SAG Awards Fug or Fab: Zuleikha Robinson


This dress is very pretty, but it also looks like the Designer Imposter of Rachel McAdams’s 2010 Oscar dress:

And that haircut is making her look like the Designer Imposter of Carly Rae Jepson.

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Comments (21):

  1. Sandra

    In my imagination, I live in Claude Monet’s garden at Giverny, so I kinda love the dress. The hair should be returned to Elvira STAT!

    • SKGD

      My first thought was the fabric was very Monet-y! If you haven’t seen it yet and want an escape Sandra, The Impressionists is a wonderful short mini-series about Claude Monet and some of his fellow painters. The best part is that Richard Armitage plays the young Monet!

  2. Orange Clouds

    Saw her wearing this dress on another website from a different angle ( where I absolutely loved it, including the ear rings that you can’t see here. So I definitely think it’s fab.

  3. Dee

    Is it just me or does she look like Gwen Cooper from “Torchwood”?

  4. amys

    That shoe should be hiding better!

  5. Tamburlaine

    Yikes. The dress is pretty, but the hair is just wrong – it looks like a bad wig.

  6. gryt

    The hair is ridiculous.

  7. Pouncer

    Who is she? Should I know her?

  8. Other Emily

    I hate her hair. She is so beautiful and interesting in the face, and this just weighs her down and hides her. The dress is ok.

  9. Ellelake

    The wig is distracting.

  10. Aphy

    I’ll join the choir. I hate her hair. That dress is far too delicate for Halloween wig hair. I don’t mind the watercolor look of the dress, but those terrible shoes need to go. Maybe switch them out with a silver sandal?

  11. Cath

    Her hair also makes her look like Cece from New Girl… only Cece’s bangs are quite so aggressive.

  12. Helen

    She looks like a bruise.

  13. Kirst

    The concept is pretty but the colours are horrible and sludgy. It looks like cheap nylon curtains from the 80s.

  14. Katie

    Different hair would have saved it.

  15. Jenna

    What on earth is happening on her head? It looks like it weighs as much as the entire rest of her body. Seriously, the only thing that ruins this. Way too dark, way too heavy.

  16. Chris P

    Those are not bangs. They’re booms.

    It is very CRJ-adjacent, except CRJ would have worn this as a formal romper. I will let the horror sink in.

    I was going to call it a success, but then I noticed THE SHOES. OR at least what I thought were the shoes. I swear I saw those on Wikipedia in the entry for Diabolical.

  17. Sajorina

    Have no idea who this is! I like her dress from the waist up! The voluminous skirt and white shoes just ruined my life!

  18. jeanette

    Less Monet than (polluted) mud puddle. It’s all just too much – volume, chiffon, ruching …and hair. There is a very pretty hiding girl under all that hair and dress. Somewhere.

  19. Molly Zwerling O'Byrne

    There is no “e” in disastrous!