Oscars Well Played: Kelly Ripa


Apparently Kelly Ripa was doing some Oscars stuff from L.A. for her morning show. And I’m glad she was.

I LOVE this Carolina Herrera gown. Love it. And even more, I love it when somebody totally unexpected hits me with my favorite of the night. It’s now a three-way tie between her and Watts and Keibler, with Chastain very close as well (I’m still voting Watts, I think, though, because hers was the biggest risk). Not to demean Kelly, though, because she looks wonderful in this, but: Whenever I look at it, I think about the other actresses I wish had worn it. For instance, looking at the styling here… don’t you wish Reese had this on instead of what she wore? Or Jennifer Aniston (even though I liked her gown, a pattern would be a freaking revolution for her)? Or, God, even Anne Hathaway? It isn’t Anne’s cup of tea at all, but it’s still BETTER. Who SHOULD have worn this, Fug Nation? Who MOST needed to have Carolina Herrera on speed dial?

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  1. cathy

    i can totally imagine this one reese! even kellys hair is similar to hers at the oscars. in fact, maybe reeses skin tone would work even better with navy than kellys here (god, i hate tanning booths, they are devils playground) and reese has that lovely perkiness about her to work that floral print

  2. Art Eclectic

    This dress and a bra would have gone a long way towards classing up Heidi Klum.

  3. Dave

    Zellweger is (or was?) a big Herrera fan — she could have used this, although her dress was probably the least of her problems that night.

    • Erin

      She was who came to my mind, too. Ripa definitely landed the better dress.

    • Jenny

      Zellweger’s dress was a Herrera. She needed more than Carolina to get her through the ceremony.

  4. Eirwen

    Not that keen- a bit curtain like and the pattern isn’t amazing.

  5. AmandaD

    And that is how a strapless bodice should sit. Beautiful.

  6. jjdaddyo

    I’m sorry, when I saw the skirt I thought “digital urban camo pattern”, and now I can’t unthink that.

  7. Bella

    I don’t often like what Ripa wears, but this looks great on her.

  8. Elaine

    This dress is what Roslyn Pike’s frock aspired to be. Kelly Ripa and Kristin Chenowith could totally switch outfits too.

  9. Ann

    Anyone and everyone! On top of everything, it also looks really comfortable, and even if it gets a bit rumpled from sitting, won’t look the worse for it.

  10. pantsonfire

    Eh. There is something about it that isn’t working for me. I think the bodice is perhaps an inch too long? And the solid paired with that particular print doesn’t feel interesting and neat to me…just asymmetrical and wrong and disjointed. I don’t hate the idea of the dress whatsoever…I’m super keen on prints and love the idea of a solid bodice with an eyecatching skirt — I just don’t like this particular execution.

    • KB

      Long bodice – yes – that is what is bugging me about this!

      Otherwise I quite like it, and would have liked Aniston to wear it. Would have gone better with her daily-wear hair.

      • pantsonfire

        I agree 100% that Aniston would suit this dress perfectly. Great call.

  11. laura

    Helen Hunt….

  12. laura

    …and after her, Anne Hathaway. Anything probably would have looked better on Anne, poor thing.

  13. house mouse

    I immediately thought of Reese for this one.

  14. Helen

    Kelly Ripa drives me bats, but this is a stunning dress and she is wearing the hell out of it.

    I think if you wear something that well, you’re earning it. I wouldn’t want to see it on anyone else. And I say this very grudgingly! But, credit where credit is due. She’s doing everything the wearer needs to do to deserve a garment this amazing.

  15. Sajorina

    COVET the dress! GORGEOUS! Well played, Rippa! FAB!

  16. Erin B

    I am really proud of Kelly Ripa for being way smarter and fashion savvy-er than Academy Award-winning actresses were. Why is it so tough for the other ladies to choose great dresses?

  17. TonyG

    If she didn’t mind looking a little older, a dress like this might have looked nice on Hailee Steinfeld rather than the leather Pennsylvania Dutch outfit she wore to the Vanity Fair party.

  18. Emma

    “I think about the other actresses I wish had worn it.” I said almost the exact thing to my friend when we saw it. It’s really lovely, and if it had been on Anne Hathaway, everyone would be talking about it.

  19. Siouxi

    Love how comfortable it looks, love how pretty it is, lovelovelove. Want.

  20. bee

    I just don’t think it’s very spectacular, sorry. Nothing wrong with it, either, just meh.
    Although MUCH better than Reese’s, true.

  21. Fiona

    Eh? I don’t think I’m seeing what you’re seeing, Heather. This dress is resoundingly ordinary (though admittedly very well fitted). I don’t know, that pattern is just too Aerin-Lauder’s-bathroom for me.

  22. Amanda In Austin

    Anne Hathaway, by a mile.

  23. mepe

    Agree…really gorgeous dress! I think it would have been great for Helen Hunt.

  24. Vandalfan

    It’s the perfect iteration of so many formal gowns for the Oscars. The volume of the skirt and “bigness” of the print is perfect, and the strapless, dropped waist bodice is perfectly fitted.

  25. McLisa

    Perfect. Relaxed and elegant.

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