People’s Choice Awards Fug or Fab: Sandra Bullock


At first I was like, “Wait, is that Lauren Graham?”

Not that it matters; I just thought I’d share. Sandy here got some kind of career award at the PCAs, and nothing about this ensemble suggests to me that she was particularly enamored of this idea. It’s kind of… fine? But also feels picked off a rack at the last second, lazily hemmed partway with a pin (seriously, WHAT is happening around her right knee?), and donned with a shrug and the thought, “Whatever. It’s TV no one watches.”

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[Photo: WENN]

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  1. juliannarose

    if it was only 6 inches shorter…

    • Emma

      I don’t think the length is the issue. It looks like she’s wearing three different outfits. The pink suede party shoes, the pin-striped business skirt that she shortened with hem tape at the last minute, and the bodice from a formal gown. I kind of love Sandra Bullock, and I feel like everything she wears should be amazing, if for no other reason than to shame Jesse James for turning his back on a woman who is worth 10 of any of his other girlfriends.

  2. Allie

    My first thought was “damn Sandy looks good!”
    My second thought was “get Sandy some better shoes!”

    • Infoqueen

      My first thought was, “Damn, Fran Drescher looks good!”
      My second thought was just…”Damn!”

      • Vandalfan

        Yes, the outfit’s fine, OK, but the HAIR! To whom does that belong?

  3. Liz

    I’d like it a whole lot better if it were a few inches shorter and she had on fab blue shoes.

    • Helen

      Exactly! That’s all it would take. I think this is an easy Unfug.

      • Sandala

        Its that wanky ‘new length’ again. It makes your legs look like tree stumps.

  4. lilywise

    She looks great, if a bit like Fran Drescher to me (I think it’s the way her hair is framing her face.) This woman is 48 years old. So Wow. But I object to the sloppy hem and the general vibe of “I really don’t care about this” — it all feels half-hearted.

    • Sarah

      I totally thought this was Fran Drescher, and Fran Drescher looking pretty great. Even knowing it’s Sandy, still looks more like Fran to me.

  5. K

    The award was for the humanitarian work she did with the Warren Easton Charter High School in New Orleans, which was devastated after Hurrican Katrina. Walgreens also gave 100,000 to the school last night, so I’m sure she did care.

  6. lindad

    It wasn’t really “some kind of career award.” It was a humanitarian award, which isn’t something I think should be casually tossed off like that, as it’s for good deeds not box office. That being (pompously) said, I think the dress is whack.

  7. maryse

    facially she looks gorgeous.

  8. Megan

    She looks good, but yeah, this is a total “I’m wearing this because it’s the only clean thing I could find.”

  9. Adriana

    It looks too mismatched – I love a pinstripe in the daytime, but solid black or blue would have worked better. I would have also liked a blue or purple shoe, at the risk of looking too matchy-matchy.

  10. TonyG

    Who knew Bullock could be a doppelganger for Fran Drescher! I am tickled as I love both of them. The dress, not so much.

  11. llism

    Face and hair are gorgeous, top and shoes are fine, but that skirt is dreadful. It looks cheap AND poorly hemmed AND ill-fitting. Yikes.

  12. Sandra

    She is capable of so much more. This is a black satin beach cover-up over a 50′s-inspired swimsuit. And she got those shoes from the dress-up box at my mother’s house. They’re the ones my brother wore that time he starred in Greater Tuna with a local community theater troop.

  13. Emily Rang

    I seriously hate the shoes that she has on… I can’t even get over them enough to look at what she is wearing…

  14. anna s.

    Hair and makeup are good, but the dress itself looks almost matronly to me. Come on, Sandy! You can wear stuff that’s way younger and sexier than this! The length is all wrong, it’s badly fitted in this photo (if a dress is badly fitted whenever you move your legs more than two inches apart, you may want to consider getting the dress refitted), and you really need a kicking pair of blue or grey shoes to match with the blouse of the dress instead of a pair of lame WTF in pink.

    You can do better, Sandy. We’ll count this as a dress rehearsal for the big awards shows, but on Oscar night, you’d better be fabulous!

  15. Carl

    I immediately said “It’s Fran Drescher.” I like Fran so that’s not an insult. Just a little weird to see Sandra that way.

    I think the skirt is poorly fitted and I don’t like the pumps. The top part is sort of interesting though.

  16. Willow

    This looks like one of the things that gets made during Project Runway’s now annual “Design For The Working Woman” challenge and I spend the entire hour wondering where the Hell this woman is working.

  17. Hima

    Hate the shoes, but like the rest of the outfit. Her face and hair look great, and yes, I also think she looks like Fran Drescher. Overall, would be an A without those tacky shoes.

  18. Kit

    If it were hemmed better, I’d like it *very* much. It’s pretty but casual and she looks like her usual nice, relaxed self – which is appropriate, as you say for “tv that doesn’t get watched”.

  19. ak

    Well. She’s beautiful and impressive. Can we give her a pass? This looks like she was having one of those days when nothing sat right and the tags on everything were bothering her skin, so she said, FINE, jammed on the dress that irritated her least, and left the house. Er, not that I’ve ever gone to work like that.

    • Esme

      Oh please, this monstrosity shouldn’t even be in her house, unless her great aunt left it there. And she WISHES she were anywhere as cute as Lauren Graham. Fran Drescher, yes.

  20. Hadley

    That thing is disgusting; she should be ashamed.

  21. Roosje

    I think she did care as, if my memory serves me correctly, this was a one off Vera Wang piece. Perhaps she didn’t want to look overly glamourous seen as she was collecting the award for her humanitarian work and she wanted that fact to be the most important thing?

  22. deee

    Sandra needs a teenage daughter to check her out before she leaves the house. The daughter will look at Sandra and then barely shake her head back and forth. The daughter’s facial expression will be full of pity with a tiny bit of disdain. Sandra will scurry back to her closet, vowing to never wear the outfit again.

  23. Bella

    If the dress was hemmed properly to right below the knee and she had better shoes, it would all be good. Those shoes are horrid!

  24. mauxxo

    In order to be more flattering on her, the skirt needs to be fuller and long enough to bury those atrocious shoes.

  25. Saerah

    Dang! I voted yes -stands for: yes, you’re absolutely right. I don’t like the outfit, actually, and while the shoes are gorgeous, they don’t seem to fit with the rest of the outfit. I think.

  26. Pamb

    Since she hasn’t been out much on the ‘scene’, and is filming a movie right now that she will have to promote, you’d think she would have been interested in bringing it.

    It looks like “eh, I’m only here because my agent told me I had to be. I picked up the dress from the dry cleaners without trying it on. My shoes make no sense!”

  27. Sarah

    The length of the dress makes her look really stumpy. I like everything from the waist up though.

  28. house mouse

    Hate the length, hate the shoes, and her hair is way too heavy for her face. It needs some highlights or something? She’s looking very goth.

  29. Sajorina

    Yes, I like it! She looks BEAUTIFUL! It is a good choice to wear to the PCAs, which are not that serious! Plus, I want me those bubblegum pink shoes! FAB!!! By the way, as much as I love my dear Lorelai Gilmore, she rarely looks this well-put together!

  30. fritanga

    I thought this was Fran Drescher at first glance. Not a compliment.

  31. Jules

    I had to do a double take.
    I thought she was wearing bedroom slippers.

  32. gryt

    I thought I was looking at Fran Drescher.

  33. Lily1214

    At first look, I didn’t realize this is Sandra Bullock.