People’s Choice Awards Fug or Fab: Miley Cyrus

When I first saw this, I was like, “HELLO, it’s illusion netting! Strap on your blades and don’t pull your tights over them, Fug Nation, because it’s time for some salchow jokes.” And then something unusual happened: I didn’t hate it. And then something ELSE happened: I kind of hated it again. It was a roller-coaster. It’s an emotional Space Mountain up in here. Come with me and see for yourselves.

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  1. Annie E

    Look at her, wearing a dress that fits and everything. I would indeed like it without those awful sheer panels on the thigh. Maybe she should dial back the eyelashes, though. She looks kind of insane.

  2. Melody

    I suspect we should be really grateful you didn’t show us the rear view of that outfit.

  3. Nicole

    I liked it until I saw the sheer panel that began immediately under her derriere. NO! She’s like early Beyonce, where one weird detail totally ruins an otherwise interesting and fashionable outfit.

    • witjunkie

      Yes! WHY do they do that? Why can’t they leave well enough alone? And then why do people wear it?

  4. Kit

    when I saw the third slide I literally said out loud “…the….FUG?”

    Are there words? Are there? Words? …

  5. Stephanie

    Her hair and make look good here.

  6. Stefanie

    I don’t love the bottom, but I am enjoying the top – illusion netting and all.

    And I’m glad to see her looking happy, healthy and not whorey.

    I also like that she isn’t all washed out like everyone else on the carpet!

  7. PinkieBling


  8. thebutlerdidit

    She looks fantastic! I’m going to guess you are feeling grumpy this a.m., and I’ll go with the rest of the internet who thinks this is her best red carpet, ever. Shouldn’t you be at least supporting that?? BTW, if you think this is bad, I hope you have pepto (and if you don’t, there’s a pepto dress coming up!) because there were some realllly bad dresses last night.

    • Heather

      But I don’t think it’s her best red carpet ever — why should I agree with that just because a lot of the Internet says so? I think she’s looked better.

      Also, I already wrote about the pink dress, AND I think if you read the post I was actually pretty nice about parts of this dress. If you think THIS is me being crabby then STRAP IN because you will probably hate me by day’s end.

      • Kit

        If you think THIS is me being crabby then STRAP IN because you will probably hate me by day’s end.

        Ooooooh! *claps hands*

        I can’t wait! :)

      • thebutlerdidit

        Nah, I’ve been reading you for years. I just honestly was shocked because I can’t think of another red carpet that’s come close, unless it was that Herve Leger she wore some time back, and that was still in the “trailer park extension/perma-slump shoulders” days. I was hoping she’d see everyone’s encouragement and actually dress like someone with $120 mil, but maybe I needed the coffee, because I think I was trying to dream her out of her redneck sensibilites and white trash wardrobe. In the past I did a good bit of charity PR work with her and BR, and I genuinely liked them both very much. Easily the nicest celebs I ever dealt with, and very down-to-Earth, not like some that were insane, *cough* Julia Roberts and Ashley Judd *cough, cough*. I guess I hope she succeeds the gene pool and the Disney machine and proves everyone wrong, you know?

  9. missmare

    horrid. oh comments on the dress? really really awful.

  10. Hannah

    HOWEVER, we need a better shot of her shoes because I think I might need to steal them immediately.

  11. Grape Friend

    I liked it more than anything I’ve seen her in but mostly hair/mu. That stuff on the bottom is hein and dumb.

  12. Lynne

    I…don’t understand what’s happening. Do those plasticy bits light up? Is there a switch on the dress somewhere? Why did this dress happen?

    • wtfnyc

      I’m with Lynne — unless there is a switch somewhere that makes the plastic-y bits light up, Katy Perry-style, this dress is pointlessly tacky and horrible. And she was doing so well from the front, too…

      Also, can I please mention how much I HATE the dumb mermaid hair that seems to be ALL OVER the red carpet lately (you can see it here and on Poseur Extraordinaire Lea Michele, as well). What IS that?? Is it really a thing? Can it not be? I honestly think I’d prefer the *other* kind of mermaid hair — the hair-as-boob-cover look (think Madison in “Splash”) — on the red carpet to this all-to-one-side nonsense.

  13. Amy

    The shoes are kind of great. The dress is completely awful. And her boobs look fantastic. They make me wish I’d known that gravity would come for mine eventually and that I’d worn more outfits like that (in terms of boob showage, not whatever the hell is happening on the bottom part of the dress) when I was her age.

  14. Chasmosaur

    Honestly? I blame the designer. I mean, there will always be a young woman with more money than taste who thinks this is okay. A person who designs clothes should know better than to include that stupid sheer panel in the back of what is otherwise a nice little dress.

  15. Jacquilynne

    The bodice is nice. The back including both the sheer panel and the weird plasticy bits — and how don’t those hurt when you sit down? — is terrible.

    • daisy

      Totally what I was thinking.

      • JanetP

        Me too!

      • TereLiz

        Exactly! They look super uncomfortable to sit on, in addition to being unnecessary. The front of the dress looks great, her hair and makeup don’t look trashy, and the shoes are fab. But the plastic bits are heinous!!

  16. TonyG

    I want to be Miley Cyrus (almost typed Milus Cyrey!) just for one night so I could taste some of that arm candy she’s been having lately!

    Oh, the dress?: I am on board, without the backside illusion netting. I even like the rainbow Fortress of Steel trim.

  17. Christian

    I really, really want to hate it. I feel like I should hate it, but for some reason I don’t. I think it’s because the rainbow whathaveyous at the bottom of the fortress of solitude illusion netting somehow remind me of a cupcake liner, and…I really want a cupcake? I don’t know. I’m tired. Her hair and makeup look nice aside from the awful awful eyelashes.

  18. LG

    Sorry, I can’t hear you over her GIANT FAKE BOOBS.

  19. Kristan

    Ditto Chamosaur 110%.

    Also, is that Liam in the 3rd shot?? They’re still together, right? But where did all that facial hair come from?! He looks way fuzzier from the side than the front!

    (I had to go back and look at the Liam/Jennifer post to compare the outfits and verify his identity.)

  20. Deborah Stultz

    Does she not shave her armpits?????

  21. Lori

    Girlfriend needs someone to teach her how to apply mascara without it going all clumpy.

  22. yeahandalso

    OMG I hate it so much. I too was on board in the first slide but then in the second I spied that rainbow fugery and could not abide by it, then the sheer panel was revealed…yikes

  23. Julia

    Take out the sheer panel at the back, and the drippy napkins at the front, and I’m completely on board. In fact, I didn’t like this UNTIL I saw the rainbow Kryptonite.

  24. vandalfan

    I saw a different photo and said to myself, “That’s the best I’ve ever seen her look! Atta gir…” and then the skirt was revealed, and I was all “Assflap central! All hands on deck! We have an emergency!” But just lose the front napkin detail, make one single proper non-see through hemline, then decorate it with the rainbow crystals and she could look great, albeit in an Ice Capade-y way.

  25. Sandra

    Shouldn’t Billy Ray’s little girl know that the mullet goes in THE BACK??

  26. Ken

    Is anyone EVER going to teach her anything about posture? The hunchback look is not flattering.

  27. melanie

    I love those little colorful plastic things on the bottom, but the dress needs to make up its mind what it wants to do, because when she turns sideways, the front of the dress and the back of the dress look like two different dressed that got stuck together.

  28. jocelyn

    I’m not sure what this says about me, but the first thing I thought about when I saw the plastic details was how uncomfy it would be to sit on them all evening. And imagine the plastic indents you would end up with on the back of your legs…

  29. delpheena

    how can you say “rainbow cryptonite” like it’s a bad thing?! that sounds awesome. this? not so much.

  30. Dazie

    The bodice is nice.

    The rainbow cryptonite is fun.

    The rest? blech.

  31. witjunkie

    At first I thought it was a sort of modern take on the Marilyn halter, and I LOVE ivory, but the rest of it? So. Weird.

  32. jem1112

    Am I the only person who’s a little bit thrown to learn that salchow is spelled salchow and not sow cow???

    Oh…and the dress would be adorable if only the skirt just continued round the rear. Also, it seems like it would be soooo uncomfortable to sit in with those plastick things popping out!!

    • vandalfan

      Named after famed Swedish skater Ulrich Salchow, who invented the leap in 1909. (NO, I was not there at the time!)

  33. alter_ego

    I needed an option that said,
    “As much as I hate to admit it, I actually like this.”

    Huh… who knew?

  34. shruti

    her hair is how ombre was supposed to look unlike the monstrosity drew barrymore had on her head

  35. amy t.

    1. How the hell does she sit down without breaking off the little plastic blades?!?

    2. So. I’m forced to conclude she brought a dish towel to drape over her seat. She did do this. See: the front of her dress.

  36. Cranky Old Batt

    Her young, perfect boobs look young and perfect. Other than that, and especially that mess at the hem and back, this dress is puddle of fail.

  37. Chelsea

    I actually really really like the front (which is saying something because I normally find myself in opposition to everything this poor lass does) but I find the back to be the most confusing and aesthetically unpleasant detailing I’ve ever seen on a dress. And I’ve been reading this blog for 3 years, so I’ve seen plenty of confusing and aesthetically unpleasant detailing…

  38. Softwear

    I loved this dress, I thought she looked great. I love the colourful…parts – I think they brought it firmly into “youthful” (okay and yes, slightly crazy but not CRAZEBALLS) territory. I can’t fully get behind the swept to one side hair and I wish she would go short with her hair just BECAUSE. But I really, really loved everything about this dress. It’s no shorter than most.

    • thebutlerdidit

      I saw this pic the other day, and it gave me hope. She looks like a normal teenager having fun with her sis and friend.
      I really don’t want to see another one of them Disney girls go down the toliet. Heck, I was excited to see Britney Spears in shoes AND a bra the other day, and a weave that didn’t look like a scalped alpaca.

  39. crystal

    I don’t know wtf is going on below the waist of this thing, but the bodice is nice. I even like the seam on the illusion netting. It makes it all seem so much more put-together and less like an ice dancing costume, somehow.

  40. Hel

    At least, she ditched the extensions.

  41. themis

    I actually very much like it, even the back view. The whole thing.

    Her eyelashes are crazy, though, and while I like the shoes they’re not quite right with this.

  42. Liz

    She actually looks better than she has in a long time…

  43. dee cee

    More beans and fiber diet fashion bomb venting strikes again..

  44. Claire L

    The bodice of the dress is fabulous. It’s sexy without being sleazy. However, let’s face it, she’s at that age where things tend to stay in place on their own.

    I wish the dress was longer and that nasty sheer panel was gone gone gone. I’ll even accept the funky plastic stuff. It’s colorful, youthful, kinda fun. I adore her nails and shoes having a little matchy/matchy going on. It shows her age in a good way.

  45. pinkcheese

    That third picture looks like Liam(?) is an exasperated dad dragging his overly enthusiastic child out of crafting camp.

    I agree with everyone else about the scary eyelashes, too. And although I’m not wild about the style, her hair looks so shiny and bouncy and healthy!

    • thebutlerdidit

      Her makeup/hair persons are her two best friends, Denika, the girl often in pics with her with the black Winehouse-y hair and big blonde streak, and Cheyne, her gay bestie.I think they are either into some of the tacky, or are too good of friends to just say, NO. She needs a real adult, I’d like to see her after Tim Gunn or the What Not To Wearers got ahold of her. Her skin, hair, and eyes are spectacular in person. Dunno why she insists on those tacky kitchen ass weaves. Nevermind, yes I do. I almost forgot who her mother is!

  46. smoli

    i love it. all of it. head to toe. and i never ever thought i would compliment miss cyrus in such a way in my life.

  47. Miranda

    I really like what this was trying to be! And I don’t hate the rainbow Kryptonite stuff on its own terms, it just needs to be somewhere else. Maybe Christopher Kane can find it a home. Close, Miley, close.

  48. Lavender

    The dress itself is ok, but everything else, not so ok. Too much fake tanner/bronzer, the blonde ombre thing is too brassy, and the nude lipstick color makes her lips disappear into the over-bronzed face.

  49. Sajorina

    Miley Cyrus = Automatic FUG!

  50. Jen

    I’d love it if, instead of going all the way around the back, the sheer part just peeked out of the sides, Rooney Mara style. With the shape & the draping, I think that would look super cool.

    As it is, I still think it’s overall a cute look for her, but it’s a near-miss to awesome.

  51. ChristieLea

    She’s wearing Rainbow Brite’s prom dress and, to complete the 80s homage, she swiped Jem’s metallic stilettoes when the rest of the Holograms weren’t looking.

    And yet somehow, I like the whole thing. Plus, points for the Middletonian hair.

  52. LT

    am I the only one who noticed her unshaven armpit in the 3rd pic of the slide? that threw me off more than the dress

  53. Jen

    I’m just completely won over by the amazing fit and great lines of this dress. yeah, the sheer panel is a wee bit questionable, but I like the rainbow embellishments.

  54. Jenna Horko

    I was just so thrilled she was wearing something pretty and youthful, instead of a muumuu or an animal skull necklace or some other reject from the Janis Joplin collection. In other words: pics 1 and 2 I was thrilled. And then the next 2 slides happened. Aargh! Those have got to be uncomfortable to sit in for a whole awards show. Still, she’s heading in the right direction.

  55. ughh.

    Buissness in the front, party in the back. She obviously never learned from her father making the same mistake.