Recent Fugs or Fabs: Nina Dobrev

This might be the first time ever that I LEARNED something from a press junket, namely that Nina Dobrev is in Let’s Be Cops. I literally thought, “But I love her. Maybe I need to see Let’s Be Cops.” I plan to enjoy the hell out of it on a plane eventually.

[Photos: AKM/GSI]

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  1. Jacquilynne

    Maybe the guy in the third slide is hoping to get it signed?

    • sleah in norcal

      did he just happen to have that magazine spread of her in his back pocket?

  2.  LoriK

    I have to disagree about the first look. The proportions are way off and that’s creating some seriously unflattering issues.

    • Stefanie

      I agree. She looks like she has a Kim Kardashian thing happening in the trunk. It’s not a good look on Kim and it’s not a good look on Nina.

      • Kate

        There’s nothing wrong with having a butt!

        I think this shape is fine since it shows off her waist and makes her look very hourglassy. Where Kim often goes astray (at least IMO) is wearing overly snug clothes that don’t flatter her shape but just squeeze it. A looser skirt like this would still show off her curves without looking so constricting.

      • Kris

        She doesn’t have a Kardashian thing going on with the butt in that skirt; it looks more like she’s got a camel-hump thing. Like Kate said, there’s nothing wrong with having a butt, but there IS something wrong with anything that makes Nina Dobrev look dromedary-adjacent.

      • The Zulk

        That is exactly what I thought–it looked like a Kim Kardashian thing. not a compliment.

      • sleah in norcal

        she looks like a super heroine and all her powers are in her butt.

    • Sherry

      Agree with you both with the addition that the shirt actually scares me. I’m getting “”Can’t sleep, shirt will eat me” from it.

      • Sherry

        Sigh. “Can’t sleep, shirt will eat me” VIBES from it. Stepped on my own bloody joke.

    •  HelenBackAgain

      I think it’s the way the wind is hitting it, but even so. If you really have one of those butts, more power to ya; dressed well, I think they’re terribly sexy. But when you don’t, and we know Dobrev doesn’t, your clothes are plotting against you. These fabrics and styles of pieces are crackballs together anyway. She also needs a bra in that photo.

  3.  Brenna

    Those pants in slide two are seriously heinous. Too long, and the satin looks cheap, even though I’m sure it isn’t.

    •  HelenBackAgain

      Agreed. I don’t like them either. They look like Dimestore Desperation Pants, picked up en route to something because one’s skirt split.

  4.  Alyssa

    Slide 2 is something I’d love to be able to pull off in my real life. Unfortunately, I lack both her body and her wallet to make it mine.

    I also like the third outfit more than the first. Something about the proportions for slide 1 are just a tad wonky to my (completely untrained) eye.

  5. Lizzy

    The only good thing about the 1st one is the shoes.
    The RHPS-like mouth over her rack is strange (and unflattering), and I really hope that the skirt is being puffed up by a breeze and is not constructed to make her bum look ginormous.

    • Dina

      It’s too low. If it were a little higher, and there were no sleeves on the shirt, I think I’d be on board. As it is it just seems to be doing strange things to her overall proportions.

      That said, I applaud her shoe game.

  6.  Carolina Girl

    Either that rag & bone outfit has a bustle or baby’s got a lot more back than I remember.

  7. Josie

    I like the idea of the skirt in slide 1, but it is Kardashizing her rear in a not-so-flattering way.

  8.  Maria L.

    Nope. Number 1dress is making her look like she is aspiring to a Kardashian butt and that alone gives it an automatic fail. Very ugly pants in number 2. Number 3 may be the only one I give a pass to, but the Nascar shoes are bugging.

  9. Jill

    Love, love, love those patterned shoes!
    Nina’s stylist needs more clients so she can further the movement against nude pumps, platform clodhoppers, those strappy nothing shoes and the shoes from hell that Reese showed us over the weekend.

  10. iggymom4

    I can’t with the first outfit. She looks like one of the Kardashian’s…atleast possibly a cousin.

  11. Amy S.

    I pined for a KitchenAid stand mixer for YEARS. I have a hatefully small NYC kitchen and no place to put it, but the day I finally bit the bullet and bought one (Majestic Yellow, holla!) was one of the proudest days of my life. I have to keep it in its box under my wastebasket (itself tucked against a bookshelf), but I am kicking myself that I didn’t take the plunge earlier.

    Oh, right. Nina. I think the first outfit looks weird because she was caught at a bad angle. The top is terrible no matter what, but the skirt has possibilities. The second outfit is a snooze, and the third is saved by the awesome shoes. I appreciate Nina always bringing her game there.

  12.  Amy the 2nd

    Girlfriend has GOT some shoes. And of course, the long, slender legs & feet to pull them off.

  13. ChiTownSteph

    That mouth sweater rubs me the wrong way. It’s kind of scary to me for some reason. The rest of the first outfit is pretty cute though even if it is giving her Kardashian butt.

  14. TonyG

    That first outfit is giving her the illusion of having an alter-ego bum.

    It’s like her regular bum is a mild-mannered one, just waiting for the secret signal, and then — BLAM!! — Super Bum appears, popping up just when she needs it!

  15. Lori

    She’s usually so polished that outfits like the first one are a truly WTF? moment. Luckily the last one is better and yay for cute shoes!

    I love my KitchenAid – my mom got it for me for Christmas, and I didn’t have room for it at my last house, but at this house we have a butler’s pantry and I turned it into a baking station with the KitchenAid as the primary focus!

  16. ohsohappy

    Nothing to rave about or ridicule here except those red sandals…they don’t look good on her feet. Something very unattractive going on with the left toes there. I’ll fitting shoes, or shoes that don’t flatter are a huge peeve of mine, so I must nit pick here.

    • Liane

      Those shoes are doing something horrendous to her last two toes on the left foot.

  17. Rachael

    I think the first outfit is great. Interesting, casual, fun. I like the volume in the skirt. The second two — with the exception of the shoes — are none of those things.

  18.  Laura

    I have visited many a bag in my time. One I eventually bought when it finally went on sale (but was still of course expensive) at Anthropologie. Good times.

  19. Alisa

    I am currently visiting a Nespresso machine (in person, weekly) and 3 dresses and a coat from Boden (online; every day, multiple times a day) so I understand the feeling well, Jessica.

  20. fumi

    For me, problem with the first outfit is that it is bad in motion as accentuated in the photo GFY Jessica used. In other photo services the outfit looks great. I like the shoes in slides two and three however, I think that outfit three is a hair too tight.

  21. llism

    Man . . . that third one makes me wince. It’s mashing the hell out of her girls.

  22. my_how_nice

    I think there might be a wee bit of a GFY blind spot when it comes to Nina Dobrev. That first outfit is really not good. The mouth on that sweater makes it look like her chest is about to vomit, and the proportions of the skirt are all wrong (can’t fault the shoes, though). The second outfit’s pants are WAY too long and stumpifying, and the third outfit is too short and clash with the racetrack pumps. I’m so confused.

  23. Person

    I’m shocked that I don’t hate any of these. Even when what Dobrev’s wearing is batshit, she wears it so well that it often sort of works. She is, consistently, one of the best-dressed actresses in young Hollywood. And she’s just a CW star! Go figure.

    • Kristin 

      The phrase “dressing above her pay grade” has been used to describe Nina. She’s lovely and can act, so hopefully she’ll rise above the CW. Although sadly, this film doesn’t look like it will be her breakthrough.

  24. Gypsy Danger

    Her hair looks fried in the third photo. She has good shoe game.

    Let’s Be Cops. It has Nick and Coach in it! I almost died laughing from that scene in the trailer where Coach says “I look like someone hit me in the face with Lil Wayne”.

  25. Narshkite

    Nothing else to say about the clothes, but I need to note that, based on the trailer, “Let’s Be Cops” looks to be one of the worst movies in the history of movies.

  26. katie

    you should see let’s be cops because it has damon wayans jar and jake johnson in it, and they are hilarious, even if the trailer isn’t.

  27. Mikki

    Nina looks so much more like her usual stylish self in these pictures, compared to some of the outfits she wore recently. The mouth shirt is a little strange, but she looks so at ease with herself it makes it all work somehow.

    I love her black and white shoes! I bought a striped pair on a whim, which has turned out to be a great purchase. Every time I wear them, someone is sure to comment on them and ask where I got them!

  28. Joanie

    Slide #1: no to the top, but yes to everything else.

    Slide #2: I love those shoes, don’t hate the outfit, not much a fan of the necklace. Don’t know why that is, but it bugs.

    Slide #3: Hate the skirt, like the top, and while I’m not keen on the pairing, I still love the shoes. And I love her bracelet!

  29. juanita

    Oh my goodness! At first glance – without my glassses – I thought Kim Kardashian (with a huge blue bum) had gone on a diet and grown 6 inches overnight!