Royal Fugs

I just really wish I could be present when people decide what they’re going to wear, sometimes:

I mean I, like most normal — okay, “normal” — people, often stand in front of my full-length mirror and say things to myself like, “does this sweater make my legs look short?” or “is this too much gold lame? Wait: IS THERE SUCH A THING?”  But I feel like Marcia Gay Harden here must have asked a variety of hilarious questions when trying this on, all of which I wish I could have weighed in upon, and which surely must have included: “Is it obvious that I am reusing this year’s Halloween costume? I don’t think anyone coming tonight was also at my Edgar Allen Poe party. Maybe if I just make sure not to use the word ‘nevermore’?” or “Are those BIRD EYEBALLS in my wristlets?” and “Do you think the Endora-From-Bewitched-Going-to-a-Witch-Funeral look is played out?” and “Do you think Elton John will be pissed that I stole this from him?” The answer to all of those questions, if you’re keeping score at home, is YES.

[Photo: Getty]

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  1. Lina

    Oh, I love it, right down to the hair and earrings! This outfit has so much character, it makes me think she’s got to be one of the most interesting people in the room. Ideal for making a “Cast me!” impression at that event. Stylist FTW!

    • Libby

      Me, too! I think it’s a combination of the perfect hair, earrings, confident pose and a “getta-load-of-me-in-this-dress expression – fabulous!

  2. Laucie

    It’s kind of “mother of the Bar Mitzvah boy” circa 1987, except for the semi-sheer skirt.

  3. Danna

    I think MGH is beautiful and has a great body. But to me this dress looks like it was meant to be a mini, and when she tried it on she was all “oh I don’t know, it’s a bit short for a woman of a certain age, so let’s just tack on a few yards at the bottom and no one will be the wiser.” Um, yes they will Marcia. I could see Heidi Klum totally rockin’ the mini version of this.

  4. witjunkie

    I think it’s sort of fabulous. Or it would have been if she’d IRONED THE SKIRT.

  5. Kit

    the worst part of this is that I think in better light, we’ll discover that THE SKIRT IS SHEER.

  6. becca

    okay, outfit aside (which is wacktacular), is she aging backwards? she looks better than she did 10 years ago.

  7. Anne B

    What even IS this?

    Quoth the Raven: For the love of God, girl, Nevermore.

  8. vandalfan

    Zoom in and behold, the horrid fit of the bodice. No leotard should fit like that at the armpits. She’s got some industrial strength foundation garments under that thing, too. Yes, those are sheer friggin’ leg curtains. Remove them, and she has borrowed this feather trimmed mourning mini from Phyllis Diller’s donation pile for the needy. This is awful.

    • Margaret

      @vandalfan, you are absolutely KILLING it these days! “Mourning mini from Phyllis Diller’s donation pile!” Perhaps it helps that we are obviously the same age (based on some of your comments), but still. I find myself scrolling through comments to find yours.

  9. CJ

    There is a “yeah, this is kind of wacko, but I love it” vibe about how she is looking at the camera…which makes me love her despite…well, a wacko outfit.

    And by the way, I think she is getting better looking as she is getting older!

  10. Geemee

    Outfit: She looks like a drag queen version of herself. Face: Looks fantastic. Girl must be washing her face with the tears of virgins or something.

  11. Le Panda

    I thought this was Daphne Zuniga before I read the post.

    I was little disappointed it wasn’t!

  12. AM

    Hair and makeup look great. Outfit seems to suit her, and looks good on her. I kinda like the whole effect. Definitely not “fug.”