People’s Choice Awards Well Played: Allison Williams


Right on cue: Fug Nation just discussed whether Allison’s Very Very Pretty Yet Safe styling choices were getting boring, and then she served us this at the PCAs:

Let’s start at the bottom: She picked GREAT shoes to go with this. Where I suspect, most people would’ve punted with plain white pointy-toed heels, she found shoes that tie into the outfit, yet also make themselves distinct. It’s a creative use of neutrals. And the dress itself is equally well-chosen; it makes me think of a giant wearable musical instrument. She probably set herself up for a lot of pick-up lines from horndogs offering to tune her, strum her, or pluck her, but: worth it. She also picked a good show to try and funk it up a little – if it works, great, and if it doesn’t, well, it’s just the People’s Choice Awards, so she could reboot in Safe Mode for the next one. No need for that, though, Allison; keep it coming and let’s see what you’ve got, okay?

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Comments (13):

  1. Jeannine

    YES. This is the kind of dress she should always be wearing. It fits the Audrey/Grace aesthetic she seems to be going for while still being very modern. Plus, great shoes, great fit and no princess-y updo! This is an A+ In my book.

  2. qwertygirl

    As good and tasteful as Malin Akerman’s was bad and tacky. When there’s a headline that reads, “Malin Akerman Shows Off Her Boobs at People’s Choice Awards on the Red Carpet,” you need to be looking around to take inspiration from those who are clearly nailing it. Look no further than this.

  3.  Julia

    She looks amazing. I’m not totally sold on the hair, but everything else about this is excellent.

  4.  TaraMisu

    Fabulous!! And I covet those shoes.

  5. Jules

    Love it!

  6. Lisa

    Love the dress and shoes. The hair is puzzling.

  7. Jenz

    She looks great – I love this dress and so glad she didn’t nude-shoe it.

  8. Terri Watson

    I like everything but that mess of a belt. Looks like something you wear on your head during a CT scan. What!

  9.  HelenBackAgain

    It’s great, for its intended spring/summer season. It looks silly in January.

  10. buttercup

    Sorry, I just can’t. She just blahs everything she wears. Like, she was that cheerleader and prom queen in high school who never did anything more interesting than that with her life. And her smile is always begging me to love her. And I don’t.

  11. Sallie T

    Even though I want to hate her for being gorgeous and privileged, she (almost — that flesh toned leather dress haunts me) always looks great and manages to not come across as GOOP-ily self-infatuated. And while some may kvetch that her choices tend to be “safe,” I find them a refreshing change from the avalanche of cheesy, vacuous, unflattering stunt-couture out there in Red Carpet-land.

  12. Sajorina

    FABULOUS! Both the dress & shoes are a WIN! Covet those shoes, damn it!

  13. nadia

    I like it. For someone ten years older.

    Maybe with much shorter hemline this would do something for me, but I’m bored.