Oscars YIKES Carpet: Naomie Harris

Did anyone bring a speculum? Because she might as well get her annual, as long as everything is out and ready.

[Photos: Getty]

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  1. Lisa

    Yowza. That had to be a nightmare worrying about that all night. Agree about the color…it’s putrid. The white dress and the tangerine (?) dress are great and look super flattering. Hate the shoes with the white dress, but I can pretend they don’t exist.

  2. Edith

    Such a lovely woman, such an ugly dress. She’s a Bond Girl at the Oscars, who let this happen?

  3. Candy

    You guys made me full-size that pic and look at her cootchie. Well played.

  4. Callie

    I feel someone would get one hell of a view when she sat down in that thing.

  5. Ruth

    What the heck does she have on her feet in the Skyfall Train picture? Are they embroidered, high heel, tap ankle booties? I don’t understand them at all.

  6. Anti M

    The color on the first one is frighteningly bad: it makes her skin look sickly green. The second dress is full bore awesome. Did she kick her stylist’s cat? Somebody really doesn’t like girlfriend to let her out of the house in the first gown.

  7. Marg

    The first dress requires no comment it speaks for itself. Her face is so pretty in the later photos, but not as lovely in the first. Maybe she’s tense over the insane dress she’s wearing? The later dresses are lovely accept for the last drapey thing. That does nothing for her, but her face looks radiant. The blue embroidered is cute but the placement of the swirls are ruined for me by my memories of the first pic’s almost vag reveal.

  8. Elle

    Dissenting vote here. Beautiful Oscar dress. Loved the color and design. Who knows how she kept it this side of Girls’ Gone Wild but who cares. She looked great.

    • Moa

      I agree with you, I also really liked it on her. I do agree that it’s a colour that is difficult for most people to pull of, but somehow, she did.

  9. Bella

    How and why is this a Bond girl?

    • esther

      i don’t think she is technically a bond girl if she didn’t sleep with him AND turned out to be Moneypenny.

      at least, i don’t think she slept with him, i skipped as soon it got to the horribly awkward shaving-face scene.

  10. bambi_beth

    The Oscars dress was something re/upcycled and environmentally friendly. Some of the detail was candy wrappers. Maybe the natural dyes were that color–arguably a horrible color on many, many people, but I think she’s pulling it off. The slit…. I agree with Candy. I think I CAN see her hoo-ha.

  11. Rayna

    I just can’t even with the sky high slits. Please, girls, make it stop!

    Sherbet dress – luscious!

  12. Donna

    I love those gold shoes she has on with the Oscars dress — I want something with those heels! The height of the slit is really the only thing I object to about the dress; I think she’s carrying it off otherwise!

    • Mair Mair

      Came here to say the same thing about those awesome gold shoes! But you and I part ways about the dress, which I think is quite awful.

  13. Anj

    I feel like this slideshow is unfair because her after-party dress was amazing!! I thought her Oscar’s dress was nice but I see the points people are making. I have an absolute girl-crush on her now so maybe my mind is clouded but who can say she doesn’t look lovely here:

    • Anj

      PS- The point I meant to make was that her Vanity Fair party dress wasn’t included in the slideshow.

      • Helen

        Why didn’t she wear that to the awards? She looked great in that!

        • Anj

          True, it’s more Oscar’s worthy. I wonder if people save their nicer dresses for the parties since they’re mingling and being seen while at the Oscar’s, you’re really just sitting down unless you’re nominated/presenting.

  14. Marg

    The gold shoes in the first slide are marvelous.

  15. buttercup

    I really liked her in Skyfall, and she has a sparkly personality I like.

    But every time I see her on a carpet, I feel like she is try-harding. She’s been in one big movie, but she’s often the most exposed, most slit up to there, tightest, glitziest, etc. I’m torn between understanding that if I had one big chance, I would make the most of it too or standing down a bit because you don’t want to overdress for everything (I see you, Paula Patton).

    This slideshow at least gave me hope that she has a fun sense of style, so I hope to see more of that.

  16. Jenz

    The SkyTrain pic is very, very dangerously close to appearing in a Nip Slip feature.

    • Maretha2

      I thought so too — it appears that Left Areola is trying to say hello.
      My spectrum of feelings on this whole slide show went from underwhelmed to afraid I’d see personal bits. Except for the woman in the metallic gown in the background — that dress looked amazing.

      • Katie

        Is she wearing the dress backward??? It looks like it is possible from the side view pic link. That dress isn’t doing her chest any favors.

  17. Helen

    I disliked, fairly intensely, all of these dresses. The first speaks for itself…

    The ones in slides #3 and #4 are Rorschach prints, with heavy, ugly shoes, to boot. The orange almost had me until I realized the back – of the top only – is pink (great shoes there though). The blue caftan is unflatteringly shapeless and so is its hem (although also with great shoes there). It’s all pretty bad.

    But that Lhuillier after-party dress, not featured, now that was lovely.

  18. Sajorina

    Love the 3rd & 4th outfits!

  19. MegoPachego

    That first dress: I sighed … audibly. Not that silent, imaginary how I would react hypothetically if I saw her in real life kind of sigh. No, aloud which slightly upset my dozing dog friend.

  20. bee

    why didn’t she keep her Skyfall hair? much nicer

  21. Lori

    That dress in slide 4 is doing terrible, horrible things to her chest.

    • Miss Jane

      It looks like her boobs are making simultaneous, diagonally upward bids for freedom. They apparently REALLY don’t want to be associated with that dress.

  22. Vandalfan

    What is she posed in front of, in the Oscars dress? Looks like a Simplicity bridal pattern from 1968.

  23. Squirrel!

    I think I like the Skyfall train dress, although, as some noted, it looks like it might be on backwards. Not a fan of the shoes, though. Also am fond of the white dress.
    Who is in the background of slide 2? I do like that look!