Oscars Well Played: Louise Roe


Louise Roe is one of those omnipresent Fashion Week types where nobody quite knows why she’s famous, but they know they have to take her picture. She is basically a British TV host and sometime model who was on The City, does a bunch of stuff for Style, and is the only person E! has employed since Joan Rivers for on-the-spot red-carpet criticism who actually speaks her mind, which may explain why she only did it for them once. So, even though she harped on Christopher Plummer’s age a lot (which he did too, in the end), I’m okay with Louise Roe having a moment. She seems nice. And she handled it gracefully when Santa Nick Nolte rolled up to her microphone on Sunday — she interviewed people for ABC — and couldn’t understand a word she was saying.

I also really, really love this dress on her. Lots of people popped by the NY Mag ┬álive blog to ask if it was wrong that they liked this so much, and I say no. You were RIGHT. It’s very different — so classy, so well-made, so appropriate, so flattering. Kate Middleton should be sad she wasn’t the Brit who nabbed this first, because it would cut a fun new silhouette for her while also staying true to what the Palace expects (ie, pretty, demure). So well played, indeed, Louise — after all, if we’re all going to have to stare at you awkwardly while Nick Nolte tries to translate English to English, you damn well gave us a nice distraaction.

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  1. Sara L.

    Oh my gawd I felt bad for her during that interview. Painful. At least she looked amazing! I love this, too.

  2. Fawn

    I love this dress too – very cool. I also think this is the kind of silhouette Meryl Streep should be looking for.

  3. TaraMisu

    Ooohhhhh I like, I like! I have no idea who this is but well played.

    • Kristan

      That was exactly my reaction when I was watching her on ABC’s broadcast, lol.

  4. Annie E

    I will never cease to be surprised when Nick Nolte doesn’t look like his mug shot.

  5. Sonya

    I love it too, it is demure and classy and not too attention-whorish and the color is lovely on her. I am not usually a pastel fan (it looks like pale, pale, pastel ballet pink to me) but since her coloring is not super fair, it looks good on her. It is also a little bit 80′s too, but in a good way.

    • Jamie

      I totally agree on the non-attention-whorish bit. She looks great, but also not like she’s hoping people will confuse her with a nominee (AHEM *coughcough* Guiliana and Maria *coughcough*). She looks very pretty, but also still like she’s working at the event, as opposed to an invited guest.

  6. Anj

    It’s nice but I think it’s more suited to Helen Mirren or an orthodox bridesmaid.

  7. Emily

    Notle was so rude! I thought she handled it so well, and I decided to like her and her dress right that instant. It is very pretty but also visually interesting, which is what sets it apart.

  8. Sara B.

    This was my very favorite dress of Oscar night. I do think it’s a bit old for her, but she was an interviewer not an attendee, and she looked fabulous without looking as if she was competing with the movie stars.

  9. Melly

    I LOVED this when I first saw it. But in other poses it seemed just too much. Too many flaps and layers. But the belt is drop-dead beautiful and you can tell she loves the outfit.

  10. theotherjennifer

    give me her over that Guiliana or that other hot mess with Tim Gunn anytime. Loved her sense of humor and she wore that dress with a lot of style!

  11. ringthing

    I loved this as soon as I saw it. Very Downton Abbeyesque.

  12. Anna B.

    She was delightful and I love the color but no. I just can’t. It’s “very rich divorcee mother of the bride” to the nth degree. I appreciate that she was trying to be fashionable while still trying to keep the focus on the “stars” but it’s just distractingly matronly to me.

  13. ivana

    “…translate English to English…” HEEHEE!! I will steal that line…but I will credit my source!

  14. Jacq

    She looks stunning.

  15. Cranky Old Batt

    This , like Cloris Leachman’s dress, is on the worst dressed list on SF Gate.
    The person who decided that is freaking daft.

    This dress gets major points for:

    Fitting properly
    Being an unexpected color that could be bad but is actually great
    Having some architectural detailing that remind me of Frank Lloyd Wright

    I think its swell as are her hair and her smile.

    • mepe

      Going to check out the SF gate list right now….not surprised they didn’t like it since fashion editors in SF are typically an embarrassment to the city!

  16. Julie Chase

    She had people vote between this dress and another over at Glamour and I’m so glad this won. She looked great. I love how it’s structural and feminine all at the same time.

  17. Kelley

    This was my best-dressed of the night!

  18. anny

    Like it very much, not least because my first thought was of Hepburn’s gingham skirt in The Philadelphia Story – I bet it moves like that. [link to the photo]

  19. Kate

    See, I hated it. Still do. Even though it fits, it seems too big for her somehow. And too matronly. I liked her though. After the voice that is Robin Roberts (Jesus, shut up already) she and Tim were a lovely tonic.

  20. mepe

    I also had no idea who she was but thought she looked exceptionally pretty in this dress. Which is kind of strange because I also think it would make a very pretty mother-of-the-bride dress.

  21. mepe

    ps. What the heck is wrong with Nick Nolte?! Why is he SO cranky and mean?

    • vandalfan

      Off his meds, maybe?

      I like the dress and it seems appropriate for an interviewer, not the full length ice dancer outfit that other gal sported.

  22. Prolixity

    I LOVED this. It looked effortless and elegant. I worried it might be a skooch Mother of the Bride-y, but I decided no the orifami saved it and it is (more than a) skooch fabulous.

  23. Sajorina

    It’s a beautiful dress, but I think it’s completely lost on her! I would’ve liked to see this on someone of bigger stature, like SWINTON, who would make it justice! Plus, I don’t know her, but her styling is great, though!

  24. Dani

    Wow. I am obviously alone here, but I really hated this dress. There’s just too much, but at the same time not enough. The colour is bland. It’s like only the bottom of her is going to the Oscars, the top half if going to the office by way of the country club.

    • Heta

      Exactly! My notes were “origami meets anchorwoman/politician’s wife.” I love the color, and the belt, and the structured part, but the blazer styling made this one of my least favorite, alas. If it were sleeveless and without the extra layer of ruffles on the lower half, I would’ve loved it.

    • NYCGirl

      I don’t hate it, but I do agree that the iacket and the skirt (dress?) don’t work together.

      Also– Nick Nolte had trouble understanding someone else? He truly does look like he’d sound the way he did in the gag: “Arghgrargfum.”

  25. Angela

    Hated the dress. Also, found her to be very annoying. I was actually wishing for more Seacrest.

  26. cc

    I think this is nice, I don’t really like the jacket aspect of it though.

  27. Squirrel!

    I saw her doing interviews for ABC and thought, “I don’t know who this British Louise person is, but she’s lovely and her dress is beautiful!”

  28. Tee Cee

    I guess I am in the minority here–I thought this was hideous. It could possibly work on La Mirren, but on this (superyoung) woman, whoever she is, it lands in Mother-of-the-Brideville. FUG!

  29. Shannon

    It’s a flounce too far. I would love it if it just didn’t have that extra layer around her knees. Hold two fingers up to cover that flounce for yourself and see if that doesn’t vastly improve it.

    It’s also a touch too pale for me, but at least it’s not that terrible beige so many (ahem, Kristen Wiig) women keep wearing.

  30. Colleen

    Most awesome dress! Also, kudos for handling Nick Nolte. Kudos for even recognizing him.

  31. Julie

    This is beautiful. I love the belt.

  32. Kat

    Does anyone else see shades of Heidi Montag’s first face in her? Something about them looks similar.

  33. Mahastee

    I love everything about this; the clutch, the jewels, the belt, the pleating, the sleeves, how well the colour suits her. Even though I am not a huge fan of pinks, I think this really works on her and it looks so much more crisp and clean than beige.

    I am so excited about the return of sleeves! Strapless has reigned for far too long.

  34. Guerra


  35. Grace

    I loved this dress too…very classy and the origami details knocked it out of the park. For those asking, the dress is by a label called Black Halo. You’ve seen Black Halo’s other dress ( the “Jackie”) everywhere…on Scarlett Johannson in Iron Man, on Angela Basset in “Jumping the Broom” and on other celebs. Nordstrom carries them, but I think Louise’s dress was especially made for her.

  36. Sharon

    Sorry. This is like the mother of the bride going to the wedding.

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