Paris Fugshion Week: Louis Vuitton

Marc Jacobs is in charge now. He’s been wearing a lot of pajamas lately. You do the math.

Also, in case our technical difficulties derailed you yesterday, here are links to our Valentino and Chanel coverage.

[Photos: Getty; for the whole show and in order, click here for The Cut's slideshow]

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  1. Lauren

    I hate, hate, hate the wig/make-up/dreary facial expression styling on all the models so much I’m finding it hard to form an opinion on the clothes.

    But I’m pretty sure I don’t really like any of them.

    They all like they’d smell like a musty suitcase left at a train station in 1930

  2. Leeann

    I love the furry satchels.

  3. Edith

    If you’re going to put all of your models in identical wigs, can’t you at least get the wigs on their heads properly? They look like they’re coming off in many of these. Also, maybe try for a FLATTERING wig. And I get the theatricality, but on some of these women that heavy eye looks disturbingly like they’ve been beaten.

    I think he did much better in his MARC line than he’s done here. Some nice ideas, but everything looks kind of half-assed – from the wigs on down.

    • bettymac

      The 1987 Eva Gabor wig catalog + horrific bang trims + black Kiwi shoe polish = these wigs. I actually kind of love the clothes, but they would have looked fathoms better with 1930s-inspired hair and makeup.

  4. Carrie

    I really like all the shoes? And that’s all I have to say about that slideshow.

  5. Kat

    Nipple ahoy! Didn’t see that one coming, though I feel like I should’ve.

  6. kpietri

    That has got to be THE most depressing show ever!! Bad, bad hair/make-up. The best thing there were his pajamas.

  7. Samara

    That plaid-sequin ombre coat is delicious, but it would look so much better with real clothes underneath.

  8. Sheila

    In what world is Kate Moss the thickest model on the runway? I really covet some of those coats though. Throw sequins on anything and I wanna wear it.

    • Edith

      She looks downright voluptuous compared to the rest, and I’m not convinced it’s because she’s any heavier….

      • Sarah

        Yes, I thought the trend of extremely thin models was supposed to be waning. Even leaving all the health/role model/etc. issues aside, I actually think a lot of the clothes would look BETTER if they were filled out a bit more. This show was not as bad as some of the others on this front (although that is perhaps just that the clothes were so bad that nothing could have helped).

        • Helen

          Kate Moss is in here?

          That is some really horrendous hair and makeup, when I can’t spot a face THAT famous.

  9. Amberoni13

    I have thoughts and feelings that are distressingly similar to the ones about Stella M’s horrifying show. Lapels ahoy and loungewear, with weird and unfortunate model heads.

  10. Sheila

    Also, slide 12 looks like Cruella Deville in her younger model years. I mean that in the best way. Her cheekbones are amazing!

  11. Stefanie


    I think I’ll go Youtube “Hot in Herre” as a palate cleanser.

  12. Jennifer

    Nip slip, fur, transparent or non-existent dresses: yee gads.

  13. Liz985

    OK, I’ll admit it, I’m confused. I get that shows are all ‘high concept’ and all that, but were these outfits meant to be lingerie or truly outside the bedroom clothes?

  14. Corriner

    Fancy, ugly nightgowns. All of them.

    Also, in what world is a blazer and no bottoms a good idea?

  15. Deek

    Is that Kristen Stewart in slide 3?

    I’m not sure if fusty old nightgowns and too-big man coats dipped in sequins are really my thing though.

  16. Ines

    i loved almost all the coats. and the shoes.

    wigs and make up made the models really ugly.
    and what happened to the legs from cara delevingne in picture 19?

    • Ines

      googled. it’s psoriasis. poor thing.

      • Edith

        Ummm, shouldn’t that preclude her modeling, or at least modeling pantsless? Though maybe scabby legs will be the new heroin chic…

        • Sajorina

          Awwww, she even has a band-aid ready to fall off stuck on her right shoe! That makes me sad, but kudos to her for working through it!

  17. Katie Lynn

    The last slide could be a legitimately gorgeous dress. If, AGAIN, it weren’t SEE THROUGH. When will this madness end? I don’t want to have to start walking out of the house wearing blinders like a horse in case I see nipples through someone’s shirt. That is the next trend; I’m calling it.

  18. AmandaD

    I feel like #26 could be a good dress, if it had a lining. I’m so OVER being intimately acquainted with some celebrity’s underwear and waxing habits. It’s really ok to keep some things a mystery.

  19. anna s.

    It’s amazing how NONE of these silhouettes is inspiring. Seriously, if fashion models can’t make your cuts look good, then I despair for the rest of us poor mortals. No one will be able to wear these outfits and look good.

    How bad does the figure work on these have to be to make stick-skinny girls look like bag-ladies? Step up your game, Vuitton. This entry is worse than mediocre.

  20. cynicalsmirk

    Yawn. An entire collection of nighties, kimonos, slips and bathrobes. I’m ready for a nap. Marc Jacobs keeps with the theme by being tiresome with his pretentious posturing.

  21. Gigi

    You are no Julian Schnabel, Marc! I don’t even think this look works at all with gay guys. The Fat Artiste is definitely a role that requires str8ness.

  22. jen

    I never felt sorry for models until I saw this show. I wonder if they saw the clothes and just wept depression-era tears.

  23. Mel

    The runway design looks like the hallway of a fleabag hotel — as dismal as the depressing clothes.

  24. Art Eclectic

    I covet that dress in #30 WITH A LINING …and better sleeves.

  25. bambi_beth

    I like the shower shoes.

    I thin the models’ facial styling looks like zombie apocalypse ahoy. I thought we were over the zombie apocalypse?

  26. Glimmer Bunny

    I can’t believe you did the whole slideshow without making a single Marla Singer comment… She’d wear the hell out of this collection.

  27. gryt

    Boardwalk Empire.

  28. TonyG

    I presume models are told not to smile on the runway, but these insane asylum faces (with crazy wig accessories) are just so unappealing.

  29. Jen

    The models looks like consumption victims. I liked a few pieces… but honestly, I can live without the Proof of Panties Doctrine that has apparently become so many designers credo. Also, a NSFW warning would have been appreciated. (unless I missed it.. and in that case, apologies).

  30. Helen

    I just don’t think the world needs couture sleepwear with coats to match.

    This just encourages people to go to the store in their pajamas!

  31. Vandalfan

    I love satin and velvet, but these clothes are not meant for public consumption.

    Grammar nazi in me demands an Oxford comma in the sentence ” It’s all about the ombre fur-lined coats, I guess….” because ombre dos not modify fur, it modifies coats.

  32. esther p.

    i saw slide 18, and thought, “overpriced Danskin.”

  33. Laucie

    The make-up and hair is reminiscent of Eddie Izzard’s look from about 15 years ago, minus the charm with which he carried it off. This collection is so beyond ugly, so beyond depressive, it’s a veritable insult to anyone who actually thinks fashion should enhance the wearer.

  34. Bambi Anne Dear

    I was going to make a snide comment about the woollen leotard and then I realised that they probably wore lots of woollen leotards in ballet class before synthetics came in.

  35. Sajorina

    Plaid and sequins are two of my favorite things… Why did Marc Jacobs had to ruined them? I’ve always dreamed of going through life wearing only nightgowns and slippers, but I’m ALWAYS wearing underwear underneath my nighties!

  36. Sandra

    So Wednesday Addams and her sorority sisters all had a really rough Pledge Week, I see.

  37. Ghanimatrix

    This entire show makes me picture Marc Jacobs saying “Pajamas are so FETCH.”

    • Helen

      Marc, stop trying to make pajamas happen! It’s not going to happen! *

      * I hope.

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