Fugs and Pieces, October 17th, 2014


I literally just dated this “2016,” so that’s a thing that happened. Hello from the future! I guess I’m still wearing these same J Brands in two years. Price per wear FULLY JUSTIFIED, then.

– The GFY Book Club is currently discussing their options for December! Join! Chat! Read!

– If you’ve never cried at a story about the importance of voicemail, it’s just because you haven’t read this article. (Gizmodo)

– SWINTON is the new face of NARS, and the ad is GREAT. (Refinery29)

– You obviously are going to want to read about All 118 Sweaters on Twin Peaks, ranked. (The Cut)

“Wannabe,” by the ladies of Spice, turned 18 this week. CONGRATS, YOU’RE OLD. (Into the Gloss)

– You definitely want to see Emma Stone as Sally Bowles. (Elle)

– Cosmo wants to help you figure out which “illogically sexy” Halloween costume you are. I am a sexy lobster, you guys. I’m YOUR sexy lobster.

– Blake Lively’s — well, Preserve.Us’s — ode to the antebellum South was, uh, misguided at best. (Refinery29)

Jamie Dornan is looking pretty hot, yet again. (Lainey)

– Once upon a time, hatpins were also weapons. (Ravishly)

– Here’s your Weekly Cumberbatch. (Celebitchy)

– This Pajiba headline really makes me laugh: Television’s 7 Biggest Blandy McBlandersons. Why? Because a hundred years ago I worked with a dude that my friend Katherine and I called Blandy McBlanderson (or, for short, “Blandy”) despite the fact that I totally had a crush on him. I LOVE a Blandy, and it’s born out by the list, which includes Colin Jost AND Ben McKenzie, both of whom I am totally hot for. Vanilla dudes, call me!


Royals Round-Up, October 17th 2014

This week, I bring you SO MANY hats, a dash of Wills and Harry (Kate is MAYBE coming to an event on Tuesday if she feels well — man, she’s having a tough time of it — so that will be exciting if it happens), yet more Fabulous Poppy Pictures (I am incapable of resisting the Poppies At the Tower, and this week, QE2 popped by), people drinking, mucho Spanish pomp and circumstance, Beatrice’s boyfriend, coats, and MORE.

ELSEWHERE for your enjoyment:


Fugs and Fabs: The Orange Is The New Black castmates at “The T Word” premiere

Laverne looks lovely as always, but she also is beginning to seem like she’s forever at the same level of formal. I’m rooting for her to show up in something a bit more relaxed occasionally. Because at an event like this, even for the premiere of her own thing, it starts to feel like she misread her own invitation.

[Photos: Getty]


WTF: Melissa George in Alexander Wang for H&M

This was at the Alexander Wang for H&M event and I assume it IS Alexander Wang for H&M:

Alexander Wang X H&M Launch - Arrivals

But it is also OMG for WTF!?!?!.

[Photo: Getty]


Well Played, Amal (Alamuddin) Clooney


It seems I am unable to resist a well-coiffed brunette in a good day dress. Let’s catch up with Amal, who — I hate to break it to you — looks very glamorous getting on a plane. We’ve already seen her also look glamorous on a boat. I look forward to witnessing her deploy her glamor on a train, a helicopter, in a car, on the back of an ATV, driving a golf cart, and peddling in front of George on a bicycle-built-for-two in the next several years.

(Additionally, here’s her alleged new house. IT’S ON AN ISLAND in the Thames and it’s annoyingly romantic and great also. Jealous flames on the side of my face.)

[Photos: AKM/GSI]


Recent Fugs and Fabs: Sienna Miller

Former Fug Fave Sienna Miller has (at least) two movies coming out this fall, which is VERY good news for us.

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