Oscars Well Played, Juliette Lewis


I think this dress is completely charming:

And not only in comparison to, say, THIS glorious confection from her archives. In fairness, Lewis generally pulls it together for an event like the Oscars and saves the crazy for events at which the crazy is at least semi-acceptable, but I still think it’s important to indulge in some positive reinforcement.

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Comments (33):

  1. buttercup

    YES! Wow. I’d almost forgotten how genuinely pretty she can be. She looks awesome.

  2. pantsonfire

    Nards. I was all set to covet this dress, but then I “enhanced” and realized that it wasn’t a print of flowers, but 3-D thread flowers sprouting out of the dress. Though that fits with Kooky Lewis, I’ll have to pass. It’s a bridge too far.

    • Julie

      I was coming here to say the EXACT same thing. I loved it until I realized the pattern was made up of little tassels. It also looks like the neckline is choking her.

      But from afar: springy and pretty.

  3. Tiffany

    I love this! It looks so…FRESH. Like spring! I seriously had to look twice, she looks so different from her usual style.

  4. Bella

    Wow! It’s been a while since we’ve seen her look so good.

  5. esther

    even if the flowers are 3D, i seriously love this. gorgeous shape and drape.

  6. Holly Hamilton

    Uhm, why is she at the Oscars? Seriously, was she in something?

    She does look good in a much better way than I recall her being.

    • Katharine

      She’s a past nominee for Best Supporting Actress, so she would be a member of the Academy, and entitled to apply for tickets to the event. This is the Vanity Fair after-party, and probably more difficult to get into – hopefully she’s got some interesting roles coming up.

      This dress is gorgeous : she looks fantastic!

      • Wendy

        She’s in August: Osage County with Meryl Streep, Julia Roberts (ugh), Margo Martindale, Abigail Breslin, Benedict Cumberbatch, Ewan McGregor and a bunch of other people. Should be pretty great.

  7. H.C.

    She’s another one of those where I had to wiki her age and go “Dang! She’s doing fiiiine for 39!”

  8. Rayna

    She looks cool and fun.

  9. house mouse

    I’m always so pleased to see her, even when she’s kooking it up. But this is just delighful!

  10. rb

    Gorgeous. For. A. Change. Juliette was truly Brad’s training wheels for Cray(zy) Jolie.

  11. Helen

    I really kind of hate it, but on the Lewis Scale, it qualifies for Well Played.

  12. Sajorina

    OMG, I love that dress! She looks so pretty! FAB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Ann

    I love this and it is completely suited to her. She looks glamourous, yet kind of carefree.

  14. Ellen

    She looks fantastic! I would love to see her in more like this!

  15. KB

    You know, for whatever reason she always bugged me in her heyday (early ’90s-ish) but I’ve kind of grown to love and appreciate her. And if she keeps struttin’ around town looking this good, my love will surely continue to grow.

  16. Elle

    She looks lovely AND CLEAN!!

  17. Kit

    This is … wonderful. I want it, actually and want to wear it when I renew my vows at some fictitious summer re-wedding. :)

  18. Betty

    I have a soft spot for Juliette, and the dress is classy and fresh. However, somehow it just doesn’t jive for me with her particular hair color. Her head looks great, and the dress looks great and flatters her figure, but when my eyes get to the neck part, I just expect to see either a different head or a different dress. Does anyone else feel that?

  19. Edith

    She looks gorgeous and that dress is a revelation. I must own it! (In my head this is followed by Dread Pirate Wesley chiding me, “Get used to disappointment.”)

  20. nicole

    When she was in OK filming August: Osage County, she was all over town (Tulsa) – having dinner at the homes of some of my friends, hitting concerts, and generally just being charming and awesome as hell. I have always had a love for her, but that solidified it. And I LOVE this dress – the yellow detail peeking through on the bottom just makes me happy.

  21. Jodi

    WAIT! Stop the presses, you have to see this dress from the side…


    I liked it, too, until I saw that view.

  22. witjunkie

    I am really liking her grownup woman face.

  23. mepe

    She looks amazing – this is one of my favs from the party shots. It’s really an interesting dress…totally unexpected side and back but not so wacky that it’s distracting. Does anyone know the designer?

  24. Vandalfan

    Fancy apron sings “Jean Nate’, Jean Nate’”.

  25. Chrissy

    This is the best she’s EVER looked.

  26. blah

    So thats where I left all my fly fishing lures!