SAG Awards Better Played, Jayma Mays


I was a bit concerned about Jayma Mays when we saw her at the Golden Globes. She just looked so much wee-er than usual. So it’s nice to see that she looks so lively (and voluminous of hair) here at the SAGs. This dress, I think, works much better on her frame than the other one did. Let’s take a closer gander at it, shall we?

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Comments (26):

  1. CH

    I wish it just went all the way to the floor, rather than the scalloped bottom. Other than that, it’s not so bad. A definite improvement over the Globes, for sure…

  2. val.

    It is really, really, really bothering me that her eyeshadow, blush, lipstick, and DRESS are all the exact same color.

    Other than that, I like the dress. And her hair is so pretty!

  3. Willow

    the bedazzled shoulder-tongue bothers me a lot.

  4. tp24

    Ditto on the makeup and length of dress – wish it went all the way down.

    Love, love, love her hair, though!

  5. Meghan McNally

    She looks gorgeous, and yes, MUCH better than at the Globes. Didn’t notice the matchy-matchiness of the make-up before reading the other comments. I agree, but I think her over-all prettiness makes up for any make-up weirdness.

  6. Kris

    Blush matching the dress, I kind of like and I noticed that right off. I do NOT like her shoes AT ALL. I would have gone with something nude on the foot.

  7. gryt

    Love the color and the blingy shoulder thing.

  8. Lisa

    I think she is lovely, but don’t care much for the dress or shoes.

  9. Lina

    She’s got one of the handful of skin and hair colors that I’m happy to see in peach. I wish her makeup and shoes were better, but the dress is fine. Not stellar, but okay. I’m really confused by why she’s turning the insides of her elbows to the camera. Maybe she’s trying to give the us illusion of having fuller, less skeletal, arms. *gives her a sandwich*

  10. atz

    Pretty from the neck up, damaged formal toga from the neck down.

  11. amy

    She’s beautiful in general, and her make-up is a big improvement from the Globes, but I don’t like the style of the dress or shoes. Please tell me we aren’t headed for a couple of years of split-level hems. I didn’t like Rosario’s either.

  12. unbounded

    I want to see how it looks without her holding the skirt! Although, I think I can already tell that I would like it much better if it were all one length. Regardless, much better than the Globes.

  13. cstiddy

    Her head looks like it weighs more than her entire body. I’m kinda scared for her. I also can never say her name correctly–I end up saying “Jamayma Mays”.

  14. Soandso

    I think you may be having an off-day. No big, it happens to everyone. But let me point out that Jayma’s dress has two big, empty, billowy fabric pockets hanging around her waistline which give the impression that the dress was actually tailored for another woman with long, pendulous, and asymmetrical bosoms.

  15. Aly

    Shes a pretty girl, but this outfit is a bit too “Spartacus” meets “Private Benjamin” with the whole pink toga look.

  16. vandalfan

    I think it’s a beautiful look. The color is perfect for her hair. I’d rather the skirt was more tapered. And maybe a different shoe?

  17. Kait

    please, Hair Gods – that hair is all i’ve ever wanted or NEEDED in my life. Please!

  18. Di

    I just watched “Red Eye” earlier today and she has a nice supporting role. She is such a cutie and I’ve loved a lot of her red carpet looks. I agree she looked a little lost in her gown at the GGs plus her make-up dragged her eyes down, like the edges were sagging and she was really, really tired or something. I like this dress much better. She looks lovely!

  19. carpedog

    I love the color and her hair but HATE the way the bodice looks like it’s been tucked sloppily into the skirt

  20. G

    She’s standing on one foot not to stick her leg out but because her feet are KILLING her. Did you see the closeup of these shoes pinching and smashing her poor feet? Oww!

  21. Les

    I mean this as a compliment: maybe it’s just the dress, but she looks like she’s gained 10 much needed pounds since the Globes. She looked ill then, but looks healthy now. Maybe she just learned better poses or something, but she looks way healthier here. I like the overall look.

  22. JayBee

    @Les: I was thinking the same thing, re: the 10 pounds. Definitely looks healthier.

    I adore this colour on her with her skin and hair – but the dress itself looks a bit ‘blousy’, ya know? All draping everywhere and tucked in weirdly. I’m just happy though, that she looks brighter and fuller and happier than the Globes situation.

  23. NYCGirl

    I love the color, but the bodice looks lumpy.

  24. maria

    I am still scared for her thinness and I liked the GG look better.

  25. p

    I think the bodice is too tight across her ta-tas. if it’s supposed to be all drapey and flowy and then they have to make it tight across the boobs because why exactly? so we don’t think she’s fat? ’cause we’ll make that mistake? so it’s all draped and flowing except for that one spot across her chest, it doesn’t make sense. in fact, it may be making me a little mad. stop doing a perfectly lovely idea, and then screwing up one part of it!

  26. Rachel

    Shes beautiful, her hair is something id die for and her dress is stunning…untill you look at it in the full lenght shot and then im just disapointed. I so wish it fell all the way to the floor and she wasnt prancing around like a 5 year old in a fairy outfit!