought it. Well done, Peggy.

    • anny

      Agree on Alexis Bledel – don’t know her from Eve, but that dress is definitely “overworked”. Cut out a few drapery bits and it would be a solid hit.

      • Neil

        I agree on January Jones – for someone so stunning, she really cocks it up with her dresses and overall styling. I’m struggling to think of a time when she’s ever looked well dressed.

  21. Tiffany

    I think Elizabeth Moss looks great, probably the 2nd best she has ever looked.

    I really dont’ like it when January Jones does crazy things to her hair. It always ends up making her face look way worse.

    I think Jessica Pare’s look is too harsh. Her hair looks like it was dyed black and not dark brown, and it is too severe IMO.

  22. Dazie

    I saw Jessica Pare and thought “Wow! Amy Winehouse looks GREAT!” and then my brain said “Yeah- for being DEAD.” Perhaps not the look she was going for.

    And the Silver Fox? *swoon* I don’t know what he could wear to look bad, but he’s sure looking GREAT in this suit.

    • Kathryn

      Your Jessica Pare observations is the best thing I’ve heard all day/forever. Thanks for that!

  23. Sylvia Bullock

    Oh Silver Fox Not Named Anderson, I adore you. You look like you’re fighting being older a little, but I don’t care.

    Rory Gilmore’s dress, YES. Rory Gilmore’s hair, NAY!

    I’m eh on JJ’s dress. Then again, I’m eh on JJ, but it is nice to see her every now and then.

    Holy boobs Jennifer. That corset really, really doesn’t fit. I like her and I wish it did.

    Btw, Teyonah Parris had FANTASTIC hair last night. I figure since we’re talking Mad Men, I’d give her props.

  24. Maria L.

    I think Lily Munster could have rocked Jessica Pare’s dress and hair. Jessica, not so much.

  25. Sophia Loren

    Only Shipka looks good to me. Otherwise, ill fits all around. Pare and the Gilmore girl: too big, Moss: too small and too stiff, JJ: awkward, Hamm: baggy.

  26. Rebecca

    Too bad Hendricks wasn’t there, because I kind of think Jessica’s dress would have looked gorgeous on her. I think her chest is the kind of chest that dress was made to wrangle. And the green would be pretty with her red hair.

    Totally didn’t know (or completely forgot) that Peter Campbell and Rory Gilmore are dating. I wish I could see him as anything other than his character, because I don’t want Rory with a slimeball like him.

    • Jenn

      I JUST came here to say that I think Pare’s gown would look lovely on Hendricks–though without the black, and perhaps with a cute ruched strap/cap sleeve on it. It looks far too big for JP up there. Adore the color though.

      • Crystal

        I agree with you all on Pare’s too-big-top, which is surprising because she is quite busty herself. There’s something about that dress where the boob part seems SO grandma-y.

      • St. Hubbins

        The trouble is Hendricks would wear it nineteen sizes smaller and the chest would plunge about a foot lower.

      • Margaret

        I came to say the same thing – Jessica Pare’s gown looks like it was meant to be for Christina Hendricks, and then when she didn’t go, the designer/stylist just replaced her with one of the other castmates. It just looks too big in the chest area, and it isn’t tailored for JP’s body well.

  27. Sophia Loren

    Also, Slattery: psychotic.

  28. TaraMisu

    I think I read somewhere that JJ’s hair is falling out?? Can’t remember where I saw that either…. but regardless, why the quiff?

    Jennifer’s dress is fug…. the top is much too small and she looks so washed out, wrong color.

  29. Olga

    Kiernen Shipka is just perfect.

  30. Helen

    As usual, Shipka for Best Dressed here. And possibly at the entire event.

    That girl has a remarkable sense of style.

  31. Hima

    I thought Alexis looked great, aside from her hair. Her dress is beautiful, but what really struck me (and what might have been helped by her dress color) is how amazingly blue her eyes are. I’ve never noticed that before. I was reading GFY on my phone (during meetings all day, thank god for smartphones), and even on that small screen, her eyes were striking. Gorgeous.

  32. Kristen

    Does anyone else think there is something going on weird with Vincent’s hair? Like it’s shaved around the edges?

    • Vampire Slayer

      I think I read somewhere that he shaves his hairline for Pete Campbell. His real hairline doesn’t recede so much (yet…)

    • Neil

      He’s going bald (and possibly trying a transplant, as far as I can tell without a closer up picture). They even referenced it in the last season (the going bald, not the transplant).

  33. Spider

    Man, maybe I’m posting from Bizarro-land, but I think January Jones looks smashing and Elisabeth Moss looks really unfortunate. That heavy eye makeup is only making her eyes look beady, and her dress looks too tight.

  34. Sarah

    Kiernen Shipka is far too young for me to be so jealous of her

  35. Sally

    Elizabeth Moss looks the best she has looked in ages (thank gawd the blonde is gone); Kiernen Shipka knocks it out of the park. Jessica Pare’s dress looks like it has those big old molded boobs built in (like an old fashioned bathing suit) but 3 sizes too big. Agree with the “would probably look better on Christina” sentiments.

  36. bee

    Moss’s dress looks like she spilt something on the skirt, that was the first thing I saw looking at photos yesterday.

    Agree with the comments about Pare’s vampire makeup (it is NOT a good look) and whatever they’re doing with Kartheiser’s hairline.

  37. exquisite red

    While I’m not quite sure about Alexis’s hair with this dress, I am happy to see her in bangs. Girlfriend has a bit of a fivehead. And at least it’s a color, & I think the necklace is interesting. I don’t think she did too bad.

    Ditto to all the things about JP’s dress on Hendricks, especially since I love a redhead in green. She also needs to deploy better eye makeup, since I know her eyes are not as small as they look here. So close!

  38. Fletcher

    Somehow the Mad Men cast never quite come up to scratch as a group.
    I think that the oldest (Slattery) and the youngest (Shipka) cast members are the only ones who really understand what it takes (Gilmore a close second)!
    January Jones is a total disaster.
    Elizabeth Moss’ overstated eye makeup makes her eyes look very small indeed.
    Jessica Pare’s hair and bodice make us forget what a striking woman she is.

  39. Sajorina

    Elisabeth BROUGHT IT! I love her whole look! I want that dress! One of my favorites of the night! Kiernan looks ADORABLE! And, I love Alexis’ look! I didn’t know she’s dating Vincent… If I was him, I’d put a ring on it immediately!

  40. Tamburlaine

    I actually quite like JJ’s dress – she’s got the tall, statuesque look to pull it off – but the hair and make-up are making her whole look awful. Maybe if she went dark-haired her colouring would seem more natural?

    I like Kiernan Shipka’s dress a lot (and she’s so cute in it), but would have preferred it in a more definite colour. Is that allowed, for someone as young as she is?

  41. steph

    Where is Christina??! Also, I wish the waist of Alexis’s dress was a tad higher… She’s tall enough to not be dwarfed by her dress. It’s beautiful, otherwise.

    • mepe

      That’s so funny because in that picture I thought that Alexis and her guy both looked like tiny (hobbit) sized people. Is she actually tall?

  42. Caro

    Moss’s dress is not great, and the bodice fits her as poorly as many others who have been called out for it. In fact everyone looks pretty horrible except for Kiernan. I know January’s hair is “falling out in clumps,” but she’d have looked better bald. Alexis’ dress is kind of OK, but too big. The hair on Pare is laughable; why would anyone want to revive a coiffure that was a hideous joke the first time around–it doesn’t do anything for her, and she looks nuts. And doesn’t Hamm’s girlfriend realize how lucky she is to have that man? And she dresses like THAT?

  43. mepe

    January Jones always looks like she’s trying too hard…like she really needs people to think she is cool and edgy. And it never works for me. I wonder how she would look if she toned it down just a bit?

  44. Kristin

    I think Vincent Kartheiser and Alexis Bledel look like siblings – petite, with high foreheads and striking blue eyes.
    Also, John Slattery is two years younger than Julianne Moore!