What the Fug: Nicole Richie

I saw this and said to myself, “Yep, another Hollywood person in a see-through maxi-dress; another collective prayer of thanks for the presence of undergarments.”

Nicole Richie (2)

But… well, I bet you know what’s coming:

dress go boom


Freaky Fug Friday: Deanna Raybourn’s Lady Julia Grey series


I am VERY excited about this giveaway. As regular GFY readers know, we love to talk about books and give book recommendations and complain about certain characters INCORRECTLY MARRYING other fictional people and whatnot around here, and I’ve read a bunch of great books thanks to Fug Nation. (This seems like a good place to note that there is now a quite active GFY Book Club on Goodreads, also; you should check it out!)

Anyway, in the course of said conversations, one (or more) of you recommended Deanna Raybourn’s Lady Julia Grey series to me, and you were right: They are a complete and total delight. Mysteries Set in Olden Times with a Sassy Heroine are some of my favorite things (along with people having Romantical Problems During Wars, and Hot Sad British Men). So I am very pleased that we have one (1) complete set of all five Lady Julia Grey books –  Silent in the Grave, Silent in the Sanctuary, Silent on the Moor, Dark Road to Darjeeling, and The Dark Enquiryto give away today, thanks to Deanna herself (we discovered we each read the other on Twitter last week, which is one of the reasons that Twitter is awesome). They will be autographed!

THE TASK: I will pick the winner from the comments by random draw. But to keep it fun, please comment and let us know in which city you would prefer to Solve Mysteries in a Sassy Manner, should that wish be granted for you.

THE PRIZE: Seriously, I just told you.

THE RULES: All entries must be posted in the comments of this post by 9 p.m. Pacific time on Monday.  PS: Just to let you know, if this is your first time commenting here, WELCOME! We are happy and thrilled to have you! Also: everyone’s first comment gets held for moderation, so if that happens to you, hold tight! I promise I will rescue you.


What The Fug: Lindsay Hartley

Oh, Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald. I know you had a hard life on Passions, including nearly being cremated alive, and going down to hell with Julian Crane and having to hang out with him there while Hitler wandered by you.

Lindsay Hartley at Hallmark upfronts (1)

But that’s no excuse for THIS much sideboob. AT THE HALLMARK CHANNEL UPFRONTS. I mean, Hallmark Channel probably has a movie in development all about how sideboob ruins families, or something. And that’s not just sideboob; it’s frontboob:

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Recent Fugs and Fabs of Nicola Peltz

Nicola Peltz is apparently the female lead in Transformers: They Made ANOTHER Transformers Movie? If You Say So, and her Wikipedia is kind of mean, as the FIRST LINE about her career notes that she was nominated for a Razzie. It also notes that her father is a billionaire, but does NOT note that he has ten kids (with three women) and I decided that one of the other ones wrote said Wiki whilst they were in a fight with her about something or other. “Nicola’s always taking the jet when she knows I need it,” they muttered. “I’m sticking that tidbit about her Razzie back into her Wikipedia. THAT will teach her.”

[Photos: Splash, Fame/Flynet]


Fugs and Fabs at the Vogue Foundation Gala: The Models, Plus An Extra Kardashian

I’m sorry, Fug Nation. Kendall Jenner walked in freaking Chanel couture the other day. She has officially been sorted into the “model” file folder. (I have to give her credit for going out and getting herself a job, though; this has been more than one Fashion Week that she’s walked in. Runway model to me feels less “I’m a MODEL now,” too. You’re one of several, all doing the same gig, and it feels to me more like she’s actually working than if she, say, just ended up being the spokesmodel for a low-level brand of flip-flops or something.)

[Photos: Fame/Flynet, Splash]


Fugs and Fabs at the Vogue Foundation Gala: The Actresses, Plus an Extra Casiraghi

In which Emma Watson begins to make amends and someone sports the most fabulous pjs I’ve ever seen.

[Photos: Splash, Fame/Flynet]