SAG Award Fug or Fab: Mila Kunis


She’s pretty. I also thought, at first glance, that she was Rachel Bilson. If Hollywood ever needs to make a movie about triplets who are at war with twins, Minka Kelly and Leighton Meester can play the twins, and Rachel Bilson, Mila Kunis, and Natalie Portman can play the triplets. And then it’ll be a huge hit and those of us who are brunettes will be thrilled to see five of our kind in one movie. Let’s look at her dress!

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  1. Sara L.

    One word: Carrie.

  2. KALI

    love it, she is STUNNING. bilson is far too basic to be her twin

  3. heather

    She looks amazing, she has really found a style that suits her. I am so thrilled to see that her and Natalie (well, obvs reasons for Nat) did not stick to their emaciated ballerina bodies, Mila has such a sexy and soft vibe going for her.

  4. Daffodil

    “All right,” not “alright.” Although this particular dress is WAY better than just all right!

  5. Erin

    LOVE it – she was by far my favorite of the night!

  6. alice

    I thought this was Vanessa Hudgens when I saw a thumbnail earlier…

  7. Liza

    Love love love

  8. atz

    I like it overall, but I wish the belt were plain black.

  9. helena

    You’re forgetting Sara Hyland – who could be the 4 quadruplet of Mila/Natalie/ Rachel – that the parents decided to implant and birth 5 years later….

    While we’re at it, why don’t we make it a family drama with 2 older twins (fraternal) of Angelina and Megan Fox… and a close sibling of Olivia Wilde…

  10. Chasmosaur

    Honestly, I would have loved this more if the First Lady hadn’t worn something similar at the China State dinner a few weeks ago.

    Yes, Michelle Obama’s was more of a ball-gown, and there was a definite floral pattern. But it’s the whole red dress with black pattern thing. I actually had to look twice when I first saw her to make sure it wasn’t the same dress.

    I prefer this look over the State dinner dress (and it’s nice to see an actress pick a dress that fits her from this line, as opposed to Anna Pacquin’s “toreador” dress from the Emmys which just didn’t suit her), but I would think that you should try to avoid a “Who Wore It Better?” moment with the First Lady if you’re the current “It” girl, you know?

  11. Esmerelda

    I love it! I can’t believe it was a fug or fab…it’s completely FAB!

  12. anne p.

    Love the dress, and her in it — one of my very favorites of the night. But not happy about the makeup — maybe it’s all that hair crowding her face (and a little too much hair action for the patterned fabric)?

  13. Sarah

    I agree with atz! The belt should be another colour, but the dress is so so beautiful I’ll let it slide.

  14. Nina

    I think she looks great. The best part is the bustline. Just the right amount of cleavage to look sexy and it’s holding her in perfectly. Even better than Sophia V’s, and THAT is a difficult task.

  15. Chelsea

    I think this was my favorite of the night. Absolutely gorgeous, and I love that it’s unique!

  16. Anna

    I actually think Eliza Dushku looks A LOT like Leighton Meester. So it could be Triplets vs. Triplets!

  17. guest72

    Do not like this dress and am perfectly willing to be the only one who doesn’t. I really dislike where the floral seems to disappear into the white (and why does this happen?), I dislike the belt which also seems to be wrapped in clear plastic, and I don’t like that I cannot see the pattern. I can see the colors, I can see that there probably is some pattern, but because I cannot tell why the dress seems to turn white or gray, that bothers me.

  18. Jess Goodwin

    I’m not crazy about the belt or the pink/white/whatever underneath, but this is really flattering on her — she’s been looking amazing lately.

  19. Lina

    I love the dress right down to where it meets the floor. The 3 ft. train is too much by about 18 inches, and I seriously wonder how she didn’t faceplant amid all that extra fabric. (Ballet skills in action!) Otherwise, it and she are gorgeous.

  20. Samantha

    Does no-one else think this is amazingly stumpifying? I love the print, but to me it looks like way too much dress for this tiny girl, like she was playing dress-up in big sister’s closet. Also the belt looks like an afterthought, because to wear it without would start the inevitable knocked-up rumors.

  21. Rayna

    Love HER too much to be really objective, but I think it’s a way fab look. Pattern – nice once in a while, yeah?

    Who is it by???

  22. Chasmosaur


    Alexander McQueen, the Resort 2011 line.–Alexander-McQueen-Resort-2011-Collection-6996-3.html

    She’s had the dress altered – in the original design, no belt, and the underskirt was black not pale pink.

  23. kb

    keira knightley could be the quadruplet. the one who adopted a british accent to distinguish herself.

  24. EJ

    You forgot Marion Cotillard, who could be the barely-older sister of the triplets.

  25. Kellyn

    Throw in Keira Knightley with the Natalie-Mila-Rachel trio and you’ve got quadruplets.

  26. Michele

    I can’t stop looking at the woman in the background of the ‘stomping’ picture in the black. What is the internal dialogue there? “I’m the assistant/relative/purse-holding-bitch for so-and-so at a red-carpet event. I’ll skip hair and makeup, and to heck with a new bra from Kohl’s that stays up on my shoulder. Now, the black heels or-no, wait! Here’s my Easy Spirit fleece-lined clogs. All set. See you later, my kitties!” Mehhh.

  27. Amelie

    I must say that this dress is rather fabulous. Not many people could pull off this print without looking like a bit too much, but she managed. Huzzah!
    It probably helps that I think she is fabulous. But that is irrelevant. Sort of.

  28. Stephanie

    However, if Natalie Portman is unavailable, Lucy Hale could totally fill in as a triplet on the Kunis/Bilson side.

    Anyways, I love Mila so much. I think she looks amazing!

  29. Jennifer H.

    Can the girl who plays the oldest daughter of Claire and Phil in “Modern Family” be the little sister of the triplets? If so, then I’m sold.

  30. Mary

    The dress looks good on top. The white bottom part and train are fug.

  31. testington

    I think she just isn’t tall enough for this dress. Some dresses celebrate a petite figure, others create the illusion of being taller…this does neither. I would have liked this on somebody tall like Angie Harmon, or on Natalie herself, without the belt this would be way cute on a pregnant girl.

  32. testington

    I agree with Stephanie, Lucy Hale (Aria on PLL) is more clearly the missing triplet of Bilson and Kunis.

  33. K.

    Loved it. She was in my top three. Not only would I wear that, I’d make a beeline for it if I saw it in a store, I think.

  34. Whitney

    The “belt” looks like scotch tape in certain pictures. I wish it were more… something. I also thought it was a mullet dress at first because of the white bottom and I almost punched a hole in my monitor. That trend needs to die by fire.

  35. Fuh Ugh

    And the octomom can play the mother of all of the above configurations of siblings!

    Mila Kunis is currently on the “can do no wrong list” in my book.

  36. gryt

    I agree with Fuh Ugh. Mila Kunis can wear the hell out of anything!

  37. Shari

    it is great on her. But Angelina wore this a few years ago in some creme colour on a night out with Brad, without a belt. She did really pull it off!!! It was absolutely fabulous on her. (It was around the time when it came out that she was going pregnant with her twins)

  38. Shnaggi

    Perfection in motion and the color combo is stunning. Gorgeous.

  39. Melissa

    I am just out of step with fug nation today. All I see is shredded flesh.

  40. Lina

    what about Sarah Hyland from Modern Family? Add her to the mix, and it would be a movie about quadruplets. I think Sarah Hyland and Mila Kunis could be twins, for sure!

  41. anny

    Sorry, it looks like a seeping wound, and the belt looks like it’s a Photoshop layer at 60% opacity which NEVER works as well as you think it should.

  42. mepe

    Love Mila and love McQueen…great combo!

  43. Dazie

    Is the top um… sheer? Because it certainly looks sheer in that first picture. It looks like something is peeking…

  44. Andrea

    I really like it! As another commenter mentioned the fit around her bust is amazing.

    It is a shame she’s about 3 ft tall though as the dress is a teeny bit stumpifying but it still got a big win from me.

  45. Robin

    I’m just stupidly pleased to see the teal version of a purple dress I own in the background of Pic #2. Surely this will be the one and only time I ever come close to owning an article of clothing appearing on a site like this.

    Mila looks great overall, but I don’t like the pattern on the belt.

  46. exquisite red

    I think she looks AMAZING. I want to take that dress and wear it myself. I’ve got to hand it to her – after viewing her blah pre-Globes mostly-black slideshow, she’s made some good interesting choices! I hope she’s saved the best for the Oscars!

  47. Katie

    I’m having trouble focusing on the rest of the dress when the hem looks like it was soaked in blood. It creeps me out.

  48. Katie

    By hem, I mean train.

  49. Ben

    If Natalie’s Globes dress were the straight-A student of the family, this dress is the murderous stepchild.

  50. Jenna

    I’m with chasmosaur. If I hadn’t just seen Michelle Obama looking so tall, elegant and regal in a very similar looking Alexander McQueen, I would have loved this. Michelle Obama is a very hard act to follow (even if I do prefer the cut and fabric of this dress).

  51. thatlilmouse

    Just have to say Natalie and Kiera Knightly should play twins also! Cmon, they look more alike than her and Mila.

  52. Sajorina

    This is PERFECTION!!! Love her, love the hair, love the makeup, love the dress! My favorite of the night!

  53. Lis

    Nora Zehetner also needs to be added to the twins/triplets/quads list. The one who cut her hair to differentiate herself.

    I think she looks great, but I always worry about those wearing red on the red carpet and whether they will clash.

  54. Lynn

    I just saw Black Swan a couple nights ago and this dress disturbingly reminds me of the scene in the bathroom with the blood dripping on the water.

    It’s very pretty otherwise…

  55. NYCGirl

    I find the bodice to be rather barf-inducing. The rest is…eh. Okay.

  56. Rachel

    I loooooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvve this dress!

  57. Melanie Peugh

    I think she looks great. The best part is the bustline. Just the right amount of cleavage to look sexy and it’s holding her in perfectly. Even better than Sophia V’s, and THAT is a difficult shipping cartask.