Random Fugs: Venice Film Festival

I’m going to start referring to this thing as Baby Cannes.

[Photos: Getty, WENN]

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  1. Lynne

    First, I will be very surprised if this evening didn’t end with the Fairy Princess having her boobs deflated with a giant pin or something.

    Also, the Swinton wannabe at the end is bringing some serious attitude with that dress. Are we sure she isn’t Swinton’s apprentice?

    • Ines

      #2 thought the same until is saw the big image. it’s see-through. so: no.

      • Carolina Girl

        I feel you. When I first looked at the picture I thought of her as some sort of palate cleanser after the trussed up boobs and excessive spray tans of the other photos. Until … I realized that it was sheer AND I could definitely tell that she has an outie. UGH!!!

      • lindsay

        i cannot endorse a sheer pelvic girdle + thong on anyone, least of all swinton.

  2. qwertygirl

    Does the SWINTON wannabe dress have a built in navel enhancer, or does she just have a very prominent belly button? Either way, TMI on the navel front. Also TMI on the underwear front. If I can look at your dress and say, “Oh i see, you decided to go with string for this event,” you’re oversharing.

  3. val.

    What has happened to Samantha Morton? She doesn’t even look like herself these days. And what a terrible choice of dresses.

  4. Edith

    When I first saw this post, I thought you were saying that you had decided to call Isabelle Adriani “Baby Cans” and I was going to post that her cans were anything BUT diminutive, and that perhaps you meant “Jumbo Cans” instead…. sigh.

    Samantha Morton is not dressing her new figure well at ALL. She is making herself look boxy and weird, and that doesn’t have to be the case. Also, that hair is terrible on her. Terrible style, terrible color. She is a genuine treasure; someone lend her a stylist, asap.

  5. Anna S.

    The present site, with the Obama ads, makes the mobile version of the site VERY hard to navigate. I like Obama as much as the next democrat, but those ads pretty much killed the site for my phone (motorola android).

    • Jessica

      If you are having technical or ad problems, please EMAIL US. We may not see your comment, but we will see the email, and we can forward it to our tech dudes. Thanks!

    • Edith

      Hey, thank your lucky stars. My ads are about some “new insect infestation” in Tennessee and show a woman’s back covered in what appear to be bedbug sores. Eeeek! I click “go to full site” at the bottom of the page, and it takes care of the issues that might be in the mobile app….

  6. Siobhán

    I can’t decide if Isabelle Adriani went skiing recently or fell asleep by the pool with sunglasses on. But that’s the least of her problems of course.

    *goes off to google those fairy tales*

  7. Amanda

    Those, however, are NOT baby cans.

  8. Kathleen Trail

    Am I the only one who whispers the fabulous Italian names to myself quietly to see how they sound when I say them out loud? Yes?? OK, nevermind then.

  9. Christy

    Is that Marina Abramovic in that photo with Samantha Morton? SWOON.

    • Siobhán

      It is! She’s a jury member apparently.

      • openroses

        Was just jumping on here to say so. And she looks like a very classy Vampira… which is not a knock. (My childhood style icon was Morticia Addams. When I told my stepmom her college yearbook photo looked like Morticia, she didn’t understand that it was a compliment.)

  10. AndersonicTK421

    Holy moly I totally LOL’d at my desk over Isabelle Adriani there.

  11. Sandra

    Oh, ouch! Why would anybody do that to herself? It’s uncomfortable AND unattractive, even if they 100% biological in origin. (Which no, of course I don’t believe)

    • heather

      If they are natural, then that dress is not only painful-looking, but doing her absolutely no favours whatsoever.

  12. Jen

    The Swinton wanna-be’s dress is totally sheer…I don’t know if SHE (The Swin) would be so classless as to show the world her thong and her Brazilian…

  13. Sue

    There is nothing baby about those cans.

  14. Gina

    Looks more like two bald babies nursing under her bodice.

  15. Juanita

    Holy Cow! Is she one of those reality stars from ‘The only was is Essex’? I can’t believe she left the house like that or she hopes to be taken seriously. Why doesn’t she just go NAKED!?

  16. jean

    I love that last dress. Any number of tall actresses would rock that style. Gorgeous.

  17. pantsonfire

    The woman in slides 1 and 2 looks like a mutant Minnie Driver. Maybe some distant relation that was raised in a strip club.

    I think the woman in slide 6 looks absolutely charming. She makes that dress work, probably through sheer personal charm power.

    I actually think I might like the dress in slide 8. It has a fun modern eighties vibe to it with the pink, white, and black. But hate the aggressive slit leg thrusting.

  18. LindenLovesFashion

    I could see Honey Boo Boo [Child] in this some day – White Trash Goes Boobtacular.

  19. Julie M

    Samantha Morton is only 35. 35! So why does she look 60? Bad choice of dress, makeup and hair. And she’s so very talented.

  20. Elly

    Yeah, FauxTilda really needs to check the sheer midsection bit at the door. The 80s were the pinnacle of my late-teen development and I’m telling you, that is one style series I’m cringing at seeing every where I go. Namely: sheer things, neon, acid wash, page boy…oh the list is endless.

  21. Susan

    Daniela was the only one that I thought looked really, really good. The rest looked like they were trying too hard, and in the end just looked crappy at best.

  22. Jo

    Do boobs have edges? Does silicone? Cause I’d swear I see them on the second photo… My lord, who told that girl the bodice is flattering?

  23. Kyasarin

    The first one looks like she absconded with one of Galinda’s dresses from a production of Wicked, but realized too late that the actress it was made for is six inches shorter and three sizes smaller, but, by that point, the deed was done, so she pulled it up as far as she could and hoped people would be distracted by her false eyelashes.

    If the last one hadn’t been see-through, I’d have liked it. But it was, so I didn’t.

  24. Kathryn

    Does anyone else see the thong and the bellybutton in the last photo???
    Swifton is toooo good for see through dress that shows her thong to the world.

  25. Chrissy

    I also kind of like the clavicle bow. It’s wacky, but it’s not offensive. Sort of a ’60′s vibe to me.

  26. G

    That festival needs a better makeup person. First and fourth woman in this slide show look like reverse pandas with tons of too-light concealer around their eyes.

    (I first wrote “tat festival”. Maybe I should have kept that.)

  27. Vandalfan

    Looked like a gathering of My Gypsy Wedding participants. I did not notice the last one was sheer. Perhaps I’ll just try to remember it as lined.

  28. Bambi Anne Dear

    Someone in mint green is trying to be Donnatella. Pic 1.

  29. Neil

    Fairy Funbags in the first two pics looks like she’s been taking notes from Christina Hendricks in how to mistreat her boobs. And the goggles/sunglasses tan lines around her eyes are very unfortunate.

    Weirdly, i don’t mind the clavicle bow dress either. It looks fun but demure. Although I’m sure it maybe just looks better in comparison with the others.

    I think Samantha Morton is one of those serious, indie-ish actresses who just doesn’t dress well, like Maggie Gyllenhaal or Emily Watson. It’s like they just pick some random dress and don’t care.

  30. madness

    When I saw the last one, I started seeing it as a pantsuit. Wouldn’t SWINTON rock that even harder if it were pants?!

  31. Shoeniverse

    Who transplanted an arse onto that poor girl’s chest and told her that’s how they do breast augmentation?