Recent Fugs and Fabs: Diane Kruger

I LOVE IT when Diane Kruger has something to promote — in this case, The Bridge — because it means we are guaranteed something interesting to eyeball (if not Pacey into the bargain; today, I am sorry to tell you, is Pacey-less).

[Photos: Splash, Fame/Flynet]

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  1. Sarah

    I was promised some Pacey!!

    The first dress would be perfect if it was re-purposed as a tennis dress

    • Jessica

      Clarified to note we are SADLY SANS PACEY.

      •  ShannonTX

        I agree. Pink dress is only appropriate as a tennis dress. Too short, and the cut isn’t doing her girls any favors.

      •  julyol1972

        How is Diane even 38 years old – she looks 25 if that! Mama Kruger had some good genes!

  2. Gypsy Danger

    Hate the shoes in 1 and 3. Love all the outfits even if two of them are a bit short. She has great legs!

  3. Amy S.

    She is a girl who knows how to deploy a lippie, so I can forgive her too-short dresses. I think the gray one is a couple of crucial inches longer, which is why it works better than the pink, which is a fantastic color, but…

  4. Susan

    I love all the dresses — even the pink one. :-) Love the orange shoes. I always play it safe on shoes, but this is good inspiration to rock some color!

  5. Sandra

    The pink one just doesn’t fit her. Too tight under the arms, too short, etc. The color is FAB, though.

  6.  Looly

    Could the pink dress possibly be a SKORT???

  7. Alisa

    I have come to the conclusion that a bright pop of an orange accessory makes everything better.

    For instance, I own an amazing orange leather boho bag that distracts (in a good way) from any outfit I wear. Friends, stranger, random people passing me on the street all stop and compliment me on my choice of purse. They also try and convince me to part with it, but I will NEVER do so.

    • Rachael

      I have some bright orange flats and they have the same effect. Even people who have seen them before never fail to comment about the cuteness of those flats. Orange wins.

  8. sarah

    how can we find out the designer on the third dress??

  9. Kris

    There should be a sitcom called “Kruger Pulls It Off” starring Diane Kruger as a fashion designer who makes clothes that shouldn’t really work but somehow do.

    •  Aspasia

      And make it mandatory viewing for Stella McCartney before she takes to her scratchpad again.

  10.  TaraMisu

    The pink one is cute but really needs to be a few inches longer….. and it’s making her breasts all cattywampus. The 2 others are divine!

    •  KLeewrite

      “Cattywampus” may be my new favorite word. I need to work that into conversation somehow.

  11.  Mina

    That Louis Vuitton bag is about to knock her over!

  12.  CB

    I just Wikipedia’d Diane and learned so much! She is turning 38 tomorrow–WHAT?! Also, her ex-husband is currently Marion Cotillard’s partner/baby daddy. Also also, she looks pretty great in all these looks, but then again she always looks pretty great because of the Kruger magic.

  13. HelenBackAgain

    The pink tennis dress and the other short dress are both cute, but neither fits well. Totally agree the Honor dress is divine.

    • One of the Claires

      They suffer from the dreaded short-waist syndrome. A long girl needs a tall bodice. She should know this by now.

  14. snowedintoday

    I am the same age as La Kruger.
    It took me some time to realise that I am no longer 28 and that certain adjustments were needed: the girls are not as perky as before, the hips are a bit wider, the arms not as thin as before etc. I think her body changed ever so slightly, but she is still buying clothes for her 30 year old self. Thus the dresses that are too short, and not fitting very well but not disastrous either.
    She looks beautiful, considering all that, even in clothes that are a tiny weenie bit to small darn it!!

    • Kristin

      Yes. Was just going to say that she is now of an age that properly supportive undergarments are a must.

  15.  Mrs. Helpful

    Wow these shots are in some random if not sketchy spots on the street. One of them is literally in the middle of the street — I am glad we know now that she was not hit by that bus. jeez. It is like she is being dropped off by rickshaw or scooter and told to hoof it the rest of the way. I miss the serenity of the Letterman dumpster and the major hotels.

    Cute dresses. Plenty of extra fabric under the pink one to successfully form skort legs or – ha ha — bike shorts!

  16. Cat

    I think the reason I’m clutching my pearls about the pink dress and not the grey one is because the flared skirt on the pink dress makes me feel we are a stiff breeze away from seeing her ladybits (the flared skirt also feels a bit more twee). The orange shoe might also be distracting me.

    The Honor dress is gorgeous– I love it!

  17. Carrick

    Smiling in two out of three photos. How often does that happen? She sure looks better when she doesn’t look like someone just ran over her dog.

  18. moi

    I think it was in these very pages some time ago when one of the Fug Girls astutely wrote of a too-short outfit: “That’s not a dress; it’s a belt.”

    I’ve been using that line ever since.

    i don’t care what kind of shape a gal is in. At some point, too short is too short. those first two dresses are that point.

    Those orange pumps, though, mercy. NEED.

    •  tp

      i cite the Tim Gunn meme that goes…

      if you have to ask if it’s a dress or a blouse, it’s a blouse.

      also, my bestie and i have invented ‘drunic’ a dress that you wear as a tunic because it’s so short it would be illegal to wear it as a dress.

  19. nobody much

    those dresses are too short. The first one looks like the short program dress, the second like her workout dress or possibly the free skate. I fear to see the dress for the long program.

  20. G

    It’s all very well for a celeb to run around in these short skirts with bare legs since she probably only has to sit on nice clean limo seats, but I am grossed out by the people I see around the city in similar outfits when they sit down on dirty bus or train or taxi seats. Ick.

  21.  lali

    If not for her ginormous bag, I would love her complete look in slide #2. I don’t even care that it’s too short but I don’t know why. The shoes? The lipstick? Does it matter? I think it’s great!

  22. Joanie

    I love the dress in #2, especially with those shoes! What is it about that combination that makes it look fresh and fun every single time?

    The last dress is very pretty but doesn’t make me excited like the #2 dress w/orange shoes does.

  23. Lizzie

    Hmm…that pink dress is so short, bright and makes her boobs look so small that she looks all of 12 years old. At least the other two dresses make her look like an adult woman.

  24. Bambi Anne Dear

    Just letting you know that I’m getting local ads with most of these pages and one of them is about toenail fungus. An extreme case in five toes which is practically vomit inducing and it is shitting me up the wall.

    • Jessica

      A good solution for that is to run a quick google search for hotels and shoes. Google will solve this problem for you by then serving you ads for those things. (I have very little control over the ads that are served from the pool in non-US territories, sadly.)

  25. Jami

    I just want to be BFFs with her and Emma Watson. We will go to brunch together and then we will shop. Is that too much to ask?

  26.  Molly

    Ooooh the second grey dress!! Pure grace.

  27.  Barbara

    What I enjoy so much about Diane is her hair. It’s not extension-y and full of lies, just regular-girl-hair.

  28.  Mo

    I am most concerned because these and other recent pictures of Diane have been Pacey-less. If these two split, my faith in love is destroyed.

  29.  tp

    i saw the pink ensemb as more of a skating costume, as in, during a brief foray of following the family legacy into figure skating during my tweens, i had skating costumes longer than the pink dress.

    love the colour, hate the cut and fabric.

    also, tween clumsiness and skating do not go hand in hand. i gracefully bowed out after placing 5th of 5 in a local club competition. and by bowed out i mean, never went back.

  30. Lori

    If I had legs like that, I’d want to show them off, too. However, dearheart, there is a time and a place (namely, the beach). A few extra inches won’t obscure the view of your amazing pins but will make it safe to sit in public.

  31. Rachael

    In the third picture, the contrast between her dress, which is very proper and ladylike and floaty, with the street scene of NY (?) with the graffiti and the street grime and the cars — I love it. If I were here, I’d make that a piano picture, but maybe I’m a weirdo.

  32. Liesl

    Aw -I was so sure there’d be a picture of her in the German wrld Cup jersey again… . The second and third look are just lovely!

  33. Chicklet

    According to my mom, La Kruger was on The View yesterday and told an adorable story about rescuing a stray cat, getting him all the necessary vet care, taking him in… and now he ignores her completely and is totally smitten with Pacey. She now calls the cat Hobbes, as in “Calvin and…”

  34. christina

    That second grey dress reminds me of Cam Diaz for some reason. Maybe it’s the pony and red lips? Unsure.

  35. lindsay

    she looks gorgeous in all of these. i don’t even mind the super short minis because she has the bod to rock ‘em.

  36. marylou bethune

    She really is beautiful, not tacky or trollopy, has great legs and always looks good even if we have our doubts…. SHE WINS plus pacey.

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