SAG Awards Fug Carpet: Jessica Chastain

Yo, Chastain! At the Oscars?


PS: That color can stay.

[Photo: Getty]

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  1. Chasmosaur

    The earrings can stay, too. Or they can migrate to my jewelry box, either way.

  2. Kit

    I’m so bored by this dress, and in fact, by Jessica Chastain.

    This market has reached its saturation point (much like her dress.)

  3. jean

    She is an awesome shade of pale however. And I could only wish to have breasts that well managed. She needs eyebrows again. I think that would make her eyes pop.

  4. Kristen from MA

    This dress looked great on TV, but it’s very disappointing here. The jewelry, on the other hand, was to die for!

    • wtfnyc

      Wow — Kristen, I TOTALLY agree! I thought she looked AMAZING on tv! In fact, I may or may not have actually yelled “FINALLY!!” at her when she showed up on the stage, mostly because the color is awesome and she finally managed to dress to show off her hott bod.

      But she really looks stumpy and under-adorned (both by makeup and jewelry) here. So weird!!

  5. Small Anne Cordelia

    Ooof! I’ve never seen someone look so short on the red carpet. The proportions of this dress are doing her no favors.

  6. Kate

    What? I love this! It fits her and the color is great! The makeup could use some work though. But…I want this dress!

  7. Annie

    Pros: Her face. Her hair. Her jewelry. That divine color. The successful boob wrangling.
    Cons: The skirt is way too tight through the thigh region. The bodice makes her look boxy (where is her waist?!). This woman is nominated for a solo Oscar, is in like half of the Best Picture nominees, and really, really needs a better stylist.

    • Dru

      exactly! Whoever her stylist is, they need to pick dresses that fit her better – that or get fired.

  8. Dru

    Hey, this is the best thing she’s worn so far on the awards circuit! Better Played, Jessica’s Stylist (but yes, TRY HARDER, it’s practically a crime to fail to do justice to such beauty when that should be your JOB).

  9. D

    I agree 100%. The color is awesome, the rest is boring. But I sort of felt that way about the vast majority of outfits from last night – it’s like they decided it was “lazy night”. “Oh, I’m among my peers, much fewer viewers, why bother? Let’s just through something comfy on.” I mean at least it’s a dress not a robe, but all in all last night was disappointing fashion wise (with a giant exception for the fabulous Viola).

    But please bring this kind of bold and beautiful color choice to the Oscars!

  10. Dana @WhatTheFrock

    This isn’t bad. She needed a necklace, some eyebrow pencil, and some lipstick.

  11. Gigi

    It looks like a Lands End bathing suit with the extra long “Pentecostal” skirt option.

    Pretty color on her, though.

    • Sandra

      You win! I think my sister actually owns that suit in this exact color. The big ol’ wrinkle on the torso is not helping any. At least I hope that’s a wrinkle. I don’t want to have to think about what kind of undergarment would do that.

    • Esmom

      Yes, you nailed it. I was thinking swimwear too.

      • anny

        OR – Danskins: they’re not just for dancing, the undewired version.

    • Bubba

      extra long ‘pentecostal” skirt option has me laughing out loud. Thank you.

  12. valueofaloonie

    From the neck up: mostly awesome.

    From the neck down: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. I mean…come on. SO boring! I will cop to loving that colour, though.

  13. aa

    gigi’s comment had me laughing too hard

  14. Stefanie

    Those earrings and that color are being wasted on that dress. Come on lady! Get it together!

  15. TaraMisu

    Color = great
    Dress itself = zzzzzzzzzz

    It’s way too tight around the hip area and I don’t like the bodice.

  16. Julia

    This dress entirely encapsulates my whole feeling about this chick in general.

    Fine, I suppose, but totally not noteworthy, and you really don’t see how anyone could get excited about it.

  17. corriner

    So I had a dream last week that she was my carpool driver, and she split a blue popsicle with me because everyone else wanted purple or orange flavour.

    (What does this have to do with her dress? Absolutely nothing, I just wanted to share… I’m consulting a shrink as we speak.)

    Also, the colour is really lovely, and her hair looks amazing. Can’t get on board with the bra cups though.

  18. hotpants™

    On anyone else, it wouldn’t have worked. On her, I loved it.

  19. Bex

    Color 10. Bodice style 0.

  20. anneblushes

    noooo! i LOVE this look. ok, the dress is a bit too long. but with a shorter hem, this would be brilliant.

  21. Diana

    I think she looks fantastic.

    SAG awards are not that big a deal (although they are trying to be). No need to break out the cinderella gown with the 8 foot train.

    The stars should go a little less formal to both the Globes and SAG.

  22. lori

    On TV, it looked like the cups were too big for her boobs, which made her look completely flat-chested. The color is fab, though.

  23. Ladyblahblah

    This is the first piece I’ve seen from the Jantzen Evening Maillot line. She should have worn the matching swim cap, though.

    • anny

      Oh – I thought it was Cole of California. Do I see a shower shoe peeking out there?

  24. Sarah

    I like the simplicity of this.

  25. vandalfan

    I hate built-in bra looks.

  26. SharonCville

    This looks like a floor-length bathing suit.

  27. oohsparkley

    I kind of agree on the built-in bra looks, it’s really strange how it mostly makes the wearer’s boobs look smaller. I’m not saying there isn’t a bustier style out there that totally works, but a lot of them don’t.

  28. Bubba

    Beautiful color, but I am not loving the styling of these Calvin Klein dresses. Plus, she needed jewels in a different color that popped against the blue, though I do like them on their own.

  29. Lina

    She desperately needs a stylist who understands her body type and can work with her curves instead of against them. Give her something with delicate shoulders, a deep v-neck, a structurally defined waist, and plenty of room in the hip. Oh, and a COLOR. The blue is good. Nudes aren’t.

  30. Sajorina

    I disagree! This is a FAB for me! That dress with those earrings on her are GORGEOUS! I love them and her hair & makeup and that beautiful smile and the bracelet & ring! LOVE! WANT!

  31. yeahandalso

    this girl desperately needs a better stylist or her career as an IT GIRL will be over before it begins.

  32. Moi

    Awful, awful shape. It does her boobs, waist, hips, and height absolutely no favors. Looking at this, one has to wonder if there are a few stylists out there who aren’t above having a bit of a laugh at their clients’ expense.

  33. Hoja

    Is it just me or does anybody else think her torso legs ratio is WAY off, maybe it’s the angle of the picture but is she abnormally short!?

  34. Nicole

    Ok, maybe I will never understand because I have a rather large chest, but when I look at this, I can’t help but wonder why you would want to so significantly highlight how tiny your tatas are. I mean, those boob cups are miniscule and she’s not even filling them to the brim. Everytime I see a dress with specifically designed boob cups, I wonder why a woman would go out of her way to point out how small her girls are.

  35. Megan

    This dress makes her figure look awful – it highlights small boobs, no waist, a tummy & big thighs! Thats a crime!!!!! Don’t pick dresses solely on their beautiful colour!!

  36. Claire


  37. luxsword

    Well, the color might be gorgeous, but not on her ! It makes her look as white as a corpse. Yuck. Just as bad as the dress is terrible for her figure (as many before me pointed out).

  38. Caroleena Stantonova

    Oh my, I think she looks tooky fabu!

  39. Anna

    When I saw the photos of this dress I thought it was off, ill fitting. Also the angle of this photo doesn’t help. But when she was on stage presenting, she looked fantastic. I thought it was the best she has looked thus far. I love the color (specially with the red hair), the jewlery, the hair, the face! I actually think it’s a fab.

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