Please Explain to Me The Cover: Alexa Chung

Here’s the thing: when you, Vogue UK, need to actually wonder, “What is it” about your cover girl, MAYHAP A COVER GIRL SHE SHOULD NOT BE. I’m just saying. Although the lack of question mark at the end of that phrase makes me think that perhaps Vogue is EXPLAINING WITHIN what, exactly, it is about Alexa Chung that leads editors to, say, put her on the covers of things, and ergo I need to run down to the newstand and plonk out the exorbitant price required to FIND OUT ONCE AND FOR ALL. I mean, she looks fine and all, but WHAT IS THE POINT?

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  1. shnaggi

    Me thinks Alexa is much ado about nothing

  2. labyrinthine

    she looks like a Conehead.

  3. Marte

    Well, according to wikipedia, she’s “contributing editor” there, so maybe she pulled some strings to make people talk about her? I don’t know, I didn’t even know who she was utnil I googled her right now.

  4. mare

    I don’t know what the deal is with her, but I kind of like her hair.

  5. vandalfan

    Pretty dress and necklace. Her cheekbones plus her chin gives her an unfortunately wide, flat visage. I don’t think the shading on her right side is helping a bit.

  6. Jo

    The more I look at the photo, the more I think her head is far too big in comparison to the rest. As if the head was pasted onto the cover in a post production process. I need to check the article, maybe they’re mentioning what is wrong with her head.

  7. Lynn

    I don’t have much of an opinion about her, but I am very curious as to what “cult” sunglasses are.

  8. Gen

    Every time I see her, I just can’t get around the fact that she looks just like my cousin, if my cousin were to become anorexic. Go figure.

  9. LoriK

    I personally know quite a few women who are both more attractive and far more interesting than Ms Chung so I have no idea why she’s supposed to be a thing. What’s more, I don’t care why she’s supposed to be a thing. I certainly don’t care enough to pay the ridonkulous price for Vogue UK in hopes of finding out.

    Shorter me: Can’t help ya.

  10. Steph

    I like how there is a cover story about Asian supermodels, none of whom were “super” enough to get on the cover of a fashion magazine. I miss models modeling. Le sigh.

  11. Veronica

    Don’t you love how the fashion industry is falling all over itself about how it’s embracing Asian models and culture and OMG ISN’T IT WONDERFUL HOW NOT RACIST WE ARE? DON’T YOU LOVE OUR NOT-RACISM? Buy our magazine so we can tell you about how much we love blacks and Asians and everybody non-white on the inside, but in the meanwhile, how about you just look at this pretty white lady on the front cover?

    Ah, and I just saw Steph’s comment above mine. Well, I’m glad it’s not just me.

    (Psst…somebody really jacked up the photoshopping here. Her head is obviously not attached to that neck.)

  12. Maire

    Jeez, certain amount of virtriol towards Alexa Chung here. Is she really any more pointless than the majority of celebrities these days?

  13. G

    How about this:
    What is it about Alexa Chung? Why doesn’t she comb her hair, even for a Vogue photo shoot?

  14. anny

    Conehead, bobblehead – whichever one has ears that are wider than its shoulders, that’s the one I mean.

  15. Valerie

    LOL. REVELATION: Cover the upper part of her face and she’s basically Kristen Stewart in this shot!!

  16. shebrihart

    Maybe it’s supposed to say ‘What IT is about Alexa Chung’, and thus Vogue UK explains it to us? Typo perhaps? If that’s the case, me thinks somebody is gonna get FIRED!

  17. kirsty

    i’m not a big fan of alexa but for the people making a point about the asian supermodels not being on the cover, she is half chinese.

  18. Marmot

    For me, it’s always been a “Donna Chang” thing….

  19. Marmot

    Whoops! Just saw kristy’s comment. I take mine back then.

  20. Flora

    I think she is gorgeous. I don’t love this picture of her, but that is the photographers’ fault hehehe!

  21. Sandra

    Pretty girl, cute dress. Have no idea what she does.

  22. Kristi

    Pretty girl, but the picture makes her look like a bobble head.

  23. Amy

    She’s not “half-Chinese.” I mean, she’s not just half a person, like a torso with arms and a head but no legs. She’s biracial; one parent is Asian (Chinese) and the other is white (British). So she is considered an Asian supermodel, which is why they’re talking about Asian supermodels on the cover.

  24. Annie E

    She’s not a supermodel, and I HIGHLY doubt she is considered an Asian model.

  25. Bambi Anne Dear

    I think the lack of punctuation is to do with both the right alignment and the fact that there’s none anywhere else on the cover. Except betwee the 4 and the 1. At least she looks a bit better for and “It” girl (as I heard she is described in the UK) than she has on previous GFY pages.

  26. Abby

    Haha, I was also going to say she’s not half-Chinese, but I have no problem with the term itself (I’m full Chinese and am about to birth a half-Chinese, half-Caucasian baby myself). I was just speaking from pure pedantry — her father is 3/4 Chinese, so she’s actually 3/8 Chinese and 5/8 Caucasian.

    Which I mention just to note why she has green eyes, which is something I keep telling my husband is ostensibly IMPOSSIBLE for our child to have, no matter how Anglo-Saxon his genes may be.

  27. Sherri

    I’m with Lynn up there — what the ‘eck are “cult” sunglasses? Cover Girl doesn’t do much for me either way. She looks fairly normal

  28. zizzy zizz

    Seriously, Fug Girls? You think she looks fine? How in the world did you miss the fact that her head has been expanded to twice its normal size? Disappointed.

  29. Lina

    Yeah, sorry Vogue. You’re still failing to convince me that she’s relevant. She’s vaguely pretty, but how is she important to the world and why are you trying to sell us on her?

  30. fritanga

    I must look on the bright side: at least it’s not Boobs Legsley’s mug up there. Chung is marginally less annoying than Lively so I guess I should be thankful for small favors. However, they are almost equally pointless in their “fame.”

  31. Dana

    I hate her SOOO much, she is basically my nemesis. It started because I’m an Arctic Monkeys fan, but it grew more venomous because she is so damn annoying.

  32. Sugar

    I was helping a Special Olympian make a potted plant craft, and when I told her the plants were just green, and wouldn’t grow flowers, she responded in verbal Caps Lock “WHAT IS THE POINT”

    Which is actually a pretty apt comparison to this cover. So thanks for that. :D

  33. Missy

    She has a lollipop head.

  34. Vern

    This is not the greatest picture of Alexa Chung, but there are plenty of great pictures out there. I love her. Her hair, her wacked outfits, her jewelry, her purses, her madewell stuff. I think she has great individual style. I’ve always loved that she wears whatever she wants, and her outfits look like her, not like some stylist decked her out in whatever trendy crap is happening.

  35. Steffi

    Her head hasn’t expanded. The photographer is not to blame. If you look at other pictures of her, she really looks like that. LOL

    It’s not that I don’t like Alexa Chung, I’m just indifferent because she doesn’t seem interesting as a celebrity. Plus that girl needs to eat a cheeseburger! o_o

    (That wasn’t fat girl’s envy. I’m slim to average. And an Asian who is mystified about why a supermodel’s race has to be specified. Supermodels come in all shapes, colors and one size [0].)

  36. Steffi

    Oh, she’s a contributing editor for British Vogue. That explains the cover.

  37. Angela De Felice

    Please, she’s a PJ. Do you know who does belong on British Vogue, or any Vogue for that matter?? A MODEL. Any model will do. When are we going to do away with these celebrity cover-shots? When are we going to get back to the business of fashion people in the fashion business… I’m not mad, btw… just getting a little impatient!

  38. Dru

    Angela – Vogue UK actually DOES put models on its covers in pretty high rotation, not every edition of Vogue is like the American one (except for India, whose cover girls are always Bollywood stars- and they REALLY SUCK at modelling)

  39. Bernd Meier

    totally agreed with dru

  40. Geemee

    Like mare, I dig the hair. Her lips look dry as hell, tho.

  41. Silver Girl

    THANK YOU thank you thank you for bringing this one up! When the issue dropped on my mat last month it just made me toss it on the floor and wonder whether I should even bother to read it. So very underwhelming, though not as awful as last October’s candy pink Cheryl Cole cover…

    Oh, and we British have no idea what Alexa Chung is for either.

  42. bonnie

    She has a rock star boyfriend. Ergo she’s famous.

    Or according to these comments not so famous.

    And I’m not so sure Alex Turner is a rock star any more. I mean the first Arctic Monkeys album was great and the rest have been, um, not great. (Being nice here)

  43. Thomas

    Is anyone having flashbacks to Esquire’s Allegra Coleman ? At least Alexa Chung sounds more like a real name. They could have called her Claritin Columbia. Or Benadryl Northface.

  44. maryse

    i just googled her. she’s much cuter in other photos. she looks weird here and a little dull.

  45. Faye

    I defy even Albert Einstein himself to come up with a good explanation as to why Alexa Chung is such an “it girl.” Stop trying to make her happen, England!

    Also, as a Vogue subscriber, I had to laugh at the magazine’ s continued trend of stating the obvious as if it was some cutting-edge discovery. “The arrival of the Asian supermodels” – um, China is now the world’s most profitable center for luxury brands, Asia the most profitable continent, and many designers are having shows in China — but Vogue says Asian models are just arriving? I think they’re here, Vogue.

  46. Flippy Doodle

    For those who are thinking that her head is looking too big because of crappy photoshop, do a Google Image search for her. Her head is really that big, you can even tell in full length photos.

    Also, she is half Chinese Brit and half white Brit. Although she has Brit citizenship (born there, family born there), so I have no idea how she can be considered an Asian supermodel. She’s not even a model of any sort, just a TV personality or something. Her name pops up all over Brit papers all the time, but I still cannot fanthom WHY…

  47. Veronica

    I wasn’t aware that Alexa had Chinese ancestry, so I apologize on that note; my complaint was inspired by an irritation at the fashion industry as a whole right now. It seems backhanded to talk about the “arrival” of Asian models, especially since we’re talking about a geography that contains nearly a third of the world’s total population, and instead of giving the cover to an actual Asian supermodel, we give it to…Alexa Chung? I have no personal problem with her on the cover in theory, but if we’re going to suggest that her Asian ancestry creates a context for talking about Asian supermodels…well, that has some pretty uncomfortable implications, doesn’t it? Why does a non-white ethnicity require a context? Here’s the past year’s worth of UK Vogue covers: Just how many of those covers do you see with non-white or predominantly Caucasian women?

    It’s not that I have a personal problem with Alexa Chung or even the specific issue of using biraciality as a potential segue into race dialogue. I just find it disheartening to see the fashion industry as a whole latch onto it and say, “This is good enough.”

  48. Slm

    Vogue UK is awful at the moment, as epitomised by the fact that Alexa woman has been on the cover twice in recent times.

  49. katie

    she’s pretty big in the UK, like, i don’t understand how you can be like, what’s the point of alexa chung? what is the point of half the celebrities out there? i mean, it’s not like any of them are out there saving the world. Alexa Chung is someone prominent on the English fashion scene, she’s a DJ, she’s a model. Go Fug Yourself has written several things on Kate Middleton for god’s sake; because SHE’S done so much. all she did was marry someone. at least alexa chung does it herself. she’s like most celebrities out there, it’s just that she’s not big in america

  50. Deadlyjelly

    Her head looks about three times too large

  51. Pamela Jessen

    Why is her head so freakin’ large??? Are they trying to advertise brains over beauty? I’d like to know what it is about Alexa Chung too….because that head definitely needs an explanation.

  52. Jax

    Not the best picture of Alexa Chung, but I do admire her style.

  53. Carmen

    Finally! Thank God FINALLY had the guts to say it! I don’t get the “hype” about Alexa Chung (I don’t even think there’s a REAL hype -hence the quotations- except for a couple of editors), she has done nothing, if you REALLY think about it, she doesn’t really has a distinct style (sorry but it’s true, Kirsten Dunst has been dressing like that for *ages*, and anyone who checks this page regularly KNOWS that’s not exactly a compliment .:), the fact that the powers that be proclaim her an “It” girl is irrelevant, she’s not even jolie-laide to pull the mystique off, she’s just ‘laide’, period…I mean at least other non-worthy celebutantes/fame-whores have the looks, hotness or at least the scandal to back it up (Kim Kardashian is trashy as hell, but she IS beautiful…and she worked her *ahem* butt off in that porn vid). But Alexa Chung???!!! I don’t get it. The question mark SHOULD have been present at that cover. Thank you Fug-girls, thank you for shouting: THE EMPEROR HAS NO “IT”!!! PS. And no, I can’t use the word “empress”, we’re talking about Alexa Chung for chrissakes!