Oscars Well Played Carpet: Meryl Streep


This is the second major awards show that Meryl Streep has attended dressed by Project Runway alum Chris March.

  1. I think she looks swell. This may not set the world on fire, but it is very well-suited to her: it’s not
    all crazballs fancypants poufy princess, but it’s still a bit sexy.
    (Meryl’s cleav does deserve a night out, after all.) It’s not too
    young, it’s not too old. It is, as Goldilocks would say, just right.
  2. I am beyond thrilled that the delightful Chris March — he of the human hair outfits, glorious drag queen concoctions, and general awesomeness — has been, of late, the official Awards Show Designer of MERYL STREEP.
  3. I mean, it’s MERYL STREEP.
  4. AND she was nominated.
  5. For an OSCAR.
  6. Applause!