Rifug Orfug

Stella McCartney designed this, which is clearly her ideal of what prison jumpsuits should look like.

And the first person to wear it should have BEEN Stella, in that prison, paying for her many crimes — which include the existence of this pleated, unflattering, human-crosswalk atrocity. Somebody at least turn this into something USEFUL by making Rita lie down near a school zone.

[Photos: Fame/Flynet]

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  1. Wendy

    I don’t understand how Stella McCartney has a job. Everything I’ve ever seen of hers is atrocious.

    • kickassmomnyc

      She has no design ability whatsoever, none. And she wins fashion awards!?!?!?

    • Lizzy

      Yeah, proof in the power of a name.

      • Girl in Sydney

        Just what I wanted to post.

        • Goldfish

          Sometimes children of famous people can be genuinely talented in their own right, and are unfairly accused of riding on famous coattails to have gotten where they have, even though their work may be of a very high, artistic quality.

          Not this time, though. In fact, none of the Beatles’ children have turned out worth a damn.

    • Ann

      I agree…about 1 in 100 things I’ve seen of hers are wearable.

  2. Margot Liggett Nack

    Stella needs to put the crackpipe DOWN. And back away slowly.

    • LoriK

      I’ve come to believe that Stella is a genius of a sort. She has managed to parlay the accident of her birth and no discernible talent into a very lucrative scam masquerading as a design career. The ones who are smoking crack the folks who voluntarily wear her clothes in public and the ones who give her design awards.

  3. luvthefuggers

    I so agree with both of you.

  4.  HelenBackAgain

    It’s conclusive: Rita DOES read this website and she really, really, really wants to WIN Fug Madness next time!

  5. Blair

    Stella has either lost her damn mind or she gets sadistic pleasure out of putting beautiful people in terrible clothes that make them look as bad as humanly possible. Or she just loved the emperor has no clothes as a child and now she has decided the emperor has jumpsuits that have the same effects as funhouse mirrors

  6. Fifie

    It’s Stella’s take on the McDonald’s Hamburgler.

  7. Marcia

    I’m going to give Stella the benefit of the doubt and assume that this outfit is a tribute to her father and meant to be the fashion version of the Abbey Road album cover.

  8. that girl

    Look how tight those pants are: you can see each finger on the hand in her pocket!

  9. Vandalfan

    I’d like to see her horizontal, with John, Paul, George, and Ringo walking across her, and Paul’s barefoot.

  10. Sandra

    In re: “Stella McCartney designed this.” Of course she did. Nobody else makes such hideous clothes and no one would wear them if her name wasn’t attached to them.

    Also, that would make a great title for a novel about a horribly dis-functional society where all the clothes are ugly and don’t work properly.

    Further, that abomination appears to be made of The Devil’s Fabric. Satan <3 satin 4 eva!

    • Ellen Cox

      Totally “The Emperor’s New Clothes”!

    •  HelenBackAgain

      Also, that would make a great title for a novel about a horribly dis-functional society where all the clothes are ugly and don’t work properly.

      Subtitle. Main title: Brave New Fug!

  11. Goldfish

    Damn. Stella. smh

  12. papersitter

    please, can Stella be the first designer entrant into Fug Madness?

  13. Tiffany

    I feel like this is a lame knock off of the Louis Vitton checker ensembles. The material seems so similar…just not checked.

  14. Elbyem

    C’mon. This is a MAJOR achievement…making a girl with no hips, look like she has gigantic ones. And p.s. – those glasses are idiotic, too.

  15.  Courtney

    I often think that Rita Ora pulls off otherwise insane outfits but even she cannot escape the curse of Stella.

  16. Goldfish

    Really, nothing says Stella Mac like that open, gaping fly. And, on a woman, to boot.

    Well done, young vegan.

  17. The City Dweller

    *in the smallest voice possible* I kinda like the possibilities with this outfit. Maybe I just like the top, with the cowl neck and all. Idk. I am not filled with bile for this look. *shrugs* Definitely too tight in the trouser, though!


  18. Marion


  19. Lily1214

    I wish Stella would just give it up.

  20. Faye

    I can’t shake the feeling that Stella’s actual degree was in comedic acting, not fashion, and her entire design career is one long performance-art, Franco-style joke in which she is waiting to see if the fashion world figures out the truth and calls her on it.

    So far, no one’s copped on.

    • witjunkie

      We all have here, but NO ONE IS LISTENING

    • Goldfish

      I have heard an interview with Jennifer Saunders about AbFab where she says, “Well, Eddie would wear the most pretentious, brash, emperor’s-new-clothes type fashions, well we look at Stella McCartney, obviously…” I think your movement is growing. It is something other than regular design.

      •  HelenBackAgain

        Oh I so love Jennifer Saunders. And that kind of remark exemplifies why.

  21. VanDee

    So fug it hurts.

  22. deee

    I think I’ve said this before but Stella needs to step away from fabric and start working with paper. With her love of structure and folds I’m sure she could make some lovely origami things.

  23. MegaeraThe3rdFury

    I think Stella McCartney is screwing with us.

  24. Joemama

    You know, the shirt isn’t…bad? The trousers, however, take any good that may have been in the top and just crumple it up and chuck it in the bin… Which is what should happen to this outfit.

  25.  maryloubethune

    After perusing the earlier entries I think Mercury must be in retrograde. If anyone of those attractive women think they look good, we are all in collective psychosis. ABSOLUTELY GHASTLY .

    can no one get that bucktoothed redneck to put on some clothes?

  26. HKS

    I agree with comments above saying Stella needs to be an entrant in Fug Madness for her DESIGNS as well. They are horrifying. Her jumpsuits are so bad (how bad are they?) they make me hate the Beatles.

  27. Shel in SoCal

    Maybe she is an evil genius, a’ la The Emperor’s New Clothes … (does anyone else remember that children’s story?) The joke is on those who wear her clothes, she sits home in the evenings sipping port and cackling madly at how ridiculous people look in her clothes,

  28.  Mia

    Surely this is meant to be humorous, but it’s just making me angry.