SAG Awards Fug or Fab Carpet: Lea Michele


I’m very close to liking this dress on Lea Michele, because it’s such a welcome departure from her recent froofstravaganza. Something about the SAGs must make Lea really hot for her cleavage — perhaps she aches to prove that the awards show is an acronym only, not an adjective — because she busted out a low-cut stunner last year, and she’s gone in a similarly sternum-celebrating direction here. The one beef keeping me from crowning this with a Well Played tiara (which I really wish existed in real life) is how it makes her boobs look like they are eight miles apart. Not to be confused with 8 Mile. As far as I know, Eminem is only involved in one of those things. But I guess the year’s still young.

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  1. Chicklet

    Those gallery photos are hilarious. Yes, she’s ready for her close-up, Mr. DeMille.

  2. RicoSuave

    I actually really appreciate that her cleavage is not quite so… Grand Canyon-esque. That is what real person boobs look like. (Also, what my boobs would do were I to wear a dress with that neckline.)

  3. andrea

    It’s the look on her face that ruins the pictures. Norma Desmond, indeed.

    As for the far-apart boobs, that’s what you look like when you’re skinny with broader shoulders. That’s what I look like in plunging necklines. So, she actually looks normal for a normal girl, but that is something so rare in Hollywood we forget that when we see it.

  4. the lovely dee

    i just really dislike her smug look in every outfit she chooses to wear

  5. Linn

    What really effs this up for me is the hair. The dress is fantastic and I love the belt and the accessories, but her HAIR. Lea, we’ve talked about this. No more sex in the limo before red carpet events.

  6. Ms. Pants

    She’s in competition with Tori Spelling for the cleave-canyon.

    I just need her to go away for a while. I’d like to appreciate her for her beautiful voice, but I really just want to sock her in the neck.

  7. Dee

    I love it. Despite the cleavage on display, it’s still great. So sparkly. I love the hair too, it’s fits with the 70s glam theme the dress is going for. I love her ridiculous red carpet faces, the awkward poses as she tries to convince people she’s sort of nice really and the general air of barely repressed attitude she has and the fact that the SAGS seated her next to the 14 year old who is miles taller than she is. Basically I love her and wish she’d stop worrying about people calling her a bitch and really unleash the crazy broad she’s supposed to be.

  8. Kary

    There’s just so much TRY here. Despite the boob migration, she looks good, but mother of GOD, I wish she’d stop over-emoting. Your talent is enough, honey. Really. It is.

  9. The Other Molly

    Chiming in agreement on the smug look.
    This girl bugs me to no end.
    She always looks so snotty.
    I can’t get past that to like anything she wears.

  10. babyface

    it’s great–she looks like the villainess in some soap opera who’s worked her way into an award show (a la’ phoebe price, perhaps) so she glams it up to the camera and then greases her mark (run Hailey, run!).

    super entertaining.

  11. Jeanie

    This would be a home-run for me if the V neckline wasn’t so wide. The extreme V seems to flatten out her boobs. And I used to love her so much, but she seems to be very snotty/unlikeable these days! Come on, Lea!

  12. Caitlin

    I love the various faces/poses. In response to the Panteme hair flip one, I’m 99% sure she already has a shampoo contract, with Dove. I vaguely temember some sort of hair commercial w/her singing Favorite Things from The Sound of Music.

    Also, love this dress, and the fact that she has left her nose and boobs alone.

  13. Kate

    I gotta say, I really, really love this. And the cleavage? Totally fine with me, like others have said, cleave this natural in Hollywood is pretty hard to find. I’m just happy about the absence of a.) lady lumps that don’t attempt to defy the laws of gravity and/or b.) visibly defined between-boob clavicles.

    Also, I love her JBF hair, I think her doe eyes balance out the look and make her look lovely (despite reports of her off-camera behavior).

  14. Jill

    The dress is really pretty, but she’s posing so damn hard. I can practically hear the muscles tensing. I also don’t like how she’s trying to force some sort of sex kitten persona on me here, either.

  15. Fuh Ugh

    Cannot. Be. Objective.

    Despise her.

  16. Tricia

    Amen Rico Suave, and mine do the same thing! All hail the valley of the boobs!

  17. Lindy

    Smugness personified in a pretty dress.

  18. vandalfan

    It’s been done once or twice or a MILLION times before. Yawn.

  19. ddukes


  20. salstresse

    Agreed: some of us just have far-apart breasts. It takes all sorts.

  21. LoriK

    I love the dress, even with the extra wide cleavage. I’m starting to hate her though. Enough with the trying-too-hard poses already. It’s possible it was sort of cute once, but on every red carpet it’s just annoying. The hair is also bad. There’s a line between “tousled” and “did it in the limo on the way over here” and she’s on the wrong side of it.

  22. sally

    It’s a beautiful dress, and I like her normal boobs. If she would just hike the dress up an inch at the shoulders…

  23. yeahandalso

    I really don’t know what to make of her diva rumors. I think it could honestly just be a case of her playing a character that is such an ego driven diva and playing it really well. It is probably added by the fact that she really is more talented that pretty much everybody else in the cast, at least at musical theater.

    I kinda find things like Hailee’s story annoying, because yes she was only 13 but she was a 13-year-old working actress on set for an audition it is considered a faux pas to ask stars for autographs on set if you are an extra or if you are there for an audition. I am sure her agent told her not to ask for autographs while on auditions, anybody working in the industry gets told that all the time because if the star was expected to sign autographs for everybody coming to an audition they would never get work done.

  24. Lina

    I like the dress. I’m just going to pretend it’s on someone who doesn’t set my teeth on edge.

    Also, her breasts look normal to me. They’re doing the same thing as J Lo’s in the green Versace dress of doom, which is what implant-free breasts normally do when they’re not shoved together by constrictive/supportive fabric or gaffer’s tape.

  25. Gretchen

    To be honest, I think she’s trying too hard to look like Penelope Cruz. I also think it could have been better done in a color, or with more gold. The color really ruins it for me, that and her face (not in a “she’s ugly” way just that she is trying so hard to look older than her years/like Ms. Cruz).

  26. Camille

    All I have to say about that dress is I WANT ONE.

  27. Megan

    Cannot stand her ‘tude and how much of a ham she is for the cams. It’s not cute. Tone it down, for the love of God, find some humility or at least act humble if you like being a star/actress so much.

  28. Shnaggi

    The 15 year old has a better bustline than this gal….and she is ridiculous in her attempt at vamp.

  29. Joni Woodhead

    @ Rico .. i am a real person and my cleav does not look that way, even though i wish it would.

    Stupid DDD boobs always touching in the middle :( .. plus they need a bra all the time which also sucks.

  30. Joni Woodhead

    oh .. leas dress? Love it, a lot … and i know people are saying the tousled bed-head picture is bad but, I really like that one

  31. Bella

    Raise that neckline a few inches and it’s a winner.

  32. Share

    She’s just too annoying for words, so it doesn’t matter what she wears.

  33. anny

    It looks like her head fell off and got stuck back on in the wrong spot. Maybe backwards.

  34. Cat

    I want to love this completely, but somehow can’t bring myself to do it. It’s not the amount of skin– like another poster said, I can appreciate that she doesn’t have perfect little spheres on her chest *cough*NAYA*cough*. However, I feel like she’s trying too hard to be a sex kitten… or just trying too hard in general, and so it doesn’t work 100% for me.

  35. sal

    I love the sex in the limo pre-carpet makes her look less type A, softer.

  36. Leah

    I hate to admit that this dress is pretty gorge. I want to punch her in the throat and it only makes it worse that she stole my name and spelled it wrong. Plus why am I the only person on the planet who can’t watch Glee without gagging?

  37. Kelly O

    The dress? I love. The hair? I love. The person? Not so much.

  38. tagatha

    Am I the only one who thinks she’s been taking posing lessons from Phoebe Price?

  39. Melissa

    I learn so many new expressions from these comments. How could I not know JBF? And babyface’s (!) “greasing her mark”, that one is wonderful.

  40. Kelly

    This is what it looks like for girls with small breasts (at least without wearing a pushup bra) – they don’t ever smash together to create the expected “cleavage” kind of appearance because they just aren’t big enough to meet each other in the middle. if you don’t understand that you must have larger breasts.

    She’s definitely trying to emphasize them with this neckline, but the deep V actually kind of removes all mystery, shows that her figure is more boyish than this dress (and her awkward stance) is trying to imply. The dress itself is elegant, and her hair would look soft and pretty were less messy.

  41. miel

    like the dress. Not on her.

  42. anner

    i don’t think that neckline is designed very well. I’m sure she isn’t there using a tiny safety pin, but it has that look, you know?

    i also think there is some personal trainer in hollywood who is realy into the toning of pecs. some these dames are developing muscle-cleavage.

  43. AK

    I hate her cheesy expressions. Wipe that face off your head, Leah.

  44. courteney

    I mean. She looks kind of great here. Like fabulous dipped in crazy then deep fried in I-love-myself, but still, I wouldn’t look like that in this dress. Homegirl is rocking it.

  45. Erica

    LOVE the 70′s/studio 54 vibe. so so so sexy.
    she always seems to dress/ vamp very very sex pot to me. which is strange since its such a departure from R. Berry.
    anyways i agree about wanting to deck her in the face. that can’t be a good thing this early in her career.

  46. CJ

    Yes, I agree, her twins are hating each other and it’s not as flattering as it could be in the boob region. Yes, I agree that it is an improvement over the floofy pink numbers she’s been seen in. My problem is that I just can’t warm up to her with these expressions on her face. Someone above mentioned that she’s trying to look like Penelope Cruz. So, now, I can’t get Penelope Cruz out of my head, and boy, picture it; Penelope Cruz would be a total knockout in this dress (which is actually a quite beautiful dress). Penelope Cruz would look great in it not only because she is lovely but because her personality always seems, well, delightful. These pictures make me thing of Renee Z; no matter how great the dress is, your facial expressions or how you present yourself can just ruin it.

  47. Maryscott O'Connor

    Love the dress, hate the belt. The belt makes it look cheap.

    Honestly, what are people THINKING.

  48. Maryscott O'Connor

    Okay… now that I’ve read through the comments… wow.

    First — I would kill for a chest like that. I have always wanted a nice little flat chest with tiny little tits. I’ve had reduction surgery and they’re STILL too big to go braless, let alone stand straight up or have space in between. I think her chest looks fabulous. I hope she NEVER gets work done there.

    Second — her poses, her face, the “smugness: I think people read whatever THEY think about her onto her expressions. I think a lot of it is the character she plays, a lot of it is the persona given to her in the press, and a lot of it is just plain jealousy. The kid is wicked talented.

    Or, you know, maybe she IS a massive diva. And so what? So what. Divas are divas because they earned it. So a bunch of total strangers think you’re a dick. Whatever. If she IS “working too hard to be liked,” I hope she gets over that really soon, because it’s a waste of her time and energy. The people who hate her because they think she’s smug — their opinion is never going to change no matter how hard she works to change it. No amount of posing or ditching the ruffles will do it for them. In fact, obviously, it does the reverse.

    But I think it’s bull. She’s crazy talented, and I think she’s probably a very sweet girl to the people who are actually IN her life. To total strangers? Who gives a shit? Why SHOULD she be anything but polite? Which she probably IS, until they start bulldozing over her private time and demanding autographs when she should be left alone…

  49. Aurora

    I agree with all the previous comments about the boobs. This is what average sized brests on an average person look like, and I can appreciate that she looks natural. She’s not trying to make them float mysteriously near the centre of her chest. As to the whole attitude thing, it seems like stardom has ruined whatever natural humility she started off with. To many talented stars succumb to ego, and it often affects their work. I’ll be curious to see if that happens to hers. Oh, and the dress seems extremely average. Nice, but completely boring.

  50. a

    Her chest is as flat as her back. That’s fine, and I respect that she is keeping her body natural, but why emphasize that fact with such a lowcut dress? It looks terrible in my opinion. She looked amazing at the Emmys but she really missed it on this occasion for me.

  51. katie

    I think she looks kinda great here, although I wish it wasn’t quite so low cut. I really love the hair and think it’s perfect with this dress actually.

    Everytime I see her, I hate her a little more. She really needs to go away for a while. I used to like her when Glee first came out, but everything I’ve seen and heard of/from her since then has made my opinion of her go down.

  52. lc

    This is the kind of bodice I was imagining on Claire Dane’s dress, but not as low cut. If it wasn’t as low cut her boobs wouldn’t look like they’re running in opposite directions.

  53. NYCGirl

    It’s…fine. I think I’d prefer it in a pale pink, though. And with non-tousled hair!

  54. janeB

    In certain angles she seems to be suffering from the dreaded lollipop head syndrom.

  55. PStone

    Her phoney super-affected personaltiy disorder ruins everything she wears…..!

  56. Meg

    I want to punch her in the face. The facial expressions she makes on the RC simply grate on my nerves to no end. I’m not sure, either, why she is trying so hard to come across as a sex kitten/vamp when it is NOT working.

  57. cstiddy

    p.s. That is the dumbest tattoo.

  58. steph

    She. Looks. OLD.

  59. Anne

    Love the dress, but can’t get over her head. Is it me or is that an unusually large head?

  60. Alice

    She looks great. I wish the bodice were a bit more fitted but I think she works every dress she puts on to the max.
    It seriously annoys me when people jump on her for “trying”. That makes no sense. How do you expect to get anywhere in life by not trying? Whatevs. And hey, hate her or lover her, well you’re still talking about her. She’s the only Glee cast member, of the kids, I expect to have a long lasting career.

  61. Kathy

    I normally hate to say things about people’s bodies, especially since it’s not like Lea Michele doesn’t take care of herself. But in this dress, her boobs look like men’s pecs. I see it everytime I look at pics from the SAG Red Carpet. I don’t know what’s going on ehre