Royal Wedding Fug or Fab: Pippa Middleton


Well, there’s absolutely no doubt that this PICTURE is adorable:

How cute are those kids? The one is all, “oooh, pretty castle,” and the other is all, “FLOWER WREATH!” There’s likewise no doubt that Pippa was an excellent Tiny Attendant Wrangler, and there’s only slightly less doubt that Prince Harry looked at her and thought, “DAMN. I might break me off a piece of that later today.”

And that therefore leads us to our question: is this too sexy for a wedding, especially a Royal one? Is it too bridal? Is it too white? Is it just TOO TOO?

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  1. MC

    Where is the option T for TOO much time in the tanning bed?!? Dress is ok since I assume the bride picked it.

  2. Anne B

    Scale back the tan to something … less than 11, and I seriously want that whole thing.

    I more than covet the dress. I believe that today, I NEED it, more than I need a second cup of coffee, three more hours to get stuff done, or a swift kick in the pants.

    I also want her hair. (And those little girls: goes without saying.)

  3. Julie

    The view of the back of her hair and dress is to die for. I would wear this at my own, more casual wedding. Ya know, if I had her figure.

  4. Annie

    Beautiful dress. Yes, it’s a little bride-y (in fact, I told my mother I’d wear that sucker to my own [hypothetical] wedding in a hot minute), but I thought it complemented Catherine’s dress really well, and Pippa looked amazing in it. The crazy tan, however, seems to be a Middleton family condition.

  5. Lane

    I like it a lot (don’t know if I’d go all the way to “love it”), mostly for how it works with the rest of the wedding. I thought it had a very slightly retro nod, which Kate’s dress did, too. Well, Kate’s nod was more of a really vigorous “yes,yes,yes” head shake.
    And I liked the all-white for the attendants. One of the truly non-trad elements Kate got to have, and along with the trees in place of flowers the dresses made the look of the whole ceremony more simple and modern.

  6. LoriK

    Yeah, I’d love it if she were the bride at a less formal event and was wearing maybe half as much tanner. As MC said though, the bride presumably picked it and that makes it fine pretty much by definition.

  7. Sally

    Option T, too. A little too much tan. And I do wish it were a tad less white, a little more ivory. But since her sister, the bride, must have picked out the color, then it is ok by me. They did look wonderful together.

  8. Stefanie

    Im on a sucha royal wedding high right now. And I didnt even know I cared that much….

    I loved this. I also want a daughter I can name Pippa..STAT.

  9. The Other Molly

    Is there any name that is more British than Pippa?
    Just saying it makes me want to break into a Cockney accent.
    I think her dress is lovely.
    I think the girls dresses are adorable.
    I like the wedding party females in white along with the bride.

  10. wasabi

    Yes too much tanner at least as it appears in this picture. I don’t recall thinking that in others. Aside from that it seems like all the bridal attendants wear white/ivory at royal weddings. I think it would have been unusual for her to be in a color. The style seemed appropriate for an elegant sophisticated wedding. I liked it because I imagine it’s what they would have picked for her to wear if the wedding had not been to a prince.

  11. vandalfan

    I’m too old, and just can’t get behind anyone but the bride wearing white at a wedding, or anyone at all wearing black, except the officiant. This would have been perfect in any color. It fits her so beautifully. And did you see the faces of the little bridesmaids in the limo on the way to the service? Their beaming, thrill-inspired smiles were adorable.

  12. kimmy

    i loved it. especially the little lacey details on the neck and sleeves. i did not appreciate her tan though!

  13. Kris

    Yeah, I thought the white was a little odd.

  14. Sandra

    Yeah, a little too much tanner, but otherwise lovely. The Middleton women hit it out of the park today.

    Harry and Pippa both did a great job and were both completely darling with the tots. Who were also adorable. (yeah, I do love me a wedding!)

  15. Susan

    Wonderful. This is the best she has ever looked.

  16. Claire Zulkey

    I don’t know what about it could be confused as too sexy. Sure there’s clavicle showing but it’s not like it’s Tits on Parade.

  17. Lina

    It’s fine. I like that she and the girls are in ivory, and I don’t see it as too sexy at all — too sexy would be cut up to here and down to there. This isn’t even skin tight; however it does show just how rail-thin she is. *gives her a sandwich, takes away her spray-tan*

  18. Sandra

    P.S. If I had a sister so confident in her own situation that she gave me that to wear to her wedding, I wouldn’t bother waiting for all the line-of-succession nonsense. I would fall down on my knees and start worshipping her right there.

    Note: My sisters rock, but I didn’t wear anything near as spectacular as that to either of their weddings.

  19. Chasmosaur

    I love the dress, and the dress/accessory coordination of bridal attendants (Pippa and the little girls) is flawless. Especially with the greenery with white flowers. I was surprised to see her wear white initially, but it truly was gorgeous, and the McQueen fashion house has much, much, much to be proud of today.

    I just think it’s so slinky. Part of me wonders how hard Pippa pushed to have something so form fitting so she would be noticeable. Because when I think of longer McQueen dresses, I don’t think this type of line.

    As I noted in the main wedding dress post – this dress is gorgeous, it fits her perfectly, her hair and that ornament are marvelous and suitable to the design of the day. But it’s slinky. Her sister is marrying the future King of England – did she really need to be slinky? Did she feel the need for people to say – wow, Duchess Catherine’s sister is HAWT?

    Part of me just wonders how much Pippa is enjoying all the publicity, and how much little-sister jealousy is going on here.

  20. Sajorina

    I love it and think it was appropriate! It is the same color as the little girls’ dresses, so it all worked out!

  21. Alice

    I really like it. If Kate hadn’t chosen it, I would have been very against it though. Wearing white at someone else’s wedding is pretty much a no-no.

    On a side note, I wish my name was Pippa. Like….badly.

  22. acake

    I thought both dresses were gorgeous, but Pippa’s was even more exquisite. Perfectly appropriate, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with a maid-of-honour dress being white as well. There was no mistakling who the bride was.

  23. Nathalie

    I think it is gorgeous perfection. Seriously she looks amazing. And since she was wrangling the train solo, it looked nice on camera to have nothing but whiteness back there, no color distracting the eye. Plus, obviously her sister helped her pick it our or picked it our for her. It’s not like having a guest show up in white.

  24. Hannah

    I heard (unconfirmed) that it’s traditional in the UK for the bridesmaids to match the bride. And yes, no way Pippa was stealing Kate’s spotlight. Also agreed on the tanorexic comments

  25. sarah

    It’s a tradition that the bridesmaid mimic the dress of the bride. The whole no-white thing is American and not english at all

  26. Alison

    If you google photos of past royal weddings you’ll see that the bridesmaids are in ivory or white. Look back at Charles & Diana’s wedding and the bridesmaids are in ivory. It’s very traditional.

    It isn’t universal in the UK, more so society weddings. Although I was in ivory once when I was a bridesmaid, but it was only a couple of years after Charles & Di. The origins of it are linked to the origins of having bridesmaids at all. Which was to fool the devil from stealing away the virginal bride.

  27. Cat

    I thought she looked great. The dress is a nice match for Kate’s dress and it’s gorgeous. She didn’t seem quite as tan on my tv screen, but this picture makes it look like she dialed the tanning up to 11. Yikes.

  28. Maddie

    Imma put my answer to the poll this way. If my big sister was getting married and I decided to wear that number to her wedding as the maid of honor, I would be immediately disowned. Too much white and too wedding-y.

  29. Jenna

    I absolutely loved it. While it may have been too bridal for an average wedding, it was perfectly appropriate for a ceremony and bridal gown this size.
    I have seen a handful of weddings where the entire bridal party was clad in white. As long as it remains clear who the bride is (and could anyone have doubted it for Kate) it can look really lovely.
    Clearly, Kate must have approved this dress from the concept to the final execution. It was probably her initial idea to keep everyone in white. I think it is wonderful that she sort of allowed her sister to take so much of the spotlight.

  30. Chrissy Cunningham

    I’m on the tanwagon. too too much tan, everything else was fab

  31. Veronica

    She’s a little tanner than I’d wish, but I understand that off-white can wash a lot of us pale-folk out. Maybe she just went a little overboard in the process of avoiding that.

    But otherwise I quite like it. I think the flowing skirt keeps it from being too slinky. The low cut might have been too sexy and distracting on a bustier woman, but on one with a such a small frame it works fine. Over all, I think it’s quite elegant.

  32. Sonya

    If her sister, HRH Princess William of Wales, picked the dress, then the white must not be an issue. I wonder if wearing white to a wedding is a no-no in other countries though, or is that just an American thing? Brits, feel free to weigh in.
    Pippa did look lovely.

  33. jenelope

    I think she looks lovely, but, yes, too tan. Maybe she heard Giuliana Rancic was in town and felt the need to compete.

  34. Kyasarin

    I love it. White on bridesmaids doesn’t seem too uncommon for the royal weddings I’ve seen, so I don’t mind it at all. The design suits her, and there was no way her dress was going to distract from Kate’s.

    BTW, I can’t vote. WUWT?

  35. Lesley

    Seeing as how my bridesmaids wore white, I somehow think Kate stole this look from me. She looks fantastic!

  36. McFunkyTown

    Does she look like a much tanner, not blond version of Amy Sedaris to anyone besides me?

  37. InfamousQBert

    my extensive research* tells me that it’s possible a white bridesmaid gown is traditional in the royal family.

    *where extensive research=a google search for “princess diana’s bridesmaid

  38. InfamousQBert

    there’s a link in them thar last few words, but you can’t tell that because of some weird formatting. just fyi.

  39. JK

    Tooooo thin, too tan! The dress flatters her, but I do think I see a hip bone poking through, and that’s no good.

  40. Halo

    It’s gorgeous. I actually love that all her attendants and her mother wore white, too. But then I’m not a traditionalist AT ALL, and think talk of “upstaging the bride” is idiocy. But yeah, all the Middletons would do well to cut it with the tanning.

  41. Beth

    The white color isn’t an issue. It’s completely traditional in royal weddings, and she’s supposed to mirror the bride. The difficulty is that she’s sort of supposed to be like the other attendants, but they’re so much younger. At Diana’s wedding the ages were a lot more even and they all wore identical, girly dresses. As far as I can tell, it was similar at Sarah Ferguson/Prince Andrew’s.

    So, on the dress itself, I’ll start out by saying that I’m biased because I ADORE a cowl neck. The buttons on the back are also to die for. But other than that, maybe a bit too plain, you know? I’m not sure even that my beloved cowl neck was the way to go. I might have done short lacy ruffled sleeves to make a bridge between Kate’s dress and the bridesmaid’s. Or perhaps a small sash. That sort of thing.

  42. Kate

    Bridesmaids wearing the same color of the bride is not unheard of, in fact, as someone else mentioned, it’s old-school traditional (that whole fooling demons about who the actual bride is thing) and not all that uncommon across the pond = )

    Lots of slightly different little traditions that are interesting to check out.

  43. Laura

    It took a while for me to notice the dress because I was so distracted by her tan!

  44. Libby

    My vote really was: I loved this for THIS wedding only.
    Because it is (near as I can tell) Royal tradition for the bridesmaids of any age to be dressed in white.
    And if it were in any other color for any wedding I would have loved it. Though, as seen on a non-fashion site. For any other wedding this would be a great bridal gown

  45. Lynne

    My mother’s bridesmaids and flower girls all wore white….I think it is an old tradition

  46. geegee

    The orange skin did not enhance her appeal at all.

  47. K

    i thought the tans looked good on Pippa and her brother, too. Not fakey. And, what everyone else already said about the white (represents virginal maids and all that). Traditional! Elegant! I loved it. How tacky would it have looked to have the American version of ten girls with big-sleeved, shiny hot-pink taffeta numbers and matching shoes. This was CLASSY.

  48. P

    I like the dress, and love that it coordinates with Kate’s wedding dress, but methinks it’s too much cleav for a morning wedding. Especially, you know, the royals and all.

  49. lak

    It is royal tradition for all bridal attendants to wear white. So if you google all their weddings going back to the dawn of photography or even paintings +f royal weddings, they are all in white.

    That said, am just ecstatic that they wore McQueen, and for that they all get a pass from me.

  50. Fiona

    Shape, gorgeous. Fit, gorgeous. It’s the color that kills it for me. ANY other color. ANY.

  51. djheydt

    Considering how weirdly so many bridesmaids are dressed these days, Ms. Middleton was refreshingly clean, cool, and civilized. Please note also that “white for the bridal dress” is not a law of the Medes and the Persians.. Queen Victoria was the first to be married in white, and she started a trend (just as half a century later, when she was widowed and retreated into heavy mourning for the rest of her days, that started a trend too). Before Victoria, brides dressed in their Sunday best; if they ordered a new gown for the ceremony, it was whatever color they chose.

  52. Eva_Baby

    I gasped when i saw her. yeah she was a bit tan, but otherwise I thought she looked gorge!

  53. karen

    are than any stats on this dress, cuz to me it looks pink….it and she and them are purdy!

  54. Liz

    LOVE the dress, I understand the white as a traditional thing with the female attendants at royal weddings, but can we talk for a minute about how poor Pippa (when she does get hitched) will never be able to top this dress? Most people would be lucky to wear something that gorge as the BRIDE let alone the bridesmaid, so I fear that there may actually be nowhere to go but down from this one.

  55. Emma

    What the…?!? She looks AMAZING! Can there be any doubt?? White bridesmaid dresses are traditional, and she looks achingly chic. Love it to bits!

  56. Brittney

    Too sexy. It’s just a little /too/ flattering to her figure, I think. I can’t help but wonder if it’s some subtle expression of her jealousy. But certainly many people knew what she was going to wear, and approved it, so hey. Congrats on getting away with it?

  57. Laurie

    If her sister, the future queen, signed off on this, then it’s good enough for me! It’s beautiful and that family has some great genes.

  58. Liz

    She is not too thin. Just saying.

  59. yeahandalso

    It is a bit bridal, reminds me some of Caroline Bessette Kennedy’s wedding dress, but in comparison to all the opulence of the wedding and how grand Kate’s dress this was a nice addition…too bad she is orange.

  60. Anita

    I read today that Pippa’s dress was designed by Alice Temperley and not McQueen. It was a gorgeous dress and it was sexy. I’d bet there wasn’t a single man in the church (and possibly a few ladies) who wasn’t looking at that long line of buttons down her back and thinking…mmm I could undo those very slowly.
    As an Australian designer noted last night, Catherine must really love her sister to dress her like that. Personally, I think it might have been a plot to snare the second sister a royal of her own…

  61. t

    you are high. this should be a well played pippa!

  62. BeeMe

    hi! apparently it’s not uncommon for maids of honor in british weddings to wear white. it’s a sort of tradition, where they tease the groom to see if he recognizes his bride-to-be. which of course, was totally unnecessary seeing how kate looked! but pippa did look great!

  63. hnodc

    This is probably the dress that “Kate” would have worn as a bride under other circumstances. “Catherine” had to make other choices. Both were fabulous!

  64. Jenna Horko

    Pippa looked perfect! Actually, certain people’s issues with it being too sexy are less about the cut and more about the combination of the cut with the material, because apparently with the type of material the dress is made of, it is very difficult to avoid VPL. Which has given rise to a lot of debate about whether Pippa went commando…

    Which brings me to my other point: I’m now kind of rooting for a Pippa/Harry pairing. I’ve never been very impressed with Chelsy, and she looked totally fug at the wedding, so come on! These two fun-loving kids should give it a go. They’re both hot, both good with kids, both like to party…

  65. GuyLuvsFug

    I’d paddle a canoe across the Atlantic to break me of a piece of that Pippa.

  66. Chris

    In all discretion: Duchess Catherine’s sister is kind of hawt.

    On the other hand, the only thing that bothers me about this (slightly) is the cut. I feel that it’s a really EVENING dress, although I agree with the color. (I mean, it looks light pink to me.) And even if I’m wrong and it is white – it IS a British wedding and my Yankee sensibilities need not apply.

    (To all of her subjects: Yes, I know. “Yankee” and “sensible” are two words that never go together. Just bear with me here.)

  67. Annie

    Anita, Pippa’s dress for the wedding was Sarah Burton for McQueen, but she changed into a green Temperley gown for the dinner-dance reception that night. You can see it here:,,20395222_20486184,00.html

  68. A

    The dress is beautiful but the back view is what made the dress amazing

  69. Erin

    She looks beautiful, and yes, white is traditional for bridesmaids at royal weddings. I actually think it looked great – if she’d worn a color, it would have been so hard to avoid clashing with the bright red of the groom, the Queen’s yellow, and the pastels on the bride’s mother and Camilla. I am apparently the only one who thinks so, but I thought Pippa was showing too much ta-ta. I could see the inside curve of her breast- WAY too much for Westminster Abbey.

  70. Kelly

    The tan looks a bit strange amidst a sea of lily-white English people, otherwise she looked absolutely lovely (somehow very, very slim yet womanly.) Love the slightly 40′s style, chic lines and delicacy of the lace trim. If she’d worn this same dress in a color, it wouldn’t have had nearly as many fans, and might have been seen as slightly generic. White or pale colors close to white for bridesmaids will become a big bridal trend in America, just wait.

    However, I can’t believe some people think she upstaged the bride– Kate looked immaculate, has a fantastic smile and her dress with the long sleeves, flowing, elegant veil/tiara and memorable yet not absurdly long train cut a beautiful figure. I think she’s more beautiful and put together than even Diana was, and one of the most photogenic members the royal family has ever had.

  71. Dee

    I don’t know how it works in England, but doesn’t the bride usually pick the bridesmaids and maid of honor’s dress? At my wedding it isn’t like my maid of honor got to pick the color. Had it been a guest it would have been a debate but as part of the wedding party I have to assume Princess Catherine would have approved it and that is really all that matters.

  72. Cynthia Martin

    It’s really quite criminal how people put tots into adorable dresses and make those of us who can’t otherwise squee about weddings, well, squee.

    DAMN THEM. Yet I find myself charmed. DAMN THEM.

  73. H

    Erin, I TOTALLY agree with you! Hot dress, but SERIOUSLY, for Westminster Abbey? Look in a mirror and PUT IT AWAY. It’s lucky none of the wedding party had to walk down after her… Harry may have tripped over staring at her ass. And just too much boob. I just find it disappointing that Kate had it perfect, and Pippa looked like a sexy beach bride. She never has been able to get it quite as right as Kate does, and that’s fine, Kate’s obviously more conservative; but for THE royal wedding, when you KNOW billions of people are watching and scrutinizing, you’d hope she’d get herself sorted. I think the dress was a good starting point; just lose the crazy tan, bring the neckline up just enough, make it less sexy in the back (perhaps just less fitted), and we would be in business!

  74. Lisa

    Come on, my Fug Girls- love ya but this should have been a “Well Played”. Kate obviously picked the dress, it flatters Pippa very much and she’s just a doll. Like another poster wrote, if Kate DOC was happy, then that’s all that matters.

  75. sem

    Hate that it’s white and long…and too low cut for Westminster Abbey. I’m sure Kate let her choose and design her own dress. When you’re going to be Queen one day you can’t really slap down your little sister, you already did by virtue of landing the future King….

  76. Wendy

    As one of your British fans, as far as I know the “no-white” at weddings rule only applies to the wedding guests over here. Which would be muchos faux pas indeed. Bridesmaids and maids of honour often match the bride, as did my own bridesmaid. And Pippa looked absolutely FAAAABULOUS. (Unfortunately, however, the whole orange tanning thing has reached epidemic proportions for most English girls… HELP us please…)

  77. Diana

    Absolutely LOVE it. Love the white. Love the cut.

    Let me rewind and wear this at my wedding.

    You’re gonna see this style everywhere, I predict

  78. Bambi Anne Dear

    Hmmmmmmm, yes. Tanorexia. The brother was the same.

  79. Lara

    No white on guests only – attendants often match bride. C’mon people, do your research!
    Her orange glow was a bit much, though it did make Kate look far less fake and bake-y by comparison.

  80. I.K.

    Apparently this dress caused people to make an own facebook group for her BUM that has 90 000 followers. So yeah, she did look great, it’s no way near fugly (except for the tan as many have pointed out), but for the occasion maybe a little bit too sexy:P
    I mean, no one could upstage Kate, she looked, well, perfect, but still.
    Getting kind of tired by the tabloids going “She wore WHITE, SCANDALOUS!”, I wish they’d do a little more research on british royal wedding traditions than that.
    I agree with the changes “H” would’ve made.
    Oh well, the wedding was lovely and everyone seemed happy, that’s the important part:)

  81. Kate

    I’m pretty sure that it’s Royal convention that the bridesmaids all wear white. And I think it was fabulous.

  82. kiki

    My best friend is getting married next year; months ago we (I’m maid of honour) decided that white bridesmaid dresses were the only way to go. It looks clean, classic, and beautiful. Anyone worried that the bride is going to be “upstaged” needs to get over the whole Disney-Princess-me-me-me concept of weddings. Not every woman even *wants* that much attention focused on her.
    Also, Pippa must have known how many millions of eyes and cameras would be on her and the rest of the wedding party…why wouldn’t she try to look her best? The dress was perfect and she looked absolutely gorgeous, slim, and classy in it.

  83. Julie

    Not sure why so many people are criticizing this (jealousy, perhaps?). I’m sure that most girls with a perfect figure and a chance to show it off for the world – with the bride’s okay, of course – wouldn’t hesitate to wear such a classy dress. I say WELL PLAYED!

  84. SJONES

    Don’t you think it was probably chosen by Kate? It’s a royal wedding, too–as part of the wedding party, I doubt she could choose ANYTHING she wanted. I’m sure it was approved of by Kate and others.

  85. Antof9

    I asked all day that day on Twitter and FB and … anyone else who would listen to me if that color was “normal” (the dress! I already know the answer to the tan question). Because all I could think of was 1. that it looked amazing, and 2. as someone else said – with Pippa doing train-wrangling, it was absolutely stunning to see the two sisters together. So for me it boiled down to — as long as that color combo is ok *there*, I’m ok with it. Otherwise, not a fan. I couldn’t get a straight answer from anyone. It wasn’t until the next day that it was confirmed for me that yes, the white/ivory thing is traditional at Royal Weddings. And then all was well with the world.

    Plus, duh — you think the bride is going to let her sister show up in something she didn’t approve? It doesn’t matter how much I love my sister (and I love her A LOT), she wore the dress I picked. Period. Likewise, I wore the dress she picked — in a color I look horrible in, mind you — and I shut up about it :)

    It seems to have taken a long time before someone in the thread here confirmed it, but come on folks, why are people still asking the question? It’s been answered.

    And yeah, I’d be happy with a daughter named Pippa right now, too. Although not so keep on the full name of Philippa.

  86. Leah

    In her defense, she didn’t pick the thing, it was made for her, and hey, no, I’m not in love, but surely if it wasn’t appropriate someone, say, the QUEEN would have been like, oh, honey, no, let’s get you into some TAFFETA.

  87. Lindsay

    Not sure if anyone else already mentioned this…but from what I understand, it used to be tradition for the bridesmaids to wear white, as well as the bride, to protect the bride from any evil spirits. Evidently the evil spirits would be confused and not know which girl to go after. So I didn’t see the big deal about Pippa wearing white. And we can assume that Kate chose the dress, so I don’t see why people are getting all up in arms about it. I don’t think she was trying to upstage her sister. I thought she looked beautiful.

    That being said, I do agree that the tan was a bit much.

  88. Adriana

    I’m with Erin and H: lovely dress, color’s fine, should have been more modest up top. Even though she’s not busty. It was distracting.

  89. Hima

    I absolutely loved it. She looks amazing, and I don’t think it’s at all inappropriate. Also, I didn’t know about the white tradition before, but I really like it. I think it’s a lot better than just the bride in white and everyone else in kind of garish colors. So much classier….

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