Paris Fugshion Week: Dior Spring/Summer 2013

High-fashion booty shorts may be involved. A lot.

[Photos: Getty]

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  1. Sallie T

    Based on the runways shows, there seems to be an epidemic of shapeless neon stupid headed our way.

    • sop

      Drop shoulders, rugby player shoulders, booty shorts, hobbling strapless dresses and neon and pale yellow everywhere.

      And apart from horizontal stripes, very little pattern? I like pattern! Boo!

      But I do like the layering. Pretty dress underneath, net curtain on top.

  2. Eliza Bennett

    #8 for Vanessa Hudgens with horrible pee-mirage denim shorts. Fugstrodamus has spoken.

  3. Jen

    What an interesting combination of gorgeous and cheap-looking fuggery. Some of those dresses were really beautiful. And some of them… vomit.

    I don’t want pointy-toed shoes to come back! Blech.

    • Kit

      I’m sad they’re coming back because last summer, I finally got rid of all my pointy toed fabulousness which I had been holding on to hoping for a comeback.

      ARGH. Just one more year!

      • Chasmosaur

        I have never, ever understood roach-stompers. Ever. I don’t think they do anything for any woman’s feet – kind of like the hooves everyone was wearing for a while.

        That being said – if the toes weren’t quite so pointy? Love the shoes.

        • LibraryChick

          The folks on What Not to Wear try to promote pointy-toed shoes as a way to dress taller and thinner. I think they transform my size 6 1/2 to 7 feet (which are proportionate for my 5’2 1/2″ frame) into clunky ugliness. Unless I magically grow six inches taller overnight, the cutest point-toed shoes just won’t look right on me.

        • Alison

          I’m glad to see them come back. I have pointy feet with a long big toe. With round toed shoes I have to go up at least half a size or I hit off or shoot out the front and even then my toe still ends up hurting or I end up with shoes too big at the heel. Pointy shoes fit me far better.

  4. Kit

    • Love the tops with the booty shorts- over a pencil skirt or stovepipe trousers? Divine.

    • I really like the “Meryl Streep’s daughter” dress – the one on the left. Which is quite odd for me…

    • The “lawyer” dress would get you thrown out of court! It’s not like on tv – a female lawyer here was thrown out for having 3 buttons undone on her white shirt (under her gray, beautifully cut, but boring, suit).

    • Love the Swinton suit on the left. I must have a knock off!

    • I adore the duck bill

  5. Carrie

    The model’s toe on #6 makes me want to cry. Looks so painful.

  6. Amanda

    I think I’m in love with slides 17 & 18. I’m not sure where that attire would be appropriate. But, if I had the money I might buy it and wear it to the grocery store.

    I have not really liked pointy toe shoes in the past. But, I like the ones in this show. Maybe it’s just hoof foot fatigue.

  7. fever

    Love the shoes, especially the ones that are a little different on each foot. So happy to be over the clunky ones.

    Also, this is the thinnest group of models I have seen. They look SOoooo unhealthy.

  8. Amy

    Oh, I cannot EVEN with this obvious return of frosted blue eyeshadow. First at Chanel and now at Dior? No. No no no no no.

  9. A.J.

    Is it just me or are the heels a bit wonkus with those shoes? Like I feel everyone’s seconds away from tripping.

  10. Sandra

    Did Dior and Chanel go halfsies on an order of fierce-faced zombies? I don’t like it any better today. Undeadness might explain the mullet skirt theme as well. It just won’t go away. I’m not quite sure why any woman would choose to wear a proscenium arch with the curtain being raised.

  11. anny

    Wow. I’m underwhelmed. Two or three ideas that were executed so as to look good on nobody, a smattering of yawns – the best thing about this whole collection is the feet belts (feet belts!).

  12. Chasmosaur

    Like Kit above, I am not against the tops paired with the booty shorts. I mean, not great, but interesting and at least they provide a silhouette (compared to some of the shapeless).

    I couldn’t get past being distracted at how painfully thin some of the models looked in the booty shorts though. Isn’t the point of booty shorts to, you know, show off how curvy you are?

    (I know, we’re not supposed to discuss body image, sorry, but if a designer can’t figure out how to properly execute a style of clothing, I feel it’s up for grabs. Booty shorts are in the Lemon Tart category, not the Social X-Ray category.)

  13. gail

    What a boring collection. I can’t believe they would even show such a snooze. It looks like everything came out of the Zara catalogue. And what is up with that eye makeup? Maybe they just want to make sure you see the models have their eyes open and aren’t sleepwalking down the runway.

  14. TonyG

    The clothes were ruined by the eye-shadow for me. Once I noticed, on about slide 4, I could not un-notice it.

  15. glee

    I had enough patience to notice the amazing legs on the first model. The rest is just blah and meh, interspersed with WHAT???

  16. Shiitake

    Variations on the same theme and color combination


  17. Bonnie Klein

    No. 28 has Michelle Williams all over it.

  18. pantsonfire

    The shapes of most of that were very much not in my wheelhouse…what’s the opposite of “in my wheelhouse”? Let’s just say they were in the outhouse. Some of those silhouettes felt 1960s to me, which is one of my least favorite sartorial decades. But then some felt fairly 1950s (the Streep outfits in 17 & 18, for example, which I liked…reminds me of that fashion show scene in How to Marry a Millionaire…oh Schatze).

    Definitely Emma Stone for #4, ## 5 & 19 had gorgeous fabric. Loved the suit on the left in slide #23. Unreservedly liked #13.

  19. vandalfan

    So way back in Star Trek days, Diana Muldaur played an ambassador’s assistant who wore a lovely, sheer sparkly gossamer covered blue dress. Spoiler- she was blind, and it was a sensory web. I am reminded of that every time i see a sheer overlay, especially sparkly ones obviously much longer than their lining, and wonder if the models are visually impaired telepaths.

    • Alameda Peg

      I’d forgotten that outfit but as soon as I read Diana Muldaur it popped right back into my head. Yes! Sensory web overlay.

  20. Amy

    A lot of these feel very Diane Kruger to me, booty shorts and all. You know she’d rock it.

  21. Erin

    Feeling sad about pointy shoes and sheer fabric.

  22. Mary Urech Stallings

    I do not know who the model is in the yellow something and black shorts, but she looks EXACTLY like the young lady who checked me out at the grocery store 10 minutes ago.

  23. Jessica Greenman

    Zooey Deschanel is a moron. Never mention her again.