Casual Fuggerday: Rita Orfug

Well, with Iggy Azalea looking to steal some of the “Who the heck IS that and why does she get invited everywhere” thunder, Rita Ora is clearly redoubling her efforts at getting attention.

This is exceptional. She’s wearing a grill that looks like Jaws from the Bond movies, shoes ripped from Chevy Chase’s feet in Vacation, and pants that make everyone’s megafan grandpa on Alumni Football Weekend super, super jealous. YOUR MOVE, AZALEA. Not to be confused with the similarly confusing Azealia Banks, whom I almost forgot about, so she really needs to ante up or fold.

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]

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  1. Mina

    She looks like she rolled around in a pile of Gwen Stefani’s sartorial rejects.

  2.  HelenBackAgain

    If she would remove the grill and the hat, or even just turn the hat around, and change the purse for one that doesn’t clash, I… would not hate this. I think it’s playful and fun, pajama-y yet not really, and I love the shoes.

    Between this and Kourtney Kardashian, I am sure I must be getting ill or something.

  3. Jen

    She took all the losing looks from Project Runway, and mashed them into one outfit!
    Tim Gunn shakes his head in concern.

  4. JillB

    What is with the grill? I don’t understand why anyone would like their mouth to look like that. Most people have orthodontia to remedy those issues!

    • Jenz

      I’m with you – I do not get this ‘grill bling’ trend and I wish people would stop trying to make it happen.

  5. ericajeanine

    I really like the jacket. Imagine the jacket with plain black jeans, I think that would be very cute for Fall.

  6. Bonnie Klein

    I really love those shoes. They need to be rescued from the rest of this.

  7. witjunkie

    I just can’t with the grills.

  8. Rowynn

    I always find it pleasantly refreshing to see young ladies who still manage to look stylish without tottering around on stilletos/platforms. And since, for some reason I can’t explain, I am disposed to like Rita Ora already, I don’t have too much of a problem with this. My only quibble is that black thing that looks like a skirt, but I’m sure it isn’t. Is that her very long shirttail?

  9. Laura

    Lose the hideous grill and the hat, swap the tartan pants for a pair of black tights and I would think this was pretty cute.

  10. julyol1972

    Well, with Iggy claiming how she “invented” the whole twerking thing, and how Milly is the thief that stole it. I’m sure Rita here will in turn claim she has a copyright on “grillz., or some other such nonsense! Cause God knows these two fame whores need all the help they can to stay in the public eye. #Rollseyes

    Ugh! I just wish they’d both just go away!

    • Chris P

      ….goddammit, and I used to respect Iggy, too. (She at least puts stuff out sometimes instead of spending all her time taking selfies *cough*AZAELIA BANKS*cough*)

      Do any of these children know that women have been twerking since before any of them were born (quite literally in Miley’s case)?

      (As a side note, I’m not letting Big Freedia off the hook, either. Girl, please – ladies knew how to twerk since before you knew how to double dutch.)

  11. Aria

    I actually love the pants and the shoes, just want to change everything else!

  12. Marcia Siemer Simonetta

    It makes me feel really old that no one in the comments has referenced the Bay City Rollers.