Paralympically Played (And Also Pretty Irritated): Kate and Wills



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  1. Danni

    Sorry, can’t help but think that Wills is doing McKayla Maroney’s “not impressed” face in that last one. They look good though.

  2. Eric D. Wills


  3. sop

    Amazing opening ceremony, btw. Did they show in in the US? Umbrellas everywhere!

    Poor old Harry. I’m still torn between respecting his privacy and leching. Phwooooarrr…. the guilt! the guilt!…. but nekkid Harry!… but he has an expectation of privacy!….but he’s an idiot!… but it’s not his fault he’s an idiot… ad infinitum.

  4. deee

    I often thank God that there were no such thing as camera phones when I was in my twenties. That being said, I was done participating in naked partying way before the age of 28.

    • Ranee Singleton

      Dee, and the friends that I had during my 20s would have NEVER done that to me!!

  5. Kristina

    I would read a Fug Girls Wills & Kate fanfiction novel called [50 Shades of Grey pun here](SANS BDSM OF COURSE)(though that’s cool if you’re into that)(I just don’t think I can handle imagining Kate & Wills beating each other with belts and pulling tampons out, etc.)(I could maybe probably handle imagining Harry do that stuff though)(maybe not the tampon thing)(I’ll stop now). Just throwing that out there.

  6. Megan

    They weren’t even seated next to the Queen, either. Is she punishing the Cambridges, too? Like “WHY did you let him out of your sight, you know how he is”?

  7. MelissaW

    Agree – that last picture needs to go in the McKayla is not amused meme.

  8. katkin74

    The guy was in his own hotel room, not doing anything illegal, is not dating / married / betrothed. WHO CARES. If I had that kind of money, time, fame, autonomy etc, I’d be partying my ass off too probably. It’s not like the guy’s a drug addict, slacker, ass, horrible human being, in / out of rehab, irresponsible.

  9. Beth

    I think y’all should photo recaps of every event the Cambridges and Harry (once he’s released from the Tower) attend. I’m shipping them all right now, especially Harry’s unrequited love for his sister-in-law.

  10. sop

    The Duchess of Cambridge (the D of C?) looked a bit dull, but Sophie Countess of Wessex looked lovely, casual and happy at the paralympics earlier today. She’s so young and sporty looking!

  11. Jessica

    I’d like to officially note that I, Jessica, totally found Harry’s shenanigans kind of hilarious and totally no big deal (other than the fact that they were stupidly photographed — bad form!).

    • BethC

      Ditto on the photographs. I would guess he & his staff know exactly who took the photos & might have released them, and I would also guess that are completely persona non grata at this point!

    • thereset

      Yeah… I read something about how Wills was all mad when he saw the pics and the story, but I can’t help but think was to laugh his ass off at his brother. I mean, bro before throne, am I right?

    • Ann from Canada

      I was seriously wondering how the fug girls felt about Harry’s visit to Vegas. We all have our own opinion, as we have a right to, but the only opinions that matter to me are those of the girls and the Queen. I guess we will never know how the conversation went between Grannies and Harry, but thanks Jessica.

  12. jerkygirl

    Wills has the disapproving “harrumph!!!” down pat. :) And I can’t help but love Princess Anne and her modified Gibson girl bun with the fashionable shades. Kate is gorgeous as always.

    I’m between feeling bad for Harry (I mean, how embarrassing) and feeling like we should all collectively whack him in the back of his fiery head and yell GET A GRIP ALREADY, AND WE DON’T MEAN OF YOUR FLINGA-DINGA WHEN THERE ARE CAMERAS AROUND, BECAUSE YOU ARE SERIOUSLY FAMOUS AND THERE ARE MANY, MANY PEOPLE WHO WILL ABSOLUTELY AND FOR SURE TRY TO MAKE MONEY OFF PICS OF YOU ACTING LIKE A DILLHOLE. Because we care!!!

    • Kit

      “I don’t mean of your flinga-dinga!”


      *I die, I die…*

  13. Elizabeth Corey

    Every time I see William in a suit I gasp and say aloud, “So THAT’S how a properly-tailored suit is supposed to look!” Every. Single. Time.

  14. Andrew S.

    LOL, yay for Kate for sticking up for her little brother ;3

  15. Sandra

    I mean, yeah, he’s one of the two most famous guys on the planet, so he probably ought to pay a little more attention to his surroundings and behavior. His close protection people have probably already been beheaded, as is appropriate. Close protection sometimes means protecting people from themselves. Or at least confiscating cameras from the participants.

    On the other hand, he’s an unmarried 28 year old Army captain/helicopter pilot on a bender in Las Vegas with the boys before reporting to his next posting. This is kinda what they do. It is in thoroughly bad taste but that isn’t a crime. I also think it says something sad about a society that has nothing better to do than keep coming back for more. The women sold the pictures because there is a market for them. I’m not saying it wasn’t wrong of them, but people could just not look. Gossip blogs and tabloid rags put that stuff up to draw in the crowds, which they then sell to advertisers. I choose not to be manipulated by that; in this instance anyway. I wouldn’t do it to anybody I know and I figure I can offer the same courtesy to a stranger.

  16. Mary

    Harry’s name is being dragged through the public mud over this whole incident. Where is the name of the sneak who took – AND SOLD!! – the photos? Should it not be made public as well?

    • Trace

      Meh, Harry’s a big boy – he really should’ve realised that he was opening himself up to all sorts of trouble and got his security guys to insist people handed over their cellphones before entering the room. Or something like that!

  17. vandalfan

    Gosh, how difficult would it have been for his security team to confiscate cell phones? The frolicking with flinga-dinga (lol x infinity) in hand is fine, amusing even, but he may darn well have to govern a fairly important nation someday, and should know how to be more discrete.