Fug the Hmm: Kristen Stewart

kristen stewart



KRISTEN: Imprinting, huh?


KRISTEN: Care to talk through that one more time?

STEPHENIE: Any interest in talking abut why you didn’t walk the red carpet and you’re hiding half your outfit behind the podium?



KRISTEN: Fair play, Meyer. Fair play.

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Well Played, Sandra Bullock in Monique Lhuiller


When we saw this on the runway, I wanted to give it to Kerry Washington:

Women In Film 2015 Crystal + Lucy Awards - Arrivals

And she would have charmed in it. But I’m also fine with handing it over to the estimable Sandy B, who looks unmoved, but she is WRONG. This is fab, and I want, in particular, to steal that skirt and wear it back in time to a garden party. This mostly because it’s great, but also because it reminds me a bit of an LK Bennett skirt that I’m visiting a lot but not allowing myself to buy, because I DON’T LEAVE THE HOUSE and ergo I do not need flirty fancy patterned midi-skirts. I just DO NOT. So please, Sandy. Wear this FOR me. Do it for me, much the way you drove a bus very quickly and flirted with Keanu for me, and the way you exchanged letters with Keanu through space and time for me, and the way you — well, maybe not the way you drove that boat with Jason Patric for me, but whatever. You feel me. LIVE, SANDY. LIVE. Live in this skirt.

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GFY Giveaway: The Knockoff by Lucy Sykes and Jo Piazza


We are delighted to have a giveaway of one of the summer’s most fun (and most popular) beach reads today! And not only because, as a writing duo, Heather and I have a special affinity for other female writing duos. This book is perfect for your poolside-reading (even if your pool is, like mine, imaginary):

What’s is The Knockoff about? From Goodreads:

An outrageously stylish, wickedly funny novel of fashion in the digital age, The Knockoff is the story of Imogen Tate, editor in chief of Glossy magazine, who finds her twentysomething former assistant Eve Morton plotting to knock Imogen off her pedestal, take over her job, and reduce the magazine, famous for its lavish 768-page September issue, into an app.

When Imogen returns to work at Glossy after six months away, she can barely recognize her own magazine. Eve, fresh out of Harvard Business School, has fired “the gray hairs,” put the managing editor in a supply closet, stopped using the landlines, and hired a bevy of manicured and questionably attired underlings who text and tweet their way through meetings. Imogen, darling of the fashion world, may have Alexander Wang and Diane von Furstenberg on speed dial, but she can’t tell Facebook from Foursquare and once got her iPhone stuck in Japanese for two days. Under Eve’s reign, Glossy is rapidly becoming a digital sweatshop—hackathons rage all night, girls who sleep get fired, and “fun” means mandatory, company-wide coordinated dances to Beyoncé. Wildly out of her depth, Imogen faces a choice—pack up her Smythson notebooks and quit, or channel her inner geek and take on Eve to save both the magazine and her career. A glittering, uproarious, sharply drawn story filled with thinly veiled fashion personalities, The Knockoff is an insider’s look at the ever-changing world of fashion and a fabulous romp for our Internet-addicted age.

THE TASK: We have one copy to give away, and this contest is open to EVERYONE. I shall be picking the winner at random, but please comment and tell us about the worst co-worker you’ve ever had. (I had one that used to change my grammar TO BE INCORRECT and who left randomly to go to a silent retreat in the middle of a huge project she and I were working on. That was actually a blessing.)

THE RULES: All entries must be posted in the comments of this post by 9 p.m. Pacific time on Friday.  FYI, if this is the first time you’ve commented here, the system will automatically kick you into comment moderation, but don’t worry, I will rescue you.



Fug and Fab: Miley Cyrus in Moschino


Miley Cyrus is a really curious – if also often frustrating — creature to me. Her sudden disclosures of feeling gender fluid and identifying as androgynous are not without heartfelt spirit and an air of honesty, and I am pretty sure I believe her. But she as a PERSON does pull at my cynical triggers, because she’s such a creature of the media that I keep wondering with ANYTHING she says if she’s simply reacting to what’s buzzy.  And/or trying to muscle her way to the front of the caravan, all in the name of being the loudest voice in any given room. (And I must clarify: I take gender fluidity and feelings of androgyny themselves totally seriously; it is MILEY I am not sure if I should take seriously. Not because of this, but in general. She makes it hard to tell.) But then she’ll say stuff that’s smart, or savvy, or self-aware — or all three. Such as, to Time:

Now 22, Cyrus isn’t worried about offending anyone. “Someone said the other day to me, ‘Should you ask your advisor?’” she says. “I’m like, ‘If I have an advisor, they should have been fired two years ago.’” 

And then this, which made me laugh and also like her:

“All the women in the restaurant [on Valentine's Day two years ago] were with these older, fat men that had just let themselves go. They were just being drunk bastards. And then the women were sitting there, trying so hard just to look good. And they’re ignoring them the whole time. And I thought, ‘I’m not living like this. If I end up in a straight relationship, that’s fine—but I’m not going to be with f-cking slob guys who are watching porn, making all their girls feel ugly.”

The last quote here, I initially read with the Beyonce bit pulled entirely out of context, so it felt more like shade than it perhaps is intended — but I still think it’s an interesting point, because as much as people get annoyed when Taylor Swift stands there in her front-row seat and dances and sings along, it at least has a camaraderie to it that you wouldn’t see from a lot of people.

She recently went to the finals of RuPaul’s Drag Race, but says she’s not particularly interested in attending award shows. [...] She responds better to the unbridled, flamboyant support that RuPaul’s contestants gave one another as they performed. “Beyonce would never be down in the front row cheering on Katy Perry,” she says.

And thus, my complicated relationship with Miley. Like the bratty attention-vortex little sister who makes you roll your eyes and even scream, but she’s not a bad egg and in fact makes you proud sometimes.

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Your Afternoon Chat: Casting the 90210 Movie

HAVE YOU HEARD? Lifetime — which brought you such cinematic masterworks as The Client List,  the Lilo tour de force Liz and Dick, and a bizarre movie about JK Rowling — is MAKING AN UNAUTHORIZED MOVIE ABOUT BEVERLY HILLS 90210This is quite obviously the best thing that has ever happened.

Let’s decide whom they ought to cast. On Twitter yesterday, we were throwing around the idea of making everyone PLAY THEMSELVES, which I think is a great idea (it’s not like any of them are working), so feel free to be as UNREALISTIC AS POSSIBLE. For example, I honestly think Helen Mirren would make a TRANSPORTING Andrea Zuckerman.


Fug or Fab: Kiernan Shipka


All of these fabrics would make beautiful ribbon around some overpriced baked goods.

Kiernan Shipka at The Fan Girl Press Line at The Los Angeles Film Festival

They make for a bit of a haphazard cocktail-dress experience, though. I think we’re officially entering the period in which Kiernan Shipka transitions from her Unimpeachable and Preternaturally Ladylike Tween Fancies period into something more carefully experimental, like a home brew of two parts Natalie Portman with a dash of Emma Stone. Which, hey, there are worse routes.

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