Recent Fugs or Fabs of Chloe Grace Moretz


CGM here is the star of If I Stay, which I suspect might be a big hit given that I know people LOVE the book (I have not read it yet) and it looks swoony and delicious. At the very least, we’ll get to see plenty of her on the red carpet in the next couple of weeks, so strap in and get ready for me to pitch like 700 movies where I propose that she and Kiernan Shipka play sisters.

[Photos: Getty, Splash]

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    She’s adorable, really dig all of these considering she often gets a wee kooky for my taste. Also her brother? Ahem, how old is her brother/what is he doing/can we get more pictures?

    • Samantha

      Yes. I came here to ask the same question, even though it makes me feel like a creepy old lady. More info on the brother, please.

    • Sarah

      yeah, I’m not normally into the man bun, but shhhhdaaang

      • val.

        I’m with you all on this! I was like, “cute dress, cute dress… Wait HOLD ON who’s that?!”

        •  fiatluxury

          he’s too young for this old broad, but I’m pleased to see that he’s 6’4″. 6’4″ ! that’s worth enough to counteract a man-bun in my totally arbitrary guide to crushing.

    • Emperor Cupcake

      He is a DISH. Good genes (and jeans, in the last slide) in that family.

      • kmg

        He sure is. Plus it warms my cold heart that he is out and about with her

    •  HelenBackAgain

      He’s a beautiful young man. And I love that he goes to things with his beautiful and well-dressed little sister!

      •  Linda_AZ

        It pleases me so much to see him out and about with his baby sis. It’s quite touching.

      • Early Ashley

        I’m on this team. He is a cute youngster. And protecting his little sis? Mom and Dad, you done good with these two.

    • Joanie

      Apparently we now have a creepy old broad club here at FugNation. I guess we’re all in this together.

      Chloe’s brother is really sweet for hangin’ with his sis. If only he could have talked her into wearing something other than that first dress. I totally love everything else she wore in this set. It’s just that first pic that needle scratches for me. Too heavy for summer and her hair looks uninspired. Each subsequent look is lighter and fresher and happier.

  2. Art Eclectic

    I’d like that dress better without the ultra prim sister wife collar.

    • Jeanolee

      Agree wholeheartedly. That dress looks like it is choking her. And it looks hot.

  3. JJPP

    I just realized that her character on 30 Rock has seeped into my subconscious, so now when I see pictures of her I just assume that her personality is that of an aggressive, power-hungry, corporate-ladder-climbing 14 year old. :) But that’s not exactly fair!! haha

    She looks awfully cute here. I like the black dress best.

  4. Sarah

    She also has a movie coming out with Keira Knightly called Laggies. It’s indie, so she may not be doing as many promotional rounds for it. But it may give us more opportunities to see her fashion.

  5. Heather

    Her bow shoes are making the rounds — Sarah Paulson just wore those Loubs in black AND white.

    •  Looly

      Thank you! I knew I had seen them recently…

    • Lori

      That was the first thing I thought when I saw them! I like them so much better than the barely there late 90′s strappy things that are so popular (and that she’s wearing in slides 2 and 3).

  6.  Linda_AZ

    Wow, that brother, huh??

  7.  Mair Mair

    I had not fully appreciated how great her hair is until I saw slide 3. Gorg.

  8. Rachael

    Bless all the young actresses who like to have fun with fashion. Even when they miss, it is not boring. I love that.

  9. Moni

    I like the idea of her outfit in the 4th picture, but not the execution. The proportions are weird. Maybe if the t-shirt were longer (so it covers the crotch) or not as wide…

    I also really like her outfits in pictures 2 and 3.
    And I found myself wishing that SHE would play Margaery Tyrell in Game of Thrones. She looks a lot like Natalie Dormer here, but without that annoying pout.

    • Jennipher

      YES! She does look like Natalie Dormer, especially in the second picture.

    • camille

      I think she would be a good fit if they had kept the original ages of characters from the book (most of the young people got aged up a couple years so things weren’t as shockingly inappropriate). She looks a lot younger than Natalie Dormer, to me.

  10.  Jody

    Please do not give up the fight against THOSE shoes!

    •  Aimz

      They are horrible. I just can’t. Also, shouldn’t there be some sort of podiatrist rebellion against these things by now?

  11. meggiemoo

    I wish people would stop popping one leg forward when they pose. I know it’s a tip they give people being photographed, but it gives the very weird illusion that one leg is far larger than the other. Creeping me out.

  12. annabel

    When she and Kiernan play sisters, I want Emma Watson to be the long-lost older sister who grew up in Britain.

  13. Kate (formerly Kate)

    The first two dresses make her look like a tablescape. The third one feels like I’ve seen it before on every other young cute starlet. But she casuals up nicely in the last picture.

  14.  ElizabethT

    Where in the world was that event in the first photo held? It looks like a casino . . . in Laughlin . . . where the carpet hasn’t been changed since 1978.

    • cam

      That was the Young Hollywood Awards held at the Wiltern Theater in LA.

      •  ElizabethT

        Ah! I lived around the corner from the Wiltern long ago. I saw Suzanne Vega there back in her “Tom’s Diner” days. Probably the same carpet.

        • Jessica

          I actually think that carpet might be VERY VERY old indeed, since the Wiltern is an historically protected Art Deco space.

          It’s also where H and I saw Rilo Kiley, and for the encore, Jenny Lewis was all, “I’m bringing out my friend Deborah,” and I turned to H and was all, “hope it’s Debbie Gibson,” AND IT WAS. WHY CAN’T I USE MY POWERS MORE PRECISELY?

          Kiki Dunst was also there and looked CRAZY and we wrote about it here and her friend wrote in about the post and was SO COOL that’s when we all fell in love with Dunst.

          GFY HISTORY.

          • Crisistina

            We want a link to the poooost! yes? pretty please?!

          •  ElizabethT

            It’s so beautiful. I kind of remember its being restored in the 1980s, and Wikipedia confirms (with lots of cool details, actually, about salvaging seats from other theaters and reconfiguring the performance space).

            So I’m guessing the carpet is circa 1983, which looks about right: again according to our Wikifriends, that was the year Gerald and Betty Ford and Henry Kissinger guested on “Dynasty.”

  15.  RachelB

    I really like that shade of red on her.

  16. anne p.

    Whoa! When did young Miss Moretz get LANKY on us? All of a sudden, it seems, she’s got GAMS, you know?!

  17. cam

    You guys crushing on her brother know he’s gay, right? Always happens, huh?

  18. Julia

    I was about to comment about how much you guys were making me laugh creeping on the hottie brother (b/c I did the exact same thing), but then cam had to go harsh the buzz. SIGH.

  19.  HelenBackAgain

    Very, very stylish, and all very HER, somehow, though I don’t know her style particularly – yet. I am sure we all will soon! This delightful damsel is a real up-and-comer.

    I can’t tell if the first dress is a little winter-ish or if it’s just the effect of the gentlemen’s club circa 1973 that’s around her… it’s a cute dress either way, but wow, can’t you just smell the spilled beer, tobacco, Lestoil, and mildew in there?

  20. annabel

    The Wiltern! I love that lobby. Haven’t been there in over 20 years but I bet it looks exactly the same.

    • annabel

      I was trying to reply above-post, sorry. My enthusiasm for the Wiltern lobby stands.

  21. Laraine

    Um her football tee in the last slide is perfect.

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