SAG Awards Best and Worst Dressed

At last! Our SAGs coverage is complete and the time again has come for you to vote vote vote for your Best- and Worst-Dressed of the night.

Vote for the best and worst AFTER the jump (or else those two endless polls will eat up our whole homepage).

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Comments (41):

  1. guest72

    No photo of Mariska Hargitay?

  2. amelie

    dang it! i accidentally voted my best girl as my worst, and i was really looking forward to that worst poll.

  3. Heather

    @Guest72: We didn’t feature her on the site, for whatever reason, so we didn’t include her in the polls — they’re always just based on who we wrote about.

  4. Laura Fitzgerald

    Usually I have a hard time picking worst dressed, but this time, it was a deadlock between Jane Leeves, Mila Kunis, Julia Stiles and Rosario Dawson for BEST dressed!

  5. Heather

    I went with Kate Mara for worst. I think she’ll skate by because nobody really knows who she is, but for my money that was the stupidest ensemble of the night by a mile.

  6. Kris

    I dislike Jennifer Lawrence’s dress the most – hate the color, hate the shoes with that color, hate all the weirdly placed straps.

    Tina Fey wins best dressed in my book, though there were a lot of contenders: Jane Leeves, Julia Stiles if she would EVER freaking smile, Kyra Sedgwick, Claire Danes…

  7. Kris

    OH and Annette Bening. That dress is simply fabulous.

  8. The Other Molly

    People are actually voting for Hailee Steinfeld for best dressed?
    I mean, like that dress if you want.
    But best dressed out of all these women?
    I don’t think so.

  9. Stacy

    So hard to pick just one of each. Top 3 best: Dianna Argon, Mila Kunis and Julia Stiles. 3 worst: Amy Adams, Melissa Leo and Winona Ryder.

  10. lisas

    Mindy Kaling looked like a million billion dollars. I don’t understand why she doesn’t have 100% of the BEST vote!

    Worst was a tough call but I went with Eva because the dress was ill-fitting and the makeup godawful. All that white powder around her eyes is just ridiculous. Also I’m annoyed because she’s beautiful but always looks like she was dressed by someone that HATES her.

  11. Fawn

    I too struggled with the best dressed. I ended up giving it to Jane Leeves (sparkly!), but it was really close between her, Tina Fey, Mila Kunis and Julia Stiles. And I gotta go with Heather on the worst dressed. It was Kate Mara by a mile… formal Ace bandages???

  12. Kate

    @ GFY Heather – agh you’re right. I forgot about her and voted for Hendricks. Misinformed voters are dangerous!

  13. guest72

    ty for the answer, Heather.

  14. Jen

    Tina Fey for best dressed, definitely. She looked gorgeous head to toe!

    Amy Adams got my vote for worst dressed. That dress did terrible things to her fabulous figure.

  15. Samantha

    SOFIA VERGARA, people. She looked like a million bucks, and managed to wear a color nobody else was wearing! Can we somehow organize a lunch date between Sofia Vergara and Christina Hendricks? Sofia could offer some tips on how to dress her assets, or at least share the name of her stylist …

    Three-way tie for worst between Christina, Jenna Fischer, and Nicole Kidman, who got the vote because she seriously ought to know better.

  16. carter @ kitchenette

    Tied for best between Tina Fey, Mila Kunis, and Jane Leeves. Decided that Jane Leeves knows I have a weakness for sparkles, and Tina Fey has too many other accolades. Congrats, Mila.

    Also, Kate Mara, worst-dressed. No contest. (It’s not only the lattice corset, not only the paint-chip skirt, but also the headband, the posture, and the psychotic smile.)

  17. yvetterene

    It was hard to choose between Eva Longoria and Christina Hendricks for worst dressed. In the end, Eva got my vote. I had to flip a coin.

  18. The Moonay

    Paz de la Huerta needs to stop. Just stop. I’m getting irrationally hateful towards her, and I don’t even watch Boardwalk Empire.

  19. M.Amanda

    @ The Other Molly, I voted for Hailey even though I don’t really love the dress. I think she hit that perfect balance of appropriately for the event and age appropriate while taking a fashion risk. Jane Leeves looked gorgeous, but almost any woman on the list could have worn that look and made a Best Dressed list while Hailey’s look is more daring.

    The one that had me going, “Really? The best?” was Mila Kunis. She looked gorgeous because, well, she IS gorgeous, but I felt this one fell flat. Not bad, but not wow, either.

    I voted Jenna Fisher as worst because it looked like she half-tried. There were dresses that I really hated, but those women were at least going for a certain reaction. Jenna looked like she had an idea of what she wanted, then was all “meh, whatever” when it came to bringing it together.

  20. Amok

    Hailee looks pretty, colorful and overjoyed to be there. Just looking at her makes me happy, and as gorgeous as some of these women are, I can’t resist that kind of joie de vivre.

    Jenna Fisher is on the exact opposite end of the emotional spectrum – if depression was a dress, she’s wearing it.

  21. Willow

    Mila Kunis for best dressed. No competition. I then chose Kim Kardashian for worst because A. Why is she there? B. It was a marchesa dress and I read somewhere she had it altered, 5 guesses to what she had altered.. and C. it was such a gorgeous colour. she basically ruined what could have been the perfect dress.

  22. vandalfan

    Eva and Christina both had the chops for Worst, but it is possible that each of those dresses might look good on someone else, on some other occasion. Mara’s corset-explosion and ruffled Dalek skirt would look good NOWHERE on ANYONE at ANYTIME, and must have been the product of a diseased or fevered mind.

  23. Willow

    ARGH! I totally forgot about Kate Mara :| I said at the beginning of the week I would vote her as worst dressed!

    Oh well Kim Kardashian is still worth voting for.

  24. yeahandalso

    seriously how is Jenna Urshkrwitz only getting 1%?!?!? you could SEE HER NAVEL

  25. Sal

    Why have I heard nothing about Archie Panjabi’s dress? It’s so pretty!!!
    I think Dianna Agron’s dress is a tad too long. Mid-calf is fine, but almost at your ankles? NO.
    I liked Julie Bowen’s outfit until I realized it was a jumpsuit

  26. Maryscott O'Connor

    Mila Kunis, really, people? I rally thought that dress was just, meh.

    Julia Stiles, on the other hand — oh, Jon Stewart kiss hand to the skies (does anyone know what I mean when I say that?).

    As for worst dressed — I’m shocked. I honestly thought it would be a runaway win (loss?) for Jenna Fisher. Shocked, shocked, I tell you. She’s not even in the top 3, it looks like. Oy. She should be wearing the Dunce Cap of Fashion Shame today. (I mean, as in, the day after.)

  27. Shannon

    Julia Stiles all the way for the following reasons: 1. I love that she looks bitchy and yet I still want to hang out with her. 2. Her dress looks like a dream. Flowly, inky and soft. 3. I loved when faded/gradients were in style and I miss it haha. Remember Gwen Stefani’s wedding dress? It was amazing!

  28. Su-Yin Johns

    i forgot to vote for kate mara too! but christina hendricks’ look did make me yelp in pain, so that’s ok. best – went with amber cos julia stiles was so frickin grumpy. her dress was the most beautiful on it’s own tho, without a wearer.
    shannon, gwen stefani’s wedding dress is my fav wedding dress of all time!

  29. Sajorina

    My Best is Mila Kunis and my Worst is Kate Mara (Heather you got your wish)!!!

  30. Annabeth

    I just can’t share in the love for the Mila Kunis dress. It’s not terrible — the fit and design are terrific — but that pattern leaves me flat. I voted for Tina Fey for best; not only is the dress sensational, and sensational on her, but I think the “most improved” award adds that extra bit of sheen.

    For worst, I voted for Kim Kardashian, partly because her dress would’ve looked tacky on a Barbie doll in 1986, but mostly because Kim Kardashian exists.

  31. Amy

    I accidentally voted for Dianna Agron for worst. Annoying because I really liked hers and there were a few others I hated.

  32. Kyasarin

    I voted for Julia Stiles for best–I just love that dress! It’s so ethereal. For worst, it was a hard decision, but Kate Mara eventually got it for her basket-weave whatever. The comment said it all: It was irredeemable.

  33. Alex

    How does the site scorns as an actress Mariska Hargitay. Can only be something personal against the actress .. That ugly thing.
    As for dresses: better: Tina Fey
    Worst: Eva Longoria

  34. The Other Molly

    Chiming in with those who aren’t getting the Mila Kunis love.

  35. Gean

    Attention blog.
    For me the best dress is to Mariska Hargitay. How can I vote for?

  36. Jessica

    We love Mariska, I promise — she’s great. We just didn’t feature her this year. No personal offense, I promise.

  37. Erin

    I honestly couldn’t stand Eva Longoria’s entire look..Part of me thinks I may just have an “I don’t get why everyone thinks she’s so drop dead gorgeous” because to me she’s meh and there’s really just something about her that annoys the crap out of me. Aside from that, I HATED this dress. It gave her weird proportions. It looks like the top was too big and should have been taken up at the shoulders so it didn’t have that weird sagginess to it and then the length of the skirt looked like it was falling off her hips and pooling on the ground around her feet like she just didn’t have time to pull it up before they snapped the picture.

  38. Lvyh

    I totally just voted wrong.

    Now we start over, right?

  39. Aurora

    I’m really not getting the Mila Kunis obsession either. She looked good, no doubt about that, but there was really nothing exceptional about her. For me, it lacked that Wow factor that i think makes best dressed. My top picks were January Jones, Tina Fey, and Dianna Agron, in that order. I wish Jan Jones was getting more love, because I think she looked divine! Intricate gold lace over dramatic black just holds soo much more interest for me than Mila’s sundressy type look.

  40. essex

    The delirium surrounding Mila Kunis’ showing could only be explained by a febrile state brought on by the Red Tide from which this dress was born.

  41. jean

    Mila was very pretty, but I give props to January Jones for all that structure and detail on her dress. She’s so thin, she should never go bare flesh again–fabric looks so fabulous on her. And Hailee! Delightful.