SAG Awards Fug or Fab: Freida Pinto


This Roland Mouret must be from the same line as Amanda Seyfried’s sherbet-colored PGA Awards dress.

And though both are tremendous hues — Freida should wear this color forever — they suffer from similar problems. While the neck on this one is draping better than Amanda’s did, it’s bunching badly around the waist, and that makes the skirt ruffle look more like an accident of folding than a design choice. Basically, it boils down to this: If you’re going to do black on pink at the SAGS, it had better be as precise and perfect as Jennifer Lawrence’s Oscar de la Renta from two years ago (which I thought was refreshing and awesome, although I found her makeup wanting), or else you’re always doomed to be the microwaved version of the original.

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Comments (19):

  1. Jenny

    She looks 40.

    • rb

      You meant to say, This is 40. As a compliment, not a put-down. Riiiight?

      She looks gorgeous, and the hair cut is modern not matronly. Not every bombshell needs to have long, unhealthy hair to compete. Love her!

  2. Rayna

    I like the color, and in principle, I like draping, but somehow this didn’t turn out to be a good look.

  3. Helen

    Love the color, but the cut and fit are both horrendous.

  4. Lynne

    She does look 40. Why is she doing that to her hair? It’s very dated and not at all flattering and lest we forget, she has goddess hair.

    This dress is weirdly constructed but yes the color is amazing.

  5. Sylvia

    GORGEOUS color. Terrible cut. And did she cut her hair? If she did, I’m crying. I know I have no right to, but, but…*weeps*

  6. Sandra

    Barbie’s toga party outfit.

  7. Kristen

    The tucks and folds aren’t as troubling as the shoulders, for me. They make her shoulders seem unnaturally narrow which then makes her head look enormous. The color is fabulous on her and I never liked that Jennifer Lawrence dress.

  8. Mongerel


  9. Hollabc

    Not a huge fan of the dress, but her face is so gorgeous and the color looks so good on her, I almost let her pass.

    On another note, I was so glad when I saw pictures of her and Dev at the SAGS. Hadn’t heard anything about them lately and I love that they are still together!

  10. R

    I loathe cowl necks always and on everyone. They are ugly and unflattering and aging and mumsy and I would happily banish them to Mars if I could.

  11. AM

    I like the color, I like cowl necks, I’m glad she went with Dev, so it gets a perfection (or at least, very good).

  12. Nancy

    Is her stylist mad at her? Remember back in 2008-09 when she would look AWESOME in EVERYTHING? The last year or so, her outfits have been all been lacking in some element or other. The problem is not her, she is gorgeous, somebody has been dressing her wrong, that person must be stopped.

  13. Elizabeth

    Looks just like Jessica Biel’s Oscar dress from a few years ago. Not attractive at all.

  14. Nancy

    Yup, it’s the hair that’s the biggest problem for me. She looks very prim in a 1960s way. But not in a good way.

  15. Heather S.

    Another hater of cowl necks. They’re for old flat chested women who’ve ruined their necks with too much tanning. And that is a terrible example of one. It reminds me of the menswear neck that Sweet Pea sent down the runway in deep horror. Just really bad, and the belt just adds to the tragedy.

    The color is good though.