Your Afternoon Man: Michael Fassbender in T: The New York Times Style Magazine

Like I wasn’t going to start with the one of him in the bathtub. COME ON. (I am not alone. That is also the image that T put on the front of the fall men’s style issue. WE KNOW.)

[Photos: T, Bruce Weber]


Better Played, Anne Hathaway in Equipment (shirt)

IN FAIRNESS, anything would be better than what we saw from her this morning, which you need to see if you have not — IT IS INEXPLICABLE.

Anne Hathaway Says "Good Morning America"

But this is mostly really cute, right? (Am I just being swayed by her sunglasses?)

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]


Mostly Fugs: The iHeartRadio Festival

I feel like if I really still hearted radio, I would know more than this small handful of attendees at this thing. I think my problem is that I heart all the retro or super specialized XM radio now, to the point where I will go on a rant about how songs released in 1990 should really count as ’80s music because they sound more like it than anything else on “90s on 9.” IMPORTANT.

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WTF: Rooney Mara in Givenchy Couture

Something about the setting of this photo makes her look as if she’s the hostess at a tiki restaurant, waiting to escort you to your table:

Celebrities At The Premiere Of 'Pan'

And PRAYING for the day that her manager gets over this bizarre ruffled shower curtain fetish.

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Fugs and Fabs: The EW Pre-Emmys Party

SPOILER: I actually screamed aloud when I saw one of these looks. See if you can guess which one.

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Fug Nation’s Worst-Dressed: Emmy Awards 2015

We debated just putting in ten slides of Heidi Klum and calling it a day. But enough other mistakes were made that we did at least make a cursory effort to widen the field. You NEVER KNOW.

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WTF: Anne Hathaway


The Intern' New York Premiere - B

I cannot wait to see Anne Hathaway skate her free dance to Whitesnake’s Greatest Hits. That IS how to get America to fall back in love with you!

No, wait!  THIS next look is, if by “fall in love with you,” you mean, “cause to mutter ‘what the eff is Anne Hathaway wearing?’” to yourself over lunch. BRACE YOURSELVES:

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