Recent Fugs, Fabs, and Fines of Diane Kruger


Don’t worry. Pacey makes an appearance. Even if he does kind of look — as one of you wisely noted to us on Twitter (take credit for this, and credit I shall give you) — “like an expensive homeless person.”

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  1. CakesOnAPlane

    Um, which one was the fab again?

  2. Cat

    1st look – needs to be short or not sheer and then I’d be on board

    2nd look – eau d’ Carrie Bradshaw is right! I might like this if not for the midriff and top.

    3rd look – it’s hard to tell… I think it’s ok?

    4th look – Pacey! Love you. Shave, please?

    5th look – I like this! I’d like to see more of the hair though, before I fully commit.

    • Conchobara

      Yes! Eau d’ Carrie Bradshaw. That’s the phrase I was searching for!

  3. Eliza Bennett

    That last look is so dramatic and awesome. I think I hate the hair, but that is still my favorite.

  4. pantsonfire

    I think i ADORE the dress in slide 3. Like, I want to marry it.

    I actually like her hair in the last slide. But I have always had a soft spot for the milkmaid hair, I think. Anyway, I think it’s flattering to her face. That coat is a nightmare.

  5. Carol

    Photo 5: Klingon New Year’s Eve party dress! (Sword optional.)

  6. Vandalfan

    The only fab in that group were the divine shoes with the mourning crop top and square dance skirt combo, the rest are clear misses. Even if the sheer was eliminated in the first grey dress, it’s too much muchness, with the all ruffles and the harness. The maitre de’ with skinny slit skirt and yoga hair outfit is the sartorial equivalent of Pacey’s facial grooming.- blech. The coat is merely a coat, but who wouldn’t want to be on the Champs this time of year? *sigh*

  7. stacie

    The grey would be fab if you cut it off right when it starts to get sheer.

  8. Goober

    unpopular opinion – but something about her/her face/her life makes all of this ok – I like my Kruger kooky.

    • pantsonfire

      No, I basically agree. To me, Kruger projects a thoughtful sense of sartorial adventure and humor coupled with an easy, unconcerned confidence–she seems to dress for HER and so she can take risks and be whimsical and sometimes objectively cross the line into what should be fugliness, and yet, it is still acceptable to me. For example, I really personally hate that dress/coat in the last slide, but I still wouldn’t say it’s FUGLY, per se, and I certainly wouldn’t say “god, what a mistake” for her to wear it.

    • Cucina49

      I completely agree. She gets away with a lot of questionable clothes because she is Diane Kruger and projects a great sense of style and cool.

  9. Jo

    I think she looks classy and Joshua looks a tad scruffy but I want to be in Paris on a freebie dammit!

  10. jean

    I pretty much love it all (other than Pacey’s grooming). She’s never boring. And I want that gold coat, although since it makes her look bulky, I will look like …well, something. It would be something. Her hair rocks in all the pictures too. Excellent recent dye job? So shiny. I so, so wish these two would have babies. Those genes must go on.

  11. Helen

    None of these is to my taste at all, but hey, they’re not boring!

  12. Stefanie

    I got my done this morning and the dye must have sunken into my brain because I love the crop top formal dress.

  13. glee

    No fair!!! She’s got the face, the body, acccess to clothes that are unimaginable to normal humans – AND Pacey. Maybe I’ll hate her for that. Can’t, she’s too pretty.

  14. amys

    First dress is seriously cracked out.

  15. Josie

    Pacey, I have a very nice man-cave shed, if you ever need one…

  16. The Reset

    Pacey could look like a cheap homeless person and I’d still [insert something appropriate for a married mother of two to say].

    And she is so pretty I don’t even mind the sheer thing in the first one. And that last one is amazeballs.

  17. pidget

    It’s all a bit bonkers, but she seems to be in the driver’s seat for all of it. My favourite is Super Teutonic (the last slide). I like that she isn’t cookie-cutter, and the very severe styling of the last one seems to work for her.

  18. Rosa

    She went to an event honoring Quentin Effing Tarantino in that froofy, ruffly, see-through thing?! It’s a horrible dress but that’s beside the point. Did she not know who the guest of honor was, b/c froofy and Quentin Tarantino do NOT go together.

    • Kat

      No offense, Rosa, but I think your argument is kind of moot… people don’t all go to the Oscars dressed as giant gold statues, so why should she try and dress like Quentin Tarantino’s aesthetic just because the event is honoring him. It wasn’t a doppleganger party.

      • Helen

        This hadn’t occurred to me, but Rosa, I think you have a point there. I mean I hate the dress anyway, but nothing about it says “MOMA event” any more than it says “Tarantino.” It’s like wearing a Laura Ashley granny gown to an MTV event honoring Aerosmith.

  19. luxsword

    Not only the sheer part is fug, but the grey dress makes her armpits look really weird. Kinda fat, which is not a word I usually associate with Kruger.

  20. ceecee

    Just no, on all of it. She’s trying too hard and he’s not trying hard enough.

  21. Sandra

    I’m not a single mom, but I do have a shed. And there’s plenty of handy-man work that needs doing. So, c’mon over to my house, Pacey!

    Also, love her face. Clothes, not so sure about.

  22. Sara

    I was actually on board with the midriff showing outfit until you mentioned Carrie Bradshaw. Now its ruined for me!

  23. anny

    Nope. They’re attractive people but their attire isn’t attention-worthy.

  24. Chrissy

    I felt the same way about the last dress. I would have really liked it except the belt gave me the creeps.

  25. Art Eclectic

    I usually covet everything Diane Kruger wears but lately it’s been a parade of fug. Did she change stylists?

  26. Cucina49

    “Love and bespoke cabinetry for all.” *Snort*

  27. Esme

    Wow–Why can’t someone ask me to headline the lighting of the Champs Elysees XMas display? Dang, I wish I’d never heard that such an honor was possible.

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