Rita Fugra

If you’re given the platform of Album Release Publicity Shenanigans to get across whatever message you want, and your choice is “All Hail Mr. Bigglesworth,” then… well, I’m sure the editors of Cat Fancy are thrilled.

[Photos: Getty, WENN, Pacific Coast News, Bauer-Griffin]

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  1. glee

    So I just looked up her age – she will turn 22 in Nov. And at least she is not doing that pre-teen look, just crazy pop – which is kinda expected when you are trying to happen.

    She is emulating other pop stars (Gaga, Rhianna, etc) of the moment – crazy, crazy, crazy outfits to get more paps to take notice.

  2. Allie

    Why does she keep wearing those hideous sneakers with everything?!

  3. Eliza Bennett

    Those shoes in the neon overalls twopiece outfit made me think of Lochte’s Lucky Charmsian sneakers. I hope they meet, discuss their love of impractical eyewear and unflattering shoes and start dating. Imagine the tandem Fug Madness runs.

  4. Artemis

    All I know is, I can hardly navigate the d*** page today between the Busy Phillips drop-down ad on top and the Bacardi spinning-leaves thing on the side. I can’t do a proper scroll-down! My browser just keeps jumping around because it can’t keep up with all the animation :(

    • Jessica

      Again, as always, if you have technical issues, please email us. Thank you.

  5. Helen

    I’ve never (to my knowledge) heard anything by this young woman, but I’m starting to like her for her exuberantly terrible taste! She’s forever looking like she’s having a wonderful time looking terrible.

  6. gav

    Is she wearing a turban in photo #2?

    I don’t actually mind any of these outfits bar the last one, but a turban would take them from ‘generically quirky’ to HELLYES.

  7. Kit

    Wow, this is only your second post about her and I’m tired of her already. I hope she doesn’t do well in North America!

  8. vandalfan

    Perhaps I’m becoming jaded here, because other than the flannel jammie jumpsuit, I’m thinking “Hmmmm. Not bad.”

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