Recent Fugs: Rihanna

Should we assume that, like the Brazil team itself, Rihanna was sleepwalking to the game?

[Photos: AKM-GSI]

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  1. Sandra

    Bored now. 4.5 billion people have the same body parts you do, Sweetie, even if we’re all not as fit.

  2.  KLeewrite

    I don’t understand. These are beyond comprehension. They don’t even flatter her.

    • Art Eclectic

      Especially #3 – that has to go down in the annals of things that make an attractive body look like ass.

      • HelenBackAgain

        I think #1 might be even worse in that regard. It makes her hips look easily three times the size of the rest of her. Rihanna naturally is very slightly pear-shaped, but THIS is the fault of the nightgown.

        •  Tamburlaine

          I think that may partly be due to the angle – her hips are facing the photographer while her shoulders and upper body are angled away slightly. That said, it’s still a nightgown and should not be worn outside of one’s boudoir.

  3.  Rowynn

    Y’know, when she wore that transparent dress a couple of weeks ago, I supported her. That lilac-colored nightie, though – nope. That crosses the line between fashion risk and making yourself look ridiculous.

  4.  Alyssa

    She looks so pleased with herself and it supremely irks me. And bores me.

    • Gypsy Danger

      I don’t support any of the outfits here, but why shouldn’t she look pleased with herself? She’s beautiful, young, rich, talented.

    • Diane

      That’s what I hate about her. She thinks she is the epitome of fashion knowledge and she alternates between looking like a hooker and a bag lady. Lupita can look pleased with herself. Diane Kruger can look pleased with herself. Rihanna? No.

      • Gypsy Danger

        Well, that escalated quickly. I really think she just doesn’t care:

        “Sometimes I’ll wear something and think, I’m going to get so much flack for this tomorrow, but if I want to wear it, I will. If I dress too sexy, then I’m a slut; if I dress sophisticated, then I’m a grandma. At the end of the day, I just wear what I want to wear.” – Elle, 2012

        • KHS

          That quote is why I kind of love her. I mean, her last outfit is RIDICULOUS. But it makes me laugh – and I think it does the same for her – so it’s still okay with me. It’s totally fug, but a gleeful kind.

  5. Betsy


  6.  Esmerelda

    It really says something about how she has totally lost the ability to shock or surprise me that the one thing I took away from this slideshow is that she looks really nice with red lipstick.

    • Jessica

      Her lipstick IS really good.

      • MaryAnne

        YES! However awful the style of that red thing is (and it is) the color is gorgeous on her, and the lipstick appears to have been created from the same dye lot, it’s such an exact match.

  7. Margaritaville

    Why do people not want to look age and event (ok, and weather) appropriate? Who the bleeping bleep told her a nightie was EVER appropriate outside, in public? The only condition under which I would wear a nightgown in public would be if my house were on fire. And I’m pretty sure that didn’t happen in this case, or we would have heard about it.

    • sp

      I was just thinking that the last time I wore my nightgown outside I was 5 and my mother set the (brand new to her and the world) microwave on fire. (She freaked out and called the fire department and they sent 2 trucks in order to have one firefighter simply shut the microwave door.)

      • Jenz

        There was a news article going around a while ago about a four year old girl that called 911 because her father was in medical distress. In the recording of her 911 call, she tells the dispatcher that she and her daddy are in their jammies and that she needed to go put some clothes on before the firemen got there. The father was okay, thank goodness. I was completely tickled at the little girl because to her, jammies did not equate to clothes, regardless of the situation. I was thinking somewhere, my grandmother was reincarnated as that child’s mother! :)

    • Kris

      When I was little, the fire alarm at our apartment would go off every time there was an extreme change in temperature. Since we lived in Chicago, this happened frequently. The fire department had to come out to turn it off each time. My mom and I were the only ones who always came out of the apartment in our pajamas and robes, since everyone else in the building ignored the false alarms. It took me a long time to realize that my mom was more interested in the firemen than personal safety. In the event of an actual fire, I think she wouldn’t have bothered to put on lipstick first.

  8. Katie J

    I’m going to sound like my grandma now but I don’t care -there is just nothing attractive about going out of the house in your nightgown. You’re a lovely woman -wear some real clothes that enhance that, not sleepwear.

  9.  Alma

    Wow these are so bad, but all I can think about is how much of a kook she will be when she gets older. I can’t wait for THOSE outfits!

    •  Fawn

      Careful what you wish for. We know she practically never wears a bra and has quite the penchant for sheer “clothing”. I’m not so sure I want to see the results of gravity + time + sheer.

      • Art Eclectic

        Excellent point. That underboob tattoo is going to look mighty freaky when it’s hovering around her navel.

  10.  Kris

    I don’t see what the big deal is. People go to Walmart or an 8 AM class in pajamas ALL THE TIME. Stars: They’re Just Like Us!

  11.  fiatluxury

    a list of things that are not pants:
    – boots
    – panties
    – asses
    – long shirts
    – short shirts
    – pant-alone
    – thigh holsters
    – wishful thinking
    – saucy minxery

    what am i missing?

  12. Lisa

    She really does pinball from one extreme to the other. I roll my eyes out just about everything she wears, yet, yet….I don’t know what it is, but I can’t look away.

  13. TonyG

    Rihanna and her sartorial choices, at the very least, makes us all laugh (though I secretly like the casual baggy pants in slide 3.)

    • ChiTownSteph

      I kind of like the baggy pants, too. They need a different top though.

    •  Joanie

      I will fully buy into slide 3′s outfit because, at the very least, it IS clothing meant to be worn in public. It’s also kind of cute.

      Everything is just boudoir apparel.

      Can you imagine wearing ANY of the things in 1,2, and 4 to drop your kids off at school? No. And that should be everyone’s criteria as to what constitutes clothing. Even those without children.

    • James Michelle

      God help me, but I kind of like slide 3, too. It might be because her face is so good, though.

  14. Tetra

    Great list,fiatluxury. I would add pantyhose, leggins and those Kardashian jeans missing the front leg part.

  15. Linda

    That’s the same outfit I wear when I go outside at 6 am to fill up the bird feeder.

    Nightgown and old pair of running shoes I leave by the back door.

    I do, however skip the jewelry. You know, look in the mirror before you go out and take one thing off.

    •  ShannonTX

      Exactly. This is what I wear in my backyard first thing in the morning when I feed the birds and let the dogs out to do their business. I did, however, once have to run down the street in my nightgown because the dogs got out through an open gate and started racing down the street with NO regard to any cars in the vicinity. I was humiliated. It was certainly not my CHOICE for my neighbors to see me in my nightie!

      • Linda

        You were just trying to save your babies!! No court would convict you.

        I made the mistake once of being in my nightgown, which was ankle length, out back and squatting down for a couple minutes to deadhead some flowers. Let’s just say the mosquitoes found places I didn’t know they knew existed.

        Didn’t make that mistake twice.

        •  ShannonTX

          There’s nothing worse than two Pomeranians who rarely venture outside experiencing FREEDOM!!! It took me a block and a half to catch up to them.

          Sucks about the skeeters. I’m allergic to them, which of course means that my blood is ambrosia to them.

          • Lori

            Me too! It’s like they know we are allergic and are out to get us.

          • Linda

            OMG I have a Pom!! He’s only gotten off leash once and he came right back to me.

            I’m also allergic to mosquito bites! Have you ever tried Hibiclens? It’s an antibacterial cleanser, and it gets rid of the itch in a day or two at the most. It is awesome.

            •  ShannonTX

              My poms (one white, one red) are completely undisciplined. I am a very, very permissive mommy and they know they can basically do whatever they want and I’ll never punish them. Which is why they blithely ignore me when I scream at them to come back, etc. They’re terrible, but so loving and adorable I just can’t being myself to do anything about it. I tried taking them to training classes, but dropped out because it was too traumatic. For me, not them. I need help.
              I have tried Hibiclens in the past, and it does work, but it really dries out my skin. It’s better than this stuff I had to slather on when I was a kid, though. We lived in Alaska for four years and the skeeters there are ENORMOUS! My mom had to practically drown me in this stuff the doctor prescribed that smelled like pure rubbing alcohol. Terrible stuff. It kept the mosquitos away, though — along with everyone and everything else.

              • Linda

                Yes Hibiclens is super strong, I treat it like I’m pouring liquid gold into my hand, just enough to cover whatever I’m washing off.

                Mine is blonde and white and I got him when the Dog Whisperer started, back in 2005, and that was a tremendous help in me training him. He was 2 and already housebroken, etc since he was a rescue, so I just had to get him to behave on walks, curb the barking, and not go crazy if another dog came up to us. He is an angel, never gets into anything, never has accidents, and is the most loving, devoted dog.

  16.  TaraMisu


  17. HelenBackAgain

    If I worked in a shop, and didn’t recognize her (which I probably would as she’s so distinctive, but let’s say I didn’t), I wouldn’t let someone who looked like this shop there.

    I would, however, ask her if she needed medical help, or if there was anyone I could call to come get her. The third outfit, with the pants, looks like a deliberate choice, if a bad one, but the other three say nothing so much as “not mentally competent.”

  18. @BitingPanda

    I love her, beyond reason. I’m so ashamed.

    •  julyol1972

      Why? I love her too, and I’m definitely not ashamed. I enjoy seeing what she’ll wear next. Is it always to me liking – definitely not. But she’s never boring, not does she try to be like everyone else. For that I applaud her. *shrugs*

    • Aparatchick

      I cringe at almost everything she wears, but I really like her.

  19. Sally

    The thing with all these starlets trying to be edgy with “daring” cringe-worthy outfits is that there IS an edge, and once they’ve crossed it, we can only stare, bored, down at them in the crevice of their own fug or wherever they’ve ended up. I couldn’t even summon an eye roll or, heck, a yawn over any of these outfits. Cc: Miley.

  20. Leah

    Owner of Boulmiche, is that you?

  21. Early Ashley

    Long over this chick. Only posting words because you can’t see me yawn.

  22. Shanti

    Is it weird that I like the sparkly naked dress better than any of these?

  23. Diana2

    What I love about the red negligee shot is that she’s wearing sunglasses and ducking her head as if to say “Don’t stare at me. DON’T. Nearly naked celebrities need privacy too.”

  24. Portia

    I’ve liked her kind of less since the whole prom-girl thing a few months ago. It was probably just an impulse (the nature of Twitter and all), but it seemed kind of mean. And this is not a woman — as these outfits demonstrate — who is really in a position to make fun of how anybody dresses, at any time.

    • HelenBackAgain

      That was cruel.

      • HelenBackAgain

        I should clarify: Not what you said, what she did to that high-schooler. Dismal behavior.

    • Lori

      I somehow missed that, but I just looked it up. She just went from vaguely annoying to completely obnoxious to me. I am so done with her.

    • Nancy

      I never heard of that. Which makes me shake my head even more of the celebrity worship we have of mean, vacuous insipid people like Rihanna. Her behavior speaks for itself.

  25. deee

    I am not even going to bother commenting on her outfits, Daddy issues, Mommy issues, emperor’s new clothes issues, self esteem issues, destroyed brain cells or whatever the hell else is going on.

    I will say, good gracious, HER FACE! She looks lovely in every one of those slides.

  26. asuffusionofyellow

    No need to kick Brazil while it’s down.

  27. Jodi

    Sometimes when I go to work I’m seized with a paranoia that I’ve forgotten to put on my shirt, or my pants. I actually have to check, do a pat-down, and re-assure myself that I am fully dressed (It’s a by-product of a go-go-go job where I have to remember a thousand things, and I’m always worried I’ll forget something, like my clothing.)

    So when I saw this photo I was horrified. The forget-your-clothes scenario has actually happened to someone! This is a reality that can happen! I’m not as insane as I thought.

  28. jenelope

    I kind of feel like I’m wearing a nightgown to work today, too. Except that mine is actually a dress that I bought from the non-sleepwear section of the store and it just *feels* like a nightgown.

  29. gigi

    feh… [plus it'd be lovely if her 'songs' had more than ONE note as the melody]

    • Rosa

      ‘songs’ is a very good way to put it. They’re a loose interpretation of what that word actually means.
      Here’s what happens inside Rihanna’s head: lookatmelookatmelookatmeLOOKATMEEEE!!!

  30. jean marie

    Anyone remember that episode of friends where Rachel wore her lingerie to dinner with Joshua’s parents?

    Something brought that to mind. Not sure why…

  31. Melissa

    That third pic conjures up the image of an “urban” Hello Dolly for me. She should get on to that.

  32.  understateddiva

    Is she kooky and wild, or on a lot of substances? I worry about people running around in jammies. This is how the addicts used to dress when I worked at a convenience store. Not trying to start a rumor, it just makes me nervous.

  33. Jessicanuck

    I dunno, guys. That first picture cracks me UP. She looks like she’s skipping down the street, mad as a hatter, singing “lalalalalala! WHEEEEE!” while everyone else acts like nothing of note is happening. The absurdity of it all tickles me!

    • KHS

      That’s exactly how I feel when I look at her pics. “The absurdity of it all tickles me” is the much better way of me saying “gleeful fug.”

  34. jean

    Jessicanuck (great handle BTW), I’m sort of with you. I love that nightgown and the color is great on her and her jewelry is gorgeous and she looks fabulous in a crazy fantasy way that I would find uncomfortable in a non-celeb, but there she looks like a dream. And she’s in the dream business. She looks elegant in that first slide. Rich. And the color!

    Is there ANY context for that picture? What was she doing?

  35.  Aspasia

    I REALLY want that one skirt as my shower curtain. I’m shopping for a new one anyway….

  36. Nancy

    Please. So ridiculous. This is a Fashion Icon?? Wearing a nightgown in public?? I really am getting to dislike her. Rationally.

  37. regina

    I think the slinky pink gown looks nice and comfy on a sunny day in the town. The other outfits are Feh but this dress is good and fun I think.

  38.  Tim

    If Rihanna is the ‘Fashion icon of our time’ or equivalent – please send me to another universe.
    I understand the ‘I don’t care what I wear, I wear what I want…..’ philosophy and the associated risks. But if you’re going to wear your underwear out then at least spray is with some static/anti-cling spray, and even before that make sure it flatters your body. (and it’s a crime that she can make her body look less than amazing)
    After the ‘GlitterTits’ (or JewellBox, whichever body part your prefer) Incident, I guess she really has nowhere else to go??

  39. dkewbe


    (*slide 3)

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