I mean, what? That coat, when buttoned, appears to read, "Colorado Buffaloes." Intriguing. It's not that I don't buy that a British teen would understand the innate awesomeness of college football; more that I can't figure out how he fell upon the Buffaloes, of all teams. Granted, at this time, they weren't as terrible as they recently became, and in fact won their conference in 2001 (and again after this pic was taken). But do we think Rupert KEPT this coat once CU became cellar-dwellers in the Big 12 (now the Big 10, and the former Big 10 -- which for ages actually had eleven teams -- has become the Big 12), and now that they've defected to the Pac 10 (which is now the Pac 12, and we are going to need a freaking flowchart next season), and are still generally not terribly remarkable except for having some douchey coaches over the years (which is actually ALSO not that remarkable in college football)? We shall have to take this to Twitter, Rupert.
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