SAG Awards Fug Carpet: Idina Menzel

Maybe this looked better at home.

We’ve said it time and time again: If we can see your belly button, it’s too tight. There is no valor in the smallness of the number on your tag. Go for FIT, not lung asphyxiation.

[Photo: Getty]

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  1. Lynne

    I don’t love the colour here either but that might be because it looks dull against the carpet. I think I might have to agree with Kelly Osbourne’s assertion that women on the red carpet need to wear spanx with these things. Spanx aren’t for hiding fat. They’re for smoothing and belly button hiding.

    Also, Idina has gorgeous hair. I’m always slightly disappointed when it’s hidden like that. even if it is appropriate for the dress.

    • Emma

      That was my thought – why isn’t she wearing spanx?!?

      • Kat

        My thought it, with a dress that expensive, shouldn’t it be well-made and well-fitted enough that you don’t need spanx?! Maybe that’s naive of me, but I just feel like it should be that way, at least in a dress that structured.

  2. Sylvia

    No Elphaba, you deserve better than this. It doesn’t fit and the two tone clashes with the carpet.

  3. Bottle Ginger

    I hope she’s pregnant, because there is no other excuse for a series of tiny arrows pointing at your belly.

    Wait a minute, even pregnancy doesn’t excuse that!

    • kmalkovsky

      Does anyone know if she actually is preggo? Bc I feel like she is.

      • Cucina49

        That was my first thought on seeing this photo. The second was that she has a lovely figure and this dress was doing nothing for her.

    • Rebecca

      That’s the same thought I had! The arrows pointing at the stomach along with the fit – either people lied to her about how it looked, or she is pregnant/wanting to start pregnancy rumors.

  4. Willow

    Remember on Project Runway they had to design maternity wear and one of them, Ra’mon I believe, made a dress that looked like a bowling ball bag?

    I believe we just found that dress.

  5. filmcricket

    I love the colours so much, but yeah, those lines pointing at her all-too-visible navel could not be more unfortunate.

  6. Mongerel

    *recoils from closeup*
    Thought somethings were literally going to burst out of my monitor.

  7. Beth

    That’s terrible. It needlessly gives her a gut, and if she only let her poor breasts breathe, she might have an actual shape.

  8. Bella

    I saw her walking on the RC in this and it really looked odd. I’m guess baby bump. Definitely needs a size larger whatever the reason.

  9. Jo

    Defying gravity just got a whole new meaning.

  10. KMG

    That is not flattering. At all. And she’s so pretty. But did you hear that she and Taye Diggs found an intruder in their garage when they came home from the SAG Awards and Taye chased him down the street and held him until the police arrived? I have no idea if it’s true, but I have decided to believe it. Maybe the dress was a jinx.

    • mary lou bethune

      Speaking of Taye Diggs.. where is he? Now that is an attractive man!

  11. Kara

    This gives her a belly, and she has a lovely figure. I agree that a) ain’t no shame in going up a size and b) Spanx are our friend when it comes to creating a smooth line under tight clothes. She should have done both, I think.

  12. Esme

    Yes. Spanx, please.

  13. Vandalfan

    That looks like a firm undergarment that a Gibson Girl would wear underneath a big heavy dress.

  14. Eli

    Maureen would never!

  15. Sarah

    Maybe she just had a big sandwich on the car ride over.

  16. Sajorina

    OMG, NO! FUG!!!

  17. Faye

    I wish these non-size 0 stars would realize that wearing a size 0 when you’re not that size actually makes you look bigger, not the reverse. Wear a size that fits and let us see your naturally nice (even if they’re not size 0) figure!

    Also, I may be biased because I was totally turned off by her after hearing her rant at a concert, but something about Idina Menzel’s expression always looks so smug to me, and it’s off-putting. She is very talented, though, and snagging Taye Diggs as a husband is something to be smug about :) .

  18. brookemopolitan

    If this had been just a tiny bit bigger it would have been a stunner. Another Menzel-Diggs baby (though very unfair for the rest of us regular folk without pipes blessed by the heavens) would be awesomesauce, because DAMN is baby Walker adorable. Also, Idina, how are you in your 40s?

  19. Evalyn

    All the foundation budget was spent on hiking her boobs up under her chin. Too bad, a body smoother would have been a better investment and would have maintained the lines of the gown.

  20. anna s.

    Needs more arm candy. Also spanx. But the general public might be more likely to overlook the lack of undergarments if there way a Taye Diggs on her arm. (I feel like every dress could benefit from a Taye Diggs.)

  21. Lily1214

    I agree with you about Taye Diggs.