Fugs and Fabs: The Covers of a Variety of International Vogues

It’s time for our semi-regular eye-balling of a variety of international Vogues. There is nary an actress to be seen.


Fugs and Fabs: The Dior Cruise/Resort Show

In which Cressida Bonas leaves her scrunchie behind.


Fugs and Fabs: The FOX Upfronts

The big news is, of course, American Idol being put to death. They had better get Simon back for one episode or else that’s a total waste of an exit. And The X-Files will be back in January for its six-episode limited run, and apparently Scully will have blonde hair in it [WAIT I misunderstood! It was just a picture of the two of them so it might just be her Hannibal hair and not a creative choice. HOWEVER, the rest stands] I know Jessica will have ALL of the feelings about that, but I firmly believe Dana Scully as a redhead is part of the canon and I am not sure I will accept any alternatives. Perhaps at the end of the first hour, Scully can show up at Mulder’s door with a fresh dye job and be like, “Are you RED-y to rumble?” Yes.

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Out of Characterly Played: Heidi Klum

You guys. Can one of you go over and check on Heidi Klum?

International Centre For Missing And Exploited Children's Inaugural Gala

She is wearing a sack. ARE WE ENTIRELY SURE SHE’S WELL?

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The Good Wife Power Suit Ranking: season 6 finale

This season ends much the same way last did: a game-changing(ish) offer, in a straight-to-camera entreaty. I am amused by what this one would portend, more so than I was when Eli dangled the election at Alicia, but I’m not sure how I feel about where the other pieces on the board are positioned. Especially the knight. (Who is Finn. Because, like it or not, Peter is still king when it comes to Alicia’s availability for BANGING.)

*I added a piece at the end about Split-Screen Gate. Click here if you already read this and want to jump straight there (though that won’t work from the homepage; you have to go into the full post first).

13. Eli


Mr. Gold does not have his best week. He tries here to hover over Alicia physically, possibly a a way of harvesting some phantom power over her, but Alicia has caught wind that the ghostwriter is running his notes past Eli and getting instructions to steer it away from courtroom intrigue and into a soft portrayal of a woman who is a homemaker (there is even a note: “See if Alicia has any recipes”). She’s being rebranded, basically, back to straight-up Good Wife stuff and away from her brain. She’s not impressed. And not for nothing, I’m pretty sure she has NEVER had any recipes.

He’s not going to get what he wants out of Alicia politically, either. Basically, Eli’s only successful stand is the one he is taking literally by not sitting down, because “I don’t like sitting on steps. I always think, ‘Dogs urinate there.’” Eli, you evacuate yourself all the TIME onto things, metaphorically, so you should be comfortable in the muck.

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Royally Played: Prince Harry Visits New Zealand

You may have read or watched the interview that came out with Harry yesterday, wherein he notes that he wants to settle down and have babies (and have someone to go on these trips with) and I am sure I am not the first person who’s had this reaction even in the last twenty minutes but: I VOLUNTEER. Although we haven’t got any time to waste, and also he’s going to have to be okay with my taking notes the whole time for future, theoretical books. Which I suspect I will have to write under a pseudonym to avoid Awkward Family Fights at Christmas. God. Even this fantasy is too complicated. Never mind. (OR AM I JUST TRYING TO THROW YOU OFF THE SCENT? Keep an eye out for Heather’s new writing partner Jessamyn Flagon, making a mysterious appearance on the scene in late 2017, is what I am saying.) In other news, this entire tour is just him being charming with children and, like, cradling amphibians. It’s really playing to his strengths.

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