Fugs and Fabs: Celebs at the Airport

You can rest easy, friends. Celebs are still trudging to and from the airport like the rest of us. Finally, they’re wearing coats!

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More Recent Fugs and Fabs: Felicity Jones

Someone asked the other day if she plays Tom Hanks’ love interest in this latest Robert Langdon movie, and… I can’t tell but I don’t think so? I believe they are merely cohorts. However, she should play Zooey Deschanel’s sister in something, right? Maybe there is a British Jessica Day with whom they cross paths.

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Your Afternoon Man: Ben Affleck

I’ll be honest: Ben Affleck has been looking less than his best lately:

Anna Kendrick at The Accountant Premiere in Hollywood

It’s not that the suit is so bad, although it was very warm for much of today in L.A. — at least where I am — and so the idea of wearing a long-sleeve shirt and a waistcoat and a jacket makes me want to cry, except that steam would come out of my tear ducts instead, because: hot. But this all seems faintly off, and not just because his pants have tucked themselves into his shoes. Does it not look like Ben is…. very tired? Or perhaps like he cut an onion as recently as 15 minutes before this photo was taken? Or as if his eyes have stopped making tears, but he left his Restasis in his trailer somewhere?

For a second I thought he had a shiner that he was covering up, but in close-up that theory goes nowhere.

Anna Kendrick at The Accountant Premiere in Hollywood

Perhaps he’s just glassy-eyed because, at the premiere of The Accountant, people have been pop-quizzing him with questions about the tax code.

Aw, I’m sorry, Ben. I don’t know your life. I’m sure it’s weird to be living in your own guest house semi-permanently. I actually do really enjoy the Affleck. He’s turned out to be a very adept director, if perhaps a dull Batman. I’ll always remember him so fondly from that Mango sketch on SNL where he had to seduce The Mango by pretending to be Matt Damon, and did so by pushing his ears forward and giving himself buck teeth. Armageddon is one of my guiltiest pleasures (it gave us the concept of SPACE DEMENTIA, for the love of God), and Pearl Harbor is another. Oh, the accent, the golder-than-gold highlights… the one-two punch of that movie and then the Team America song “Pearl Harbor Sucks (And I Miss You)” are hella special.

What’s your favorite Affleck (if you’ll excuse the oblique Mallrats reference)? What’s your LEAST-favorite? And can you, indeed, pick a side in that eternal and infernal debate — Matt vs. Ben — or are you both? Or neither? And what would you like to see him do next? Me, I think he should get away from whispering, stern roles like this and Batman and do something a tad quirkier. Who’s up for Ryan Murphy casting him in American Crime Story: I Can’t Think Of One Right Now But I’m Sure It’ll Come To Me?

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Fug or Fab: Anna Kendrick in Moschino by Jeremy Scott


It’s not that I think this looks bad on her…

Anna Kendrick in Moschino

… but rather, I can’t tell if Brenda Walsh’s Spring Dance Dress losing its virginity to Dylan McKay’s belt rack falls on the right side of edgy.

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What the Fug: Taraji P. Henson

I may have quit Empire — as it turns out, Terrence Howard is exhausting even when (I think) I am SUPPOSED to hate him — but I still love Cookie Lyon, and Taraji always makes me smile. Even, maybe especially, when I can’t suss out her clothes.

Taraji P Henson

I don’t hate the dress part at all, but that honeycomb all over her chest weirdly elongates her from neck to sternum. Worse, it’s going to be HELLA enticing for the alien killer bees from the Planet Gargantua, which I assume — based on how 2016 is going so far — are circling our atmosphere right now, debating whether to land or just kick an asteroid in our direction and watch the fireworks.

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Royally Played: Kate Visits The Netherlands (in Catherine Walker)

Apparently, Queen Maxima is “out of town” on “another engagement.” I don’t care; I am taking this as a personal affront. How dare you, Maxima? We all wanted to see you SWOOP in to hug Kate — accidentally bashing her on the head with your ginormous hat — before explaining to her that, when you fly to the Netherlands in a suit of this material, you need to lie down, prone in the aisle of the plane, and hold yourself enormously still the entire time to avoid wrinkles. (My prediction, in fact, is that we will never see this suit again because it is CRINKLE CITY.) Sure, sure, the King himself popped out to say hello and let Kate (and us) into his living room to look at his tchotchkes, but still. STILL! I FEEL BETRAYED, MAX.

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