Played, Anne and Hugh and Amanda

I’m sure these three are tired, but it’s the Walk of Fame! So what if the stars are bought and paid for; it’s still kind of fun (I assume) to have your name on the ground.

Seyfried actually looks adorable in the boots and tights and trench; Jackman looks strangely rumpled, as if he just woke up an hour ago and still hasn’t quite shaken off the whiskey. And Anne Hathaway… is also there. Her hair looks great, but the dress apparently does not take kindly to things like “sitting down” and so it gives off the aura of having fallen off the hanger in the dress bag and nobody had a steamer. So it’s not… all bad? But it’s not the knockout I wanted. Hopefully they’re saving that for a big Los Angeles Les Mis event at which everyone will look suitably glam and/or winged.

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  1. holly

    WTH Jackman? It’s freezing outside!!!

  2. b

    Alternating between the hot wolverine look and the stylish red carpet suits: this man ticks ALL the right boxes.

  3. Cucina49

    I am seriously coveting Amanda’s coat–she looks adorable. Any ideas on who made it?

  4. sarah

    I think Anne looks swell. There are pictures of her wearing the cutest sunglasses that serves to confirm your assertions that everyone looks better with sunglasses.

    Amanda looks awesome and that outfit is so wearable.

    Hugh – perfect as always.

  5. Rayna

    Amanda looks pretty sharp.

    As for Anne, maybe a day comes when she simply can’t face wearing something cracked out, cut out, backless, droopy, or studded with pearls, and just wants a nice, simple, decent looking dress.

    I’m OK with that.

  6. glee

    I am a bit over “everyone looks better with sunglasses. It’s totally: “Everyone looks better with Hugh Jackman.” Le sigh.

  7. Kate

    @Cucina49 Apparently it’s Burberry.

    • Cucina49

      Thanks! I probably can’t afford it, but I can dream.

      • Helen

        If it makes you feel any better, Seyfried didn’t get the sleeves tailored, and should have. They’re about a foot too long.

  8. amys

    Fab, fab, and fab!

  9. annie

    I can’t get a really good look at her boots but Seyfried looks like she is going to tip forward. The heels are just a bit too much.

  10. Sandra

    I am quite okay with Hugh looking like he just tumbled out of bed. It allows for hours of day-dreamy fun imagining that it was mine. :D

  11. Kathleen F.

    I like Anne’s dress and hair, but she looks COLD. Amanda has the right idea with the tights and coat–and wow, that is a GREAT coat. grr, I hate temps in the forties!

  12. pantsonfire

    Amanda looks tremendous. Talk about nailing a look. As for Anne, I am a wee bit torn. I am just so relieved when she doesn’t try to do something that involves her mugging mercilously for the camera and attempting overly dramatic, avant garde fashion that’s beyond her mien that I’m willing to accept garments that are mediocre at best. I know. I’m so mean. But I will say that I love the collar detailing with the little studs or whatever they are. I just don’t think the fit of this dress is that great. Also, as cute as her hair is, she needs her long hair to balance out the fact that she has, perhaps, the smallest head I have ever seen on a grown-up woman.

    • Aisling

      Wow, I agree about the head–it’s approaching Demi Moore proportions, and that’s saying something.I’d love to see those 2 standing next to Oprah Winfrey.

  13. Big Noise

    Agree with Amys — except that I would have said Hugh was “fabbest” of all. Swoon!

  14. H.C.

    that top button on Jackman’s shirt is holding on for dear life… and I’m sure most wouldn’t mind more pecs to show.

  15. Mary

    I prefer my Hugh without that whiff of G. Butler, thankyouverymuch.

  16. Helen

    They do all look tired (and I think Jackman IS hung over), but also nice and well put together. And hey, some things just wrinkle. No one’s completely immune, for all that it might seem so at times!

  17. Bella

    I think bare legs in the winter look ridiculous. Amanda looks appropriate with the tights.

  18. 7Kellx

    I think they all look great! Hugh needs a shave but Anne and Amanda’s hair look gorgeous.

  19. Nanc in Ashland

    I do love a man with chest hair . . .

  20. Vandalfan

    Anne’s dress is too large, as shown by other photos. The belt is resting on her hips, not cinching her waist.

  21. Emma

    I saw a documentary once about the nomination process for getting a Hollywood star. It turns out anyone can nominate them, but the stars themselves and their management have to submit their written approval WITH the application. For this reason, most of the time the agents are the ones nominating their clients, which basically amounts to celebrities ASKING for their own stars. It sort of ruined the mystique for me, especially when celebrities routinely gush about how they were so surprised and honoured by the recognition.

  22. Bottle Ginger

    Does any woman alive look good in those standup cylindrical collars?

    Short-necked women look hunched in them, broad-shouldered women look beefy, full-chested women look hefty, etc. Even Anne Hathaway, who is slim and fine-boned and posessed of a genuine swan neck… looks pencil-necked and bobbleheaded because of the collar. Boycott the cylindrical collar, girls, it looks terrible on you!

    PS: Seyfried looks so fab I even forgive the booties even though I hate booties. Such a fab little coat – want, need, must have!

  23. Esme

    Anne looks like a small-town librarian at a funeral.

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