SAG Awards Fug or Fab Carpet: January Jones


Here’s the crazy thing. I actually like this much better in pictures than I did on television.

For one thing, I find her personality in interviews to be just…perplexing. She’s just so awkward. I don’t know if she’s shy or just kind of a weirdo or what her deal is, but I spend most of the time trying to figure out what’s going on. She seems to be beaming all her thoughts down from, like, an alien dimension, like there’s a delay between when she speaks and when she actually knows what words are coming out of her mouth. I imagine the conversations she used to have with Jason Sudekis when they were dating, and in all of them, there’s just basically a lot of staring. HOWEVER. I do think she is truly breathtakingly beautiful. So she has that going for her. And I think this dress is kind of groovy. It’s also the platonic ideal of the opposite of her Golden Globes gown. In fact, I am rather pleased that she put it away for the night.

I also just love this picture. It’s like, Harvey Weinstein is all, “NO. Weinstein. W-E-I-N-S-T-E-I-N. You know! MIRAMAX! I was Miramix! Now I’m…Harvey Weinstein! I’m Harvey Weinstein! You KNOW me!” And January Jones is like, “hmmm. I don’t know if that’s ringing a bell.” And he’s like, “PLEASE LOVE ME BLOND GODDESS.” And she’s like, “I’m tired of this now.”

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Comments (64):

  1. Sam

    I love the dress, but I cannot get over her hair. Yikes!

  2. Jennifer

    How tiny is she because in all of the photos from last night she looked so teeny tiny?

  3. Lina

    It’s like a reconstructed boudoir from a Louis XVI museum in France. Or a New Orleans bordello in the 1890s. I just…no. NO. Also, I really hate to imagine a stylist got paid to put her this (and the orange-red thing). Sure, they’re getting her picture plastered all over the internets, but seeing these dresses, I only want to cast her as wallpaper, standing in the background looking ornamental while the real, live, functional actors get all the lines. Where’s the personality? Where’s the substance under the decor?

  4. Jill

    I LOVE this dress, but the hair is reminding of K.D. Lang.

  5. Maretha2

    She is freakishly beautiful. She also seems really weird. I can’t imagine having a conversation with her. I hate this dress and think she looks ridiculous.

  6. Rayna

    Absolutely. Everything wrong with the GG dress is everything right with this one! Win.

  7. Lisa

    Can’t I say I love this dress AND I hate Betty Draper so much?

  8. Kate

    Lina said it best. I just…can’t, it’s too wall-paper, victorian-era chaise lounge, antique picture frame. It’s overly ornamental that it just doesn’t seem like a piece of clothing.

  9. Peony

    The dress looks beautiful and fantastic………………on her. On anyone else, it’d look like the evening gown version of culottes and Uggs.

  10. Amy!

    I just dislike HER so much that I have a hard time admitting that this dress is really pretty. Like I would love it on Claire Danes or Kyra Sedgwick or someone else delightful, but on her I’m like EEEHHHHHH.

  11. Amy

    I can’t judge the dress because, like Sam and others, I’m too distracted by the hair.

  12. Stefanie

    Shes like a real life Fem-Bot: Seriously beautiful but seriously empty.

  13. Di

    I feel sorry for her because I think she’s just not good at the on-the-spot interviews or other live/semi-live television (which why her SNL was a dud), so that she just comes across clueless. I don’t think she is and I think she gets slammed as an icy, dumb blonde when she isn’t. Maybe she’s not a genius or anything but I think she’s probably more the quiet, shy type. Very, very reserved.

    Remember when Jason Sudeikis made some comment about seeing her naked or something? Maybe he was just answering a question someone else asked but regardless, his answer was totally in jest. She made some comment in response, when someone asked her about his comment, saying something like “he certainly won’t now” re: seeing her naked. I know this whole example sounds totally stupid because of how I’m describing it, but my point is to illustrate that I think she’s just really reserved.

    Anyway, I love the dress. I loved her Golden Globes dress, too, but I like this one because it’s like the exact opposite. And both work on her!

  14. unbounded

    Yes….but THE HAIR! What happened there?!

  15. Allison Ouvry

    The whole speech disconnect thing– I’m guessing she is just really, really hungry.

  16. Margaret

    Somehow I feel like I would have loved this dress on Nicole Kidman. January looks lovely and yet somehow it just doesn’t suit her.

  17. Sajorina

    I like this dress, but I would love it if the lace ran continuously and wasn’t interrupted on the waist and the midlle of the thighs!

  18. rigmarole

    I don’t know why, but I just really like her. Maybe it’s just because so many people hate her and I need to be contrary. I think she looks fab, but I guess I’m hardly unbiased here.

  19. Snarky Sharky

    Love this dress on her and her hair too

  20. Minutiae

    Add me to the, “Like the dress, don’t like her,” chorus. I don’t watch Mad Men, but every time the camera was on her during the SAG awards, she had MAJOR bitchface. Sorry honey, but you’re an actress, and this is part of the job. At least *act* like you’re grateful to be there!

  21. Edith

    There really needed to be an “I HATE BETTY DRAPER SO MUCH!!!!!! – However, I love this dress” option. I just had to express my hatred of the character on the poll. Spoiled childish witch.

  22. Edith

    Betty Draper moved her family just because a 14-year-old boy likes her daughter more than he likes her. She would have stayed in Don’s house forever and ever except she couldn’t handle being rejected by Glen. You think she’s a bad mother now? Wait until she deals with Sally getting more male attention than she does. “Snow White” was written because of mothers like her….

    I could go on all day….

  23. Jessica

    I feel for Betty, but she lost me when she SPOILER left Bobby and Sally with Carla FOR SIX WEEKS AT CHRISTMAS to get her quickie divorce, and took the baby. I mean, admittedly, I would rather have Christmas with Carla than with Betty, but I don’t think I’ve forgiven her for that. Marry in haste and repent at leisure though, and I do feel sorry for her now because…well, her life is complicated. I do think JanJo is VERY well cast in the part though.

  24. Edith

    To say nothing of SPOILER firing Carla just as she moves the children, and refuses to give her a reference. HOLY SELF-CENTERED BITCH, Batman!

    Okay, I’ll stop now. I have a lot of Betty-rage, though.

  25. labyrinthine

    I don’t know. it’s very “hello everybody, let me introduce you to MY CROTCH via this very fancy wallpaper I have shellacked on”.

  26. L

    She looks absolutely perfect.

  27. Bella

    Dress and hair are very Betty-like, which is how I like her. You are right, she is a strange cookie. She never looks comfortable or happy and then she suddenly realizes she needs to face one of the cameras and smile. It’s so forced looking.

  28. vandalfan

    Total lampshade/ bad vase/ fancy tablecloth. Hate her hair, and as I remember that interview now, she seemed kind of… slow on the uptake, if you get my drift. Beauty fades, but stupid is forever.

  29. Shnaggi

    Flawless….and oh so Lady-like …Grace Kellyish.

  30. Ellen

    The dress is fine. But the hair makes her look that Kristen Wiig character on Saturday Night Live with the tiny hands. You know the one.

  31. your neighborhood li

    I loved her so much in Love, Actually that I can’t help thinking all the weirdosity is just her being kind of a lovable idiot.

  32. cole

    She is tall , shiny and slender-whats not to like about that? Lovely, my favorite dress of the event. SHINY.

  33. Mary

    I saw JJ’s face go from fake smile to bitchface during the Golden Globes when she thought the camera had cut away – in fact, I see that bitchface in every candid shot of her ever. She seems like she’s very rude. So with that in mind, she and Betty Draper are two peas in a pod, and I can’t get past my strong dislike for both her and her character to be able to judge anything she wears.

  34. nichole

    love love love the dress, but oh the hair. ruins the whole look

  35. Dizee

    I actually cheered “YEA!” when the cameras showed the full length shot. Other sites are panning her choice, but I think she looks ravishing.

    With JJ, I expect (albiet gleefully) a trainwreck, and this was such a refreshing choice! The dress shows off her figure. It’s elegant, plus so different than the *ahem* lavender prom gowns and flamingo get-ups. It’s Herrerra; it’s conservative by nature.

    My only gripe is that the areas without gold detail appear to be a guide to “saw the beautiful assistant HERE”, but given that it’s worn by JJ, I’ll take it and applaud her. To be even-keeled as far as her Betty Draper talents go, and regarding the new Liam Neeson picture in which she co-stars, I have doubts about both. But the dress is a solid win.

  36. KC

    Fantastic dress, but not so in love wit the hair. But I love love love the dress. She normally doesn’t look so great. She’s beautiful but she doesn’t always dress her best.

  37. Babs

    I bet this is what Christina looked like in her head in that lampshade dress at the Golden Globes.

  38. Faust

    Personally, I hate that the top half looks so much like a t-shirt… I think that a boat neck collar would really improve this look.

  39. katie

    Totally agree – she is SO awkward in interviews. So vapid.

    I don’t love the dress, but it’s by far the best thing I’ve seen on her….perhaps ever. That red dress, or the blue dress from the Emmys, ick. This looks nice in pictures, but I didn’t like the looks of it from tv. At least she’s covering it all up for once.

    Hate the hair though.

  40. Wendy

    Looks like a figure in a wax museum – not quite real & certainly not with any veins & blood running in them!

  41. essex

    In theory, this dress should live up to it’s pedigree and likely is exquisite. But alas, Ms. Jones is not up to the task. Granted it’s not a flattering shot of her face (I didn’t recognize her), but even that’s not to blame for the injection-molded Bob’s Big Boy hair incident. She does deserve due praise for the about face from her crimes committed at the Globes. In fact, could we borrow her hair and makeup from the Globes and forget the other stuff happened? I can’t help but think of ladies who could have owned this dress and all moments spent wearing it…. Catherine Zeta Jones, Jennifer Garner, poss. Anne Hathaway, Emily Blunt… but Amy!’s suggestion of Claires Danes makes my point best.

  42. John the Craptist

    Chinese restaurant wallpaper. In a bad way.

  43. Ruby


    Because it made her looks painfully thin, like the thinnest woman on a red carpet full of eating disorders, and much thinner than I’ve seen her look. Therefore, this lovely dress (which suits my coloring) makes a person look about 20″% thinner than other dresses. And I want it.

  44. jen

    I love her every way. I love Betty on the show, because she is miserable and makes everyone around her that way, too, and suffers for that. And January? How can you not love a woman by that name. Also, I think you nailed it with Weinstein.

  45. Sophia

    This reminds me of that full-length black and gold chinoiserie gown that Posh wore once. Except that I loved that on Posh, and feel like this falls flat on JJ for some reason.

  46. Faye

    I like the dress; think it’s unique, and a nice contrast to her Golden Globes dress. I hate the hair, though; that dippidy-do thing going on with her bangs is awful. And the massive amounts of gold blush are a big no.

    As a side note, I’ve always wondered why people hate January Jones so much, because she seems rather remote in interviews — not strong enough to inspire such heated feelings. I’ve suspected they confuse Betty Draper with January Jones, and some of these responses just confirm it. Betty Draper = character; January Jones = real person. And I know this is an EXTREMELY unpopular opinion, but I don’t hate Betty Draper. Does she have massive amounts of character flaws? Sure. But she was a devoted wife and mother until her husband repeatedly screwed her over and hurt her. And I do think it’s an interesting commentary that many women hate on Betty, but coo over Don, who’s IMO 1,000 times more despicable in every way.

    Anyway, love that last picture of JJ and Weinstein – her look is like, who *are* you?

  47. kimmy

    i really loved this dress but really hate her hair. she never fails to wear something interesting on the red carpets. i don’t think many actresses could have pulled this off. Some suggested Claire Danes, but Claire is way too classic to pull of something quirky like this.

  48. Share

    I’d probably like the dress better if it didn’t remind me of the wallpaper in my dining room growing up. And it was textured wallpaper, too! Textured.

  49. Barbara

    Her dress reminds me of one of those glasses they pour your apple tea into in Turkey, but it’s really gorgeous and she is spectacularly, if impossibly, beautiful. Perfect. And I LOVE her hair. She is quite breathtaking.

  50. yeahandalso

    She is an odd one, she seems vaguely bitchy but to spacey to actually be a bitch. It’s not that condescending ignoring people thing some bitchy girls do, it is more of a weird not all there but when I am all there I’m not really likable thing.

    This dress reminds me of Beyonce’s from the Oscars 2 years ago, but done a lot better

  51. Fuh Ugh

    Did you see her as Elinor in Pirate Radio? The ultimate bitch who marries a sweet overly romantic DJ so that she can live on the radio boat with another guy? She was thoroughly unlikeable, but an absolutely stunning goddess. I’m beginning to think it’s typecasting with her.

    I thought this dress was stunning, and especially on her. She and Tina Fey are my two best dressed for this event.

  52. Megan

    take the horrible black sheer material over her shoulders and rip it off, and have the bustline just be the gold lace. THEN you’d have a perfect dress.

  53. zinjojo

    Agree with other commenters about her hair — it’s horrible. The dress is lovely.

  54. Leah

    I thought this was Leslie Knope with her politician haircut.

  55. Mel

    So. Does anyone else think she looks like Kristen Wiig in this photo? It’s like she just stepped straight out of an SNL sketch, where Kristen Wiig is playing January Jones.

  56. Agustina Bazterrica

    I mean, she is GORGEOUS, but her dresses in general are awful, they make her look ugly or less beautiful. Sad.

  57. anner

    Somehow I can’t help loving this, even though she looks kind of like an ornate statuette. I would like to see some crimson lipstick with it, though, and maybe simpler, less swoopy hair.

  58. anner

    …It may just be that anything looks good after that ballroom dance/Dorothy Lamour disaster she wore to the globes. When I heard about that I thought, “How bad can it be? I like a bare dress on a truly beautiful woman; even the supposed crimes of Blake Lively and whatsername from Transformers have kind of appealed to me.” But yeah, that was an awkward, boob-squishing mess.

  59. Maryscott O'Connor

    Good god, if any dress should be strapless…

    What a disastrous decision, to put that sheer material there. It should have been STRAPLESS. Other than that, it’s gorgeous.

  60. Sam

    I think the dress is okay. I am definitely not a huge fan of her character on Mad Men HOWEVER I think it’s hilarious that Ashton Kutcher once said she wasn’t that great of an actress and to think where they are now…

  61. NYCGirl

    I also wasn’t crazy about it when I saw it on TV, but I love it here.

  62. rebecca

    I love the dress and I love Betty. So there!

  63. c

    “And I do think it’s an interesting commentary that many women hate on Betty, but coo over Don, who’s IMO 1,000 times more despicable in every way.”

    Exactly. All this hatred for both JJ and Betty is disturbing.

  64. Amy

    I always got the impression that she is extremely shy and not really cut out for show business, but I like her as Betty.

    I hate the weird pattern that the lace makes on her chest and groin. It’s hard to see anything else about the dress since I noticed that.