Recent Fugs and Fabs: Cheryl Cole

I read an article this morning — okay, fine, it was in the Daily Mail (I Know) — that Cheryl Formerly-Cole is now OFFICIALLY just going by “Cheryl.” I don’t know if Cheryl has enough Cher in her to be recognizable as Just Cheryl, but maybe she’s famous enough the in UK to pull that off. There are few people who can get away with the mono-moniker. Or even with some of these outfits.

[Photos: AKM/GSI}

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  1.  Alyssa

    Slide 1′s outfit looks like a business “suit” I once had for my Barbie. So Child Me clearly would have given her hot pink pumps. Adult me wouldn’t be mad if she with went a brighter pump either.

  2. The Rizz

    I swear with the exception of slide 2 and 3, I have the exact outfits to wear to my business formal work place.

  3. Gypsy Danger

    Meh. I don’t think the mono-moniker is going to catch on for her either (also,Cheryl kind of sounds boring on its own. Sorry to any Cheryl’s in Fug Nation). Don’t worry Cheryl, your outfits aren’t that great and your shoes are boring, but your face and your smile are pretty.

    I’d go with a pink shoe for the first outfit. When you enlarge the photo, parts of the dress appear to be a light pink.

    Most importantly, we need more details on the orange lipstick attempt.

    • Jessica

      Maybe she should make it CHERYL! All caps, with an exclamation point.

      • laucie

        During Jeb Bush’s campaigns for governor in Florida, all his printed materials (yard signs, bumperstickers, etc.) said “Jeb ! ” My son always refers to him as “Jeb Exclamation Point”, with an eye-roll. That would work for Cheryl, too.

        • Aparatchick

          Ha! Thanks for the memory. No gubernatorial candidate has tried that since.

          I’m thinking most one-namers have more uncommon names: Cher, Madonna, Iman, Sting, Pink, Twiggy, Bono, Fabio, Shakira. Cheryl’s going to need weird spelling or that exclamation point! to make it work.

      • Gypsy Danger

        I like this idea.

    • Jessica

      I would have gone with BRIGHT NEON GREEN shoes.

  4.  Hannah

    I might have considered a blue shoe for the first outfit? perhaps w/ a blue earring? Too much?

  5. jean

    She looks summery and pulled together and fully covered…so wins for me. Is that her real hair in the first slide? Because that is Texas level gloriousness.

  6. Shannon

    I agree with Alyssa – a hot pink shoe would look much better than what she chose. I even think a white strappy heeled sandal would have been better.

  7.  Miranda

    She probably figured out no one can spell/pronounce her new last name (either that or she’s already regretting the marriage). Either of these is a very plausible reason.

    I can’t with any of these outfits.

    • Kate

      Similarly, I was thinking it may have had something to do with not wanting to go by her ex husband’s last name anymore now that she’s remarried.

  8. JJPP

    I don’t really know who she is, but based on style alone, she looks more like a morning news show anchor than a single-name star.

    • Joanie

      Morning news anchor is pretty apt. Or maybe the uber eager weather girl who wants the anchor seat!

      She’s working very hard to make her neutrals sing and all they’re doing is croaking out a warbly note or two.

  9. Julia

    Did we talk about her secret marriage here at GFY? I know how much you ladies love a secret marriage, Heather and Jessica.

  10.  Lilywise

    None of these outfits are particularly great, but especially when viewed in succession they add up to big old Zzzzzzzzzz. Beige, cream, white — maybe try some colors from another section of the Crayola box!

  11. Amy S.

    Did she lighten her hair? Whatever she did really washes her out. Stick with the rich brown, Cheryl. Not everyone is meant to be a blonde.

    • rae

      I agree!! The blonde is an awful shade of beige and she looks terrible with it.

  12.  Brenna

    I don’t really know a whole lot about her, but WOW, she is really freaking pretty. Like, extra stunning.

  13.  Another Katie

    IMO, Cheryl is too common to be a stand alone moniker. I feel like, to make a single name work, that name has to be at least relatively unique in the general population. Like, how many people do you know on a day-to-day level who are named Madonna or Beyonce or even Cheryls who go by Cher?

    And, somehow, her clothing choices are similarly blah. The cuts are nice, in that they are the correct size for her body and I’m not concerned that any of them might offer NSFW content, but all the neutrals and boring accessories are, well, boring.

  14. Harrybythebeach

    She should just change her last name to “Who?”

  15. Ann

    It’s too bad that there was no red carpet for the rest of the X Factor arena auditions, because she looked super fab.

  16. JenLWB

    She’s definitely famous/notorious enough in the UK at least to pull off Just Cheryl.

    By the time you’re on your 3rd surname of your professional career (4 if you include the double-barreledness) then you might as well stick to the first names if you ask me. Cheryl Tweedy-Cole-Fernandez-Versini is kind of a cheap version of a dynasty name even if the last 2 seem to class it up a little!

  17.  HelenBackAgain

    While it’s a pretty name, “Cheryl” doesn’t shout “personal brand” to me. I don’t think it’s a good idea.

    Similarly, the outfits here are, on the whole, rather nice, but unmemorable.

    • julyol1972

      …like the unmemorable person who is wearing them! There’s just not enough interest, or personality there to make “Cheryl” a thing!

  18. Suzy Q

    I have no idea who this person is. Therefore, I would require TWO forms of identification, with photos. And also possibly references.

  19. Jason

    For what it’s worth, she is definitely famous enough in the UK for a mono-moniker. Everyone and their mom knows who Cheryl is there.

  20. Jo

    The last outfit is the best but with jewel coloured shoes.

  21. jen

    I honest-to-goodness do not know who this is.

    • Beth

      Me either. But for me that’s the case with a lot people on Go Fug. My first reaction to a photo of Rita Ora was, “What’s a Rita Ora?”

      That’s what happens when you read “People” only at the nail salon or in a doctor’s office.

  22. Beth

    For the dress in Photo No. 1, strappy red patent sandals. Or maybe bronze, but they’d have to be a very coppery bronze not to just look nude.

  23. Amy

    I really don’t think she’s famous enough in the UK to lose the surname.

  24. Leigh

    She already tried to drop the surname once and it didn’t work.