Oscars Well Played: Nina Dobrev


Holy cats. I’m still voting Watts or Keibler for my overall best-dressed, but Nina Dobrev just took the lead among the post-party set.

This is stunning. It’s pretty on its own, but it’s tangible divinity on her. Between this and Stacy Keibler, and making  Michelle Obama’s cameo very ritzy, Naeem Khan may have won the night. I know he’s not some crazy couturier based overseas, but Anne Hathaway really ought to give him a call next time.

[Photo: Getty]

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  1. qwertygirl

    Even though the pattern reads a wee bit wallpaper-y to me, the high contrast makes it fab. This is a win, IMO.

  2. LT1

    Holy cats is right–this is gorgeous. Does she have a great stylist or just impeccable taste for these events?

  3. Popcouver

    That’s a lot of makeup for Nina, who is normally very fresh-faced. But damn can she rock the hell out of a gown. Stunning!

  4. Caroline

    So beautiful AND she knows how to dress!

  5. erin

    oh my gosh… i LOVE this one. she makes me want to try and pull off that print… I would look like someone’s very nicely patterned overstuffed chair.

    definitely one of my top best dressed from the oscars-ish

  6. Sarah

    Nina rarely missteps. She’s such an underrated fashion star.

  7. Julie

    Good lord she’s pretty. I can’t decide if I like this dress or the pink one she wore to the SAGs better. She (or her stylist) pretty much always chooses awesome stuff.

  8. ErinE

    Beautiful fabric. I would have liked a bright red lip to really make it va-va-voom,.

  9. Esme


  10. Nicole McIlroy Steeves

    Pretty, but I have that exact fabric covering my bedroom windows, Fraulein Maria.

  11. Amoki

    Oh my god, that neckline plus the nipped in waist and just enough floor sweeping, dramatic length has taken what nature has blessed her with AND TURNED IT TO 11.

    Damn, Nina.

  12. Victoria

    It’s lacking something – oh yeah, some Ian Somerhalder arm candy…

  13. lola

    i agree the necklines on this (and Stacey’s ) plus the nipped waist and well draped skirt in an over the top pattern is a stunning combination. she and stacy look like their bodies were drawn by Erté.

  14. Other Emily

    Wow. Amazing.

  15. Jen from cincy

    This neckline would really have improved Ann’s apron dress. I love this one!

  16. Lynne

    This is Naeem Khan too? Seriously beautiful stuff. Although, yeah. Would have looked even better with some Somerhalder.

  17. Marion

    Well, you ordered them to line it and put it on someone in your NY Fashion Show post. They did and found the perfect person for this. It is even better here than on the runway. Just glorious.

    • Angela Brown

      This was one of my favorites from that Naeem Khan slideshow. I am so glad someone wore it so soon and rocked the hell out of it!

  18. BrownEyedBetty

    This was in the NYFW post? I’ll have to go back and look. I love me some B&W so I’m lovin’ this. FAB all the way!

  19. Sara

    She just keeps showing up places looking awesome.

  20. Tiffany

    I love this. She has such great style, she is always classy and not overly accessorized. I think this is so classy and elegant without being try-hard. You can always tell she has an amazing figure without her showing tons of T&A. It gives her tons of points in my book…it would be so easy for her to over-expose her bits, I am sure she has tons of her “people” asking her to sex it up a bit to further her career.

  21. crystal

    Gorrrrgeous. I keep thinking I’ve seen the best dress of the night, and then along comes someone like Nina to knock my socks off all over again.

  22. Sabrina

    Freaking gorgeous. And her skin always seems to glow on the RC- How does she do that??

  23. Jane

    That sound you hear is Anne Hathaway whimpering as she contemplates how much better she would have looked in THIS.

  24. Rita

    Holy cats, that’s some mad designing skills to make damask look so fabulous as clothing fabric and not make her look like curtains. Or pillows. Or wallpaper. Or a couch. Kudos to both Naeem Khan and Nina. Dayum.

    • Jennifer

      I agree. The pattern, if it had been placed differently, could have turned into one of those strange dresses where her crotch looks like a roaring tiger and her boobs look like an owl. This dress does not do that, which is amazing.

  25. Carol

    I am so in love with this!!!

  26. Celia
    • Helen

      Thanks Celia!

      That dark lining in Nina’s version turns it into couturier-strikes-gold.

      • CakesOnAPlane

        it looks like a completely different dress when lined (in a good way).

  27. Pamb

    Am I the only one who thinks of Carole Radziwill denying Countess LuAnn access to Naeem Khan whenever I hear his name? Anyone? Bueller?

  28. Mary

    It’s got a gorgeous back as well… Well done Nina… 1000% better than the original runway version.


  29. Nina

    It’s beautiful, but the pattern is just a bit too busy for that length. I would like it more if the dress were shorter. Otherwise, she looks gorgeous.

  30. dominika

    CURTAINs!!! I mean they are nice curtains but CURTAINS!!! like in a French toilette, just next to the bidet…

  31. MegoPachego

    I am so pattern-picky, but I love this unreservedly. This girl always looks good. (I feel like going on a “Canada represent” moment).

  32. Guerra

    Wow, gorgeous!!!

  33. CC

    I so wish her purse had been a pop of solid color. Mustard yellow, emerald, or magenta, maybe. She does look fantastic. Her perfect posture always helps.

  34. Sajorina

    LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is PERFECTION, as is she! That is my dream outfit for an Oscar party! HOT DAMN, Dobrev! WIN!!! Absolute FAB! One of my favorites of the night, for sure!

  35. witjunkie

    I unreservedly love all iterations of this B&W pattern.

    And I LOVE that Nina Dobrev said hell no, I’m not wearing this unlined! YAY NINA

  36. Vandalfan

    When unlined, it’s just another boring yet revolting sheer overlay. But lined, it’s incredible, fresh, cutting edge.

    That handbag is beautiful, but not with this dress.

  37. Hima

    I love that (as far as I can tell) her dress is FULLY lined. And not sporadically, or strategically, or whatever BS lining we’ve seen recently. No sheer leg curtains! No nude stomach, or underboob, or sideboob, or some random other sheer part. No visible granny pants! Or bra! Fully lined FTW.

    (If I am wrong and am missing some random sheer place, please don’t tell me. I’d rather love this unreservedly).