Royal Weddingpalooza: A Look Back

It’s been a long week, and a long DAY, but one we may all want to remember because how often does the future King of England get married in our lifetimes? TO A COMMONER? CLUTCH YOUR PEARLS, ALL.

I’m sure there will be more to discuss come Monday, like what everyone changed into for the approximately three thousand after-parties, but for now here are the links that might help you relive the anticipation and the eventual scratching-of-the-itch.

    Phew. GOOD TIMES. Let’s do it again. Come on, Harry, pick your poison.

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    1. siriana

      because how often does the future King of England get married in our lifetimes? TO A COMMONER?

      Well, presuming that everyone reading this is older than six… Twice. Anyone older than 30, three times.

    2. Ali

      Thank you so much Heather & Jessica for your awesome coverage of the the Royal Wedding! I have so enjoyed waking up each morning to the inspired posts (Why, good morning Hot Harry holding a puppy!), to stumbling to my couch in the middle of the night to join your live blog. No, really, I’m on the west coast with you gals. Dear gawd, I’m on coffee number 5? 6? I’ve lost count.

      Can’t wait for the wrap up of the parties next week, and you know, THE MET BALL on Monday! Squeeeee! (please, Tina, no jumpsuits. please)

      HAVE A FABULOUS WEEKEND!! Nap lots! Replenish the Diet Coke supplies!! :)

    3. Jen
    4. Sandra

      Come on, Harry, pick your poison.

      ME ME ME!

      Oh wait, somebody already used that one. And Army Captain Henry Wales sure looked like he appreciated the effort. :D I can’t imagine that he and Pippa would ever end up together permanently, but they sure looked purty.

    5. Zuzzie

      Diana wasn’t a ‘commoner’ though.
      If Kate is a commoner, not sure what that makes me… have you heard the girl speak?

    6. momo

      Thanks for all your coverage – this is the only place I came to see all the goings on.

    7. Carly

      I wanted to send an email to Heather or Jessica – anyone know how to do that?

    8. Robespierre

      To say that William is a “future king of England” (actually it’s Britain) assumes that his grandmother will actually die some day.

      I’m skeptical. Has anyone made her grab onto a crucifix or tried splashing her with Holy Water?

      ps The French have more style, better looking women, and attract more tourist dollars than the British do, and they spend nothing on royals.

    9. Melanie

      Thanks ladies for making this so much fun! A++++++ job as usual!

    10. zaoli

      People keep talking about Pippa’s dress being in bad form, upstaging and such, wouldn’t the bride herself be to blame? Doesn’t a bride usually have her say in what her bridesmaids wear? No way was Pippa’s dress a surprise to the Duchess. So if the bride was on board, who cares how slinky?

    11. Sajorina

      @Carly: You can e-mail Heather and Jessica at! Good luck!

    12. pc

      Yessss! I called Chelsy Davy “a British Tara Reid” at work today, describing her to a coworker, so reading this just made my day!

      When I saw Pippa in the photos, I heard that clip from the Valentino movie in my head: “I theenk… you are a leettle too taaan

    13. quiet1ne

      Never thought I would see this pic of the Royal Family! The Royal Men getting dressing complete with Harry in union jack boxer-briefs

    14. quiet1ne

      Ack! the address got cut off. .

    15. Hannah

      Can y’all stop calling Chelsy Davy the british/european Tara Reid- she’s from Zimbabwe

    16. Leigh

      Thanks from me also, for going above and beyond with no sleep and still being able to make me laugh at all of the mental goings-on at the Royal Wedding yesterday! I love that you picked up on Beatrice and Eugenie’s courtesan-inspired outfits and hats – poor girls….

      Just one minor point which I think someone else has already mentioned – there hasn’t been a King of England for over 300 years. They will be the King and Queen of the United Kingdom (or Great Britain – never sure what the difference is) not just England. And more than just the people of England were involved – they belong to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland also. Us Scots heart them too!

      OK – lesson over. BTW, did you laugh as much at Victoria Beckham’s obvious discomfort as she had to queue with the little people to get into the Abbey, and one of them dared to speak to her! You can see why her acting career stalled at Spice World….

    17. Robespierre

      Scots heart them too!

      No true Scot could love a Hanoverian monarch.

      Long Live Bonnie Prince Charlie and the 45.

    18. Robespierre

      They will be the King and Queen of the United Kingdom (or Great Britain – never sure what the difference is) not just England.

      I believe that Great Britain refers to the union of Scotland and England.

      The United Kingdom adds Wales and Northern Ireland. I guess it’s a bit of a lost cause explaining the difference between Highland and Lowland Scots to the typical American.

      But, Highland Scots were Catholics and supported the Stuart monarchy and France. Lowland Scots were Protestants and were instrumental in installing George I (William’s ancestor and the first representative of the current royal family to be King of Great Britain).

      If you want to know why so many Americans in the south and Appalachia are so paranoid about government and gun control it has a lot to do with William’s family consolidating their power in the Scottish Highlands.

      It was cultural genocide. The kilt and the bagpipes were outlawed. Highland Scots were forbidden to carry arms. Scots peasants were forced of their land, and most of their ancestors moved to the United States.

      The British propaganda machine has always astounded me. The Scots are the most loyal subjects of the empire. Most Americans know more about this royal wedding than about the American Revolution.

    19. Zuzzie

      I don’t really see how the dress is ‘me, me, me’. The bridesmaids were always going to be in white, and I am trying hard to imagine how Pippa could have worn a more understated dress. A simple clean line, hair down, only a pair of earrings for jewellery. It’s not the girl’s fault she has an amazing body.
      And like someone else said, it’s not like she sprung it on Kate on the day of the wedding, I’m sure the bride was involved in the selection process.

    20. Eli

      If you guys want to talk about Pippa and being all me me me…let’s talk about her after-party cocktail dress. It’s fine for like a Hollywood party, but if you are dining with the queen, don’t you think you should put it away? Combined with her ridiculous tan, she kind of looked like a ho, given the setting.

    21. siriana

      @zuzzle ‘Commoner’ is a legal term in the UK—it doesn’t just mean ‘a regular person.’ It means someone who is neither the sovereign nor someone who is a peer in their own right. Diana had a courtesy title as the daughter of an earl, but was not a peer in her own right—she was a commoner. Camilla was a commoner, and so too was the late Queen Mother.

      If Kate is a commoner, not sure what that makes me… have you heard the girl speak?

      I went to the same university as them—while I’ve never met either William or Kate, I certainly saw enough of the kind of people who hang around with them at St Andrews. Yes, ridiculously privileged; yes, talk like they’ve got a mouthful of marbles. That she’s from a wealthy background does not, however, change the meaning of a term.

    22. Nicholas

      Yes, Harry did seem rather ‘distracted’ by Pippa. She did look decidely slinky.

      Actually, one of the best looking women was a dark brunette in a peach coloured dress with lots of ruffles in the front and a very large, circular hat worn at a steep angle on the right side of her head. Who was that?

    23. Lil d

      FYI – Great Britain is the name of the island, which includes England, Scotland, and Wales. It was also the name of the country/kingdom until the partition of Ireland. The United Kingdom includes Northern Ireland – the full name of the country is the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

    24. Jen

      Thanks for the extraordinary effort, ladies! Truly enjoyed all of your awesome coverage. Hope you get to relax, sleep, and nap all weekend :-)

    25. Jessica

      1) Can we please keep this on topic? I assure you, we know he’s not just going to be the King of England, but that’s an incredibly common colloquialism. (Heather is actually in part a British citizen — I promise you, she is well aware of the makeup of the UK.)

      2) Please, let’s not use this as an excuse to call Americans uneducated; I have no idea what being interested in the Royal Wedding has to do with being uninformed about the American Revolution, but I assure you that I at least can enjoy a good party without believing that we ought to return to British rule or some such.

      3) In fact; let us all be civil to one another in general, please.

      4) Thank you for the note about Chelsy being from Zimbabwe. I was unaware of that — well, actually, I think I was aware and I just forgot, but it’s appreciated.

      5) That pic of the men in their boxers is a fake — it’s look-alikes. Tragically!


      Please continue, and thanks for all your kind words! This week was really, really fun.

    26. beth

      first off, i LOVE LOVE LOVE your site! but i don’t know where else to put this so i’ll put it here. i don’t mind websites with adverts – i get that this is how you make a living. but when they are those “push down” advertisements that shift content down the screen when you load the page, it is really really irritating. it slows down the load time, hangs up graphics cards, and well… it’s annoying when trying to read something and it moves around. ugh! i’ll come back to fug when the tresemme ads are *gone*. but until then, you’ve lost a reader. sorry.

    27. Robespierre

      Please, let’s not use this as an excuse to call Americans uneducated

      Actually I am an American. My family’s been in this country for over 200 years. Part of the reason they came here was Prince William’s family.

      Start here.

      I assure you that I at least can enjoy a good party without believing that we ought to return to British rule or some such.

      Willie’s family has a lot of blood on its hands. The Nazis had snappy boots and cool uniforms. But if you tried to say “oh leave politics out of it let’s just admire their fashion sense” I’m sure you’d get an earfull from your Jewish readers.

      On that note (rant off) I go back into lurker mode.

    28. Jessica

      Beth, if you “close” the ad at the top of the page, it should never open for you again — hopefully that will help! Thanks for understanding why we need to run the ads occasionally — no ads, no site!

    29. Melly

      Possibly off-topic–Just a comment on the bride’s DRESS!. I thought the bodice was just too, too fitted. The bust looked like she was poured in an then it was used to make a mold out of foam. There’s nothing left to the imagination on these Middleton gals. They’re all flesh and bone and little else. I would like them a little less sculpted.

    30. Alix

      @ siriana: What you said! Diana Spencer was a commoner as much as Kate. People tend to think that anyone with a title is a noble, but in the UK, anyway, that’s not the case.

      I can’t imagine a wedding gown for Pippa that could top her bridesmaid’s dress! Hell, I’d just wear that thing again. And please tell me she was wearing 10 sets of Spanx under that. To think that she naturally has that perfect a figure will just send me running back to the arms of my beloveds, Ben & Jerry. (Yes, it’s a threesome. Don’t judge.)

      Beatrice and Eugenie need a style intervention, STAT. How does one deal with this sort of fashion disaster? Is there some bat-signal we can use to summon Tim Gunn?

      Jolly good job, Fug Girls!

    31. yoyoma

      if there was ever a royal picture in need of a “caption this” it is this one:,,20395222_20485931,00.html?stitched

      so much to work with: QE2, vag and toiletseat, Mom+stepMom, a matchy matchy vicar waiting on cartwheels, and a bunch of folks who look like they walked off the set of Titanic (1997). oh my.

    32. Charlotte

      Thank you so much for the weddingpalooza!

      One other underreported fug: Nick Clegg’s wife and her VPL. Woman needs shapewear like woah.

    33. Zuzzie

      @siriana – sorry,I wasn’t clear with what I meant :) I know she is a commoner, I understand the technicals of it, but the way some of the media go on about it you’d think he met her on a council estate or something. I’ve even seen her referred to as a ‘gold digger’ on one website!
      PS This was not directed at this website, H&J you did a wonderful job, thank you so much!

    34. Liane

      I saw a note on CBC television that Joss Stone was on the wedding guest list. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE find pictures of what she wore.

    35. Lucy

      Joss Stone looked really fantastic, actually – and her entire outfit was from Hobbs, and probably cost as much as the frogging on poor Eugenie’s jacket.

    36. Alma

      Comparing the photos from Kate’s slide show with the wedding pictures is CRAZY! She doesn’t even look like the same person. Lady has lost a ton of weight, and I never would have noticed the nose job if it weren’t for this post! haha thanks for all the fun updates Fug Girls! I wasn’t even interested in this wedding until you guys started covering it :-)

    37. fritanga

      I think Kate was throwing a bone to Pippa with that bridesmaid dress: “I did it, you can too, sissy, so go out there and WORK IT.” As others here have said, the duchess undoubtedly knew well in advance what her sister would wear and how she’d look in the dress. They’re close, and really, Pippa did NOT upstage her sister. She was just a very lovely accoutrement to the overall splendor.

      Chelsy Davy, however, despite her wealth and :”accomplishments,” was a not-so-hot mess. Harry can do much, much better.

    38. Tom

      How often does the future King of England get married in our lifetimes? I only want to remember that this is already the 3rd time it happens in my life, and I’m only 31.

    39. Rayna

      Dear Heather and Jessica – Thanks for the mondo blogging and photos, etc. of the Social Event of the Millenium. It was awesome and we appreciate (2, 4, 6, 8).

      Loved every minute of it. But some parts I didn’t understand. Beatrice’s hat, for one??? Eugenie’s dress for another. Can someone explain THAT, please?

      And, peeps, it may never happen, but how cute would it be if Spare married Sis? “Our eyes met at our sibs’ wedding, and, well, we just knew it had to be……………”

    40. M

      thanks for all your amazing coverage!!!

    41. Susan

      Good times, indeed. Kate cannot take a bad picture.

      Pippa looked amazing in everything she wore. Her mother looked wonderful at the wedding.

      The Princesses B and E were on lunch break from the Sweeny Todd audition.

    42. jenelope

      Thank you for the great Weddingpalooza! I have enjoyed every bit of it, not least of which knowing that my cousin’s fiance is somewhere in the picture at the top of this entry.

    43. Natalia Silva

      My husbands cousin is Brazilian royalty (historical) but they are in a democracy now, so they really lost a smokin wedding don’t you think? If only they had stayed a monarchy!!!