In Case You Missed Fug: New York Fashion Week Coverage

We sort of fell down on the job of linking to the rest of our Fashion Week coverage, because the cold weather chilled our fingers too much for us to type. BUT! We are warmed up now, and in case you missed anything that happened, here are links to the entirety of our coverage:


High Fugshion: Donna Karan, Michael Kors, Badgley Mischka

This is a bit of a grab-bag, but it’s Saturday. Let’s take a squizz at a variety of things!

These are just tidbits from longer shows, also. You can see all of Michael Kors here, Donna Karan here, and Badgley Mishka here, at


High Fugshion: Jenny Packham Fall 2015

Just for fun, I tried to rank these from Most Kate to Least Kate, but a) it totally fell apart on me somewhere, and b) I promise the one that’s first is contingent on a lining.

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Fugs and Fabs: ESSENCE Black Women In Hollywood Luncheon

Prepare yourself…to want to buy things. Because this event was FULL of charming day dresses.

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Fug the Show: How To Get Away With Murder recap, season 1 episode 13: “Mama’s Here Now”

I’ve decided — even though I don’t actually get them on Hulu — that I want this show to start cutting its teases, musically and all, as if this is a wacky single-camera comedy in the vein of Modern Family. I can HEAR the sounds and the record-scratches — real or imagined — as they interweave some of Cicely Tyson’s lines with Asher’s facial expressions. I mean it: The voice-over guy will talk for a while, we’ll see some reaction shots, and then everything will drop out in time for Cicely to say, as she does here, “I’m a VIP. She came out of my V and her daddy’s P.” Cue canned laughter.


Cicely, as you might recall, was paged by Annalise at the end of the last hour. Apparently Annalise hasn’t shown her face in the office since then. Cicely and her very warm, cute winter hat arrive with some snappy comments about the fancy house and then heads on up to unearth her daughter from the stench of her depression.


By the way, these two don’t recognize her, then seem plenty happy to take her word for it that she’s Annalise’s mother and stand back as she goes upstairs. I feel like there’s no way neither ONE of them — certainly not Frank, who clearly has a file on everyone — doesn’t know what Annalise’s mother looks like, and yet they’re extremely trusting all of a sudden that she’s probably who she says she is. Maybe they figured NOBODY would dare go up there into the lion’s den if their DNA wasn’t compelling them.


Cicely tries to hit Annalise with some tough love to get her out of bed, but when she shrivels even more, Cicely gives in and cuddles her daughter to her. And you, too, would want to cry on your mother’s lap if you knew you MIGHT have just given up your shot at this, because Nate is now in prison:

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Fug the Show: Scandal recap, season 4, episode 13

This episode was better. It could not have gotten WORSE than the last two, but still. We left off with Olivia being sold for an undisclosed cash amount to Iran. Everyone — including me — thought Iran was going to turn out to be somebody covertly bidding for Olivia and then spiriting her out of there and buying her an untainted-by-kidnapping coat.


Nope. It was Iran. Which sent a really posh, well-dressed woman and a couple of cohorts to pick up their BILLION-PLUS-DOLLAR cargo. There is something I appreciate about Scandal having Iran’s representative be a foxy woman, but I wish she had turned out to be a smarter foxy woman.


Because, see, Olivia speaks fluent Farsi. (Of course she does.) So she pulls a scam: She convinces her captors that this woman is saying, into the phone, that this is an ambush and they’re all going to die. Then she says, in Farsi, essentially the same thing to Iran, and that as soon as they take her EVERYONE is going to get extremely murdered. So Iran panics and calls off the deal, and her captors smuggle her out of there — thinking they just skirted an ambush themselves — and toddle back and fire up and send out the word that bidding can resume. No guns are drawn, and presumably, neither side had any actual backup. Hold up there, pals. Do you mean to tell me that IRAN was going to BUY A PERSON WHO CONTROLS THE PRESIDENT for BILLIONS OF DOLLARS, and just send like two people and a pistol to pick her up? Iran must have blown its entire budget on the asset and left nothing for personnel and planning. Oh, Iran. Iran, so far away.

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