Paris Fugshion Week: Bits and Bobs Part LAST

AND WE OUT. We’ve covered New York, London, Milan, and Paris fashion weeks more extensively this year than before, and I like it, but my level of fatigue is such that I’m pretty sure I could never attend them all in person. For one thing, I’d eat my way through it and be 300 lbs by the time the last model left the catwalk.

[Photos: Getty]

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Comments (19):

  1.  HelenBackAgain

    So is Tex Saverio the House of Gaga?

  2. Lizzy

    Yikes! Those first Tex Saverio ones are scary, and the the models look mad.

  3. Dyanna

    Those shoes all the Galliano models are wearing appear to be Nerf bullet holsters.

  4. mary lou bethune

    It appears that the accessory for the spring will be boobs.
    Good thing we ladies all have them.

  5. Katty McNiley Ripley

    I actually love the cannibal blazer: i think it could be great!

    And loved the last Galliano dresses: starlets take a risk and call your stylists!

  6. Jenz

    My right knee and leg are still healing from when I stepped in a hole and turned my left ankle (I know!) so I think he made those shoes for me… I need stabilization bumpers on my shoes or something to keep from falling over.

  7.  Evangeline

    That first dress looks like it was inspired by Ursula the Sea Witch. I like the flowy purple John Galliano dress, but that’s about it.

  8. laucie

    When you call out “What ho !” to a woman with exposed nipples, prepare to be slapped.

  9. Henriette

    The orange (and green) John Galliano dress reminds me SOO much of the IKEA ‘Maskros’ lamp. IKEA: now branching out to affordable, assemble-at-home couture?

  10. Mary Urech Stallings

    I kind of like TexSavario.

  11. Lina

    I love the skirt from slide #8. That look is so wearable.

  12. Jodi

    Not sure about Tex Saverio at Disneyland, but I’m going to Burning Man and wearing something just like that.

  13. CopyChic

    It might be controversial to say this, but man I miss that whackadoodle pirate.

  14. Robin

    I want a closer look at the Viktor & Rolf shoes – are they loafers? Mules? Whatever they are, the blue sole is catchy (and possibly the most attractive thing about these looks).

  15. Kristin

    The first slide looks like an Edward Gorey illustration.