SAG Awards Fug Carpet: Nicole Kidman

NICOLE: So nice to be at the Oscars!

KEITH: No, honey, this is the Grammys.

NICOLE: Wait, that doesn’t sound right either.


NICOLE: Are we maybe just… out to dinner, where people happen to be in bleachers?

KEITH: I have no idea.  I am so tired.

NICOLE: I am delirious.

KEITH: Thank God we told people about our new baby.

NICOLE: Yes! This way they’ll understand our pain.

KEITH: They’ll totally give you a pass for this outfit because they will assume you are blind with exhaustion.

NICOLE: Is it really that bad?


NICOLE: THAT was uncalled for, I think.

KEITH: No, I mean, we’re at the SAG Awards.

NICOLE: Oh! Yes. Also, way to change the subject so that we’re not talking about this terrible dress.

KEITH: No problem. I’m a professional.

NICOLE: I mean… tell me: Did I hot-glue gun this while I was up for a 3 a.m. feeding?

KEITH: Let’s just tell people yes.

NICOLE: Good plan.

KEITH: Again, I’m a professional.

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Comments (36):

  1. MelMel

    Aww… I thought she looked lovely. I guess I’m weird because I like her dress. It’s different without being too different, if you know what I mean! :-)

  2. Lindy

    What has happened to her?! She used to be SO stylish and now she is just a mess!

  3. Jill

    I don’t think it would be so bad if it fit better through the torso and she got rid of the necklace. A less messy ‘do would work, too.

  4. Claire

    MelMel, I thought she looked lovely as well. And I guess I’m weird because I really liked the dress as well. The necklace I’m “ehh” about but I’m not mad at her (as the kids say). She took a risk, which is great to see. She wore a very elegant white dress at the Golden Globes and people moaned about how boring it was. I’ll take anyone who changes it up this much in an awards season. Also, if you look at what she wore last year to the SAGS completely different looks. Go ahead, Nicole. Go ahead.

  5. Edith

    The dress is terrible – TERRIBLE! The close-up of the bodice just makes me sad. And I’m starting to think that black lace should be reserved for lingerie and funerals; it always looks cheap otherwise. That said, the biggest mystery is why on EARTH she wore a necklace with that neckline – especially a necklace that was exactly the length that would cause it to lay most awkwardly on the fuzzy neckline. What the hell was she thinking?

    (In other news, I believe I saw her in Nashville this weekend; she came into the nail salon where my daughter was getting a pre-Winter-Formal manicure. She’s itty bitty (tall, but so slight!) in person.)

  6. anne p.

    Gown & jewelry a mess all right, but hey … Nicole looked relaxed and happy — completely at ease, you know? That pleases me so much, I don’t care one bit what she was wearing!

  7. Laura

    Horrible and horribly predictable. People Magazine predicted she’d wear this dress. Ehh, her style’s gone so downhill.

  8. Ash

    I was thinking when I first saw it, well, if the boob wonk was just reined in, it could work. Then I saw the close up and the fabric just looks awful and cheap.

    Nicole looks happy and lovely, however. I’m just happy when she’s a redhead.

  9. kimmy

    you know, i wouldn’t mind this if the front was solid black. the cut outs are weird. i do like the high neck and cap sleeves though. that necklace should have been left at home!

  10. shayogirl

    Why all the harsh comments? Its either too safe or too crazy with you people, you’ll never be satisfied! I think she looks okay…its a very dramatic dress, its different. Appreciate that!

  11. steph

    She looks pretty & they look so happy together BUT NO NO NO on the dress! I can’t believe yahoo gave this a good grade :(

  12. Bubba

    Hmmm. I love the necklace, but am not crazy about it with that particular dress. I think the dress would have been much improved if not for the strange bustier and cross-shaped strips of fabric on the front. I rather like the fuzzy necklice and also the lace back. Does fit strange through her torso though, which depresses me to no end, because of NICOLE KIDMAN cannot get a dress to fit her properly, what hope is there for the rest of us?

  13. TaraMisu

    I must be the only person that likes this :(
    The necklace can go, but not far, just to another dress for another occasion.

  14. RobbieT

    Is it just me, or does Keith Urban look reminiscent of David Spade in this pic?

  15. testington

    I REALLY like it from the back, but the front just looks ill made and ill fitting. Also the black should cover up more of the side, it is weird that you can see some lace peeking through when you look at it from the front.

    That being said, I have such a fondness for her and am really glad she seems so happy and content with her life now. Isn’t it funny that marrying a country musician and having a secret baby seem comparatively normal to being married to Tom Cruise?

  16. vandalfan

    Gad, I hate Her Barbieness and her funereal Barbie formal as much as I’m tired of black lace everywhere. The fuzzy collar requires a very tidy coif, not this casual messiness, although the color and the jeweled barrett are very good. And she still can’t move her five-head.

  17. Lina

    Clearly the baby puked all over her ACTUAL dress for the SAGs, and she had to change at the last minute but forgot to take her necklace off. Unfortunately, all the good dresses in lengths that would actually fit her had already been snapped up, leaving her with…this.

    Oh, Nic. Embracing boho chic does not extend to granny-goth-wear! Especially granny-goth-wear that doesn’t actually fit.

  18. Kate

    After seeing the closeup pic I have to ask…is it made of FELT??

  19. essex

    Par for the Kidman course. I swear the times she’s pulled anything off it’s been accidental or merely a result of the numbers game of having to attend enough events that eventually she was bound to intersect with a decent look. She’s shares the accuracy of any stopped clock.

  20. Fuh Ugh

    Has no one mentioned her hair?!? WTF? Yes, it’s red (thank god), but it looks like she did it herself after staying up all night with the baby. That hairdo would go with a pair of stretched out sweatpants and a formula stained pajama top.

    As for the dress, and the necklace… did she not see LA Story where you’re supposed to turn around fast in the mirror and then take off whatever first catches your eye? Whether it would have been the dress or the necklace, she’d have been better off without at least one of those items.

  21. Fuh Ugh

    Oh, and … does Keith Urban wear eye makeup? He’s almost got a Brent Michaels eye thing going.

  22. Jane

    Yes, I think she plumped up her lips again…just a little tiny bit! I’m on the Essex train…I now think her past hits have been entirely accidental.

  23. Claire

    To Essex and Jane – please. Sometimes outfits don’t work, they don’t photograph well, etc. When she gets it right she nails it. And if looking gorgeous like she did at last year’s SAGS or when she wore that red # at the Oscars is by accident then dear god, buddha, baby jesus, please may I magically find my way into one of those accidents.

  24. anna

    he totally looks like a Wii Mii. I’m sure I’ve thrashed him in Wii tennis several times… does he have balls for hands?

  25. Kate

    She does look happy and relaxed and if the shoulders/sleeves were different on that dress, it’d be a whole lot better. Sleeves like that always make shoulders look droopy or worse yet, non-existant. .

  26. mauxxo

    People shouldn’t buy their awards show gowns at Hot Topic.

  27. Bambi Anne Dear

    I don’t mind this dress so much. It just needs a little less business around the decolletage area and strangely it’s not all that well fitted at her waist. And I’m sorry but I like the necklace.

  28. Lynnie

    Dress: fail. Face: great! Especially for a new mom!!

  29. lc

    I thought I liked the bodice until I saw the close-up and it’s so ill fitting and made with some of the Queen’s dowdy suit material I lost all good feelings towards it.

  30. Kato Valentine

    I like the dress, it is different and she suits it, I want to know what she is filling her face and lips with :)

  31. Joni Woodhead

    i like the necklace with another dress as many have already said, and I am also ok with the black lace at the back … too bad the material of the front wasnt a bit nicer so the fit could be good … i also like her hair with a different dress, maybe the same one the necklace should be with, just not this one, it should be sleeker because of the furry/fizzy-ness

  32. JayBee

    The dress – whatever design merits it MAY have (and personally I don’t see any) – just looks cheaply made.

  33. ruby

    The summer camp pine cone necklace isn’t helping, either.

  34. Maryscott O'Connor

    The dress is a big meh. Her hair and face are beautiful (even though her hair is just lying there, undone — it’s casual, and with a blah dress like that, what else are you going to do?). I’m so glad she stopped the Botox. Her face looks real again.

    HE, on the other hand, really needs to stop wearing more makeup than his wife. Dude… it just looks weird in real life.

  35. NYCGirl

    The necklace is actually the only thing I somewhat like. (What? I’m a sucker for flowers. Well, usually– ahem, Claire Danes.)

  36. Fleurette

    I have to say: all the nasty comments (such as: would you look at her hair, this is so horribly predictable, funeral barbie, etc. Really, girls? Really??) below the articles are putting me off from this site. Sorry, Fug Ladies, I find your writing witty, and constructive criticism I’m down with. High school meangirling in the comments section by the readers, not so much–it just puts me in a bad mood and sets a very negative tone to your site.