Oscars Well Played: Elizabeth Banks


Sorry, Ryan Seacrest. If you were hoping to win Tallest Oscar Hair, Elizabeth Banks is here to crush your dreams.

She is also in one of my favorite gowns of the night. Keibler and Watts are tied for first with what they wore to the ceremony, but Banks is leading the post-party charge with this fabulous, bright, gracefully patterned McQueen. The belt gives it the right touch of edge, and everything else gives it the right touch of YES. I wish this flower grow in my backyard. I’d be so glamorous. And wealthy, because you know I’d harvest them and start one hell of an Etsy store.

[Photo: Getty]

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Comments (38):

  1. Corriner

    Finally, FINALLY some colour!!!!

    THANK YOU, Elizabeth Banks!

  2. Maria L.

    Hmmmm. Dunno. It kind of looks like a flowy version of Gaga’s meat dress to me. Or like she got it on with the butcher on the way to the Vanity Fair shindig. Pretty shape and nice fit, but it’s a bit bloody for my taste.

  3. Jen S 2.0

    I hate orange and I don’t tend to like patterns, and she is ROCKING this. HARD. Wow.

  4. BooRad859

    The perfect after party dress, as she makes it look so effortless.

  5. Orange Clouds

    That reminds me of all the amazing oranges and yellows she was rocking during The Hunger Games press tour, I love her style.

  6. erin

    i wish i could better say why… but i hate this look. i think its more because of the hair than the dress? i know i hate that hair. i’m just not sure if my hairjudice (hair prejudice) is unfairly coloring my poor opinion of the dress. but as a whole look, this is definitely not cutting it for me.

    • Lisa

      Ha! I, too hate the hair, really really hate it. But I overcame it. Because I think the dress is pretty fabulous.

      • ErinE

        I hate the hair too, but am willing to write it off because they still filming Hunger Games, and I really think Effie gets into EB’s system…

        • CakesOnAPlane

          The hair is so STIFF, with that flowing (beautiful) fabric, it just looks dissonant to me. And yes I just used music theory terminology to describe a photo.

  7. Tamburlaine

    Oh, WOW, that is gorgeous. I love the gold belt with it (and her lovely smiling face).

  8. margaret

    Agree–I dont like the hair–but love the gown. When I see such gorgeous, full skirts I have to wonder whether the wearer is actually standing on a stepladder underneath there!

  9. jerkygirl

    This may be my favorite dress of the night. Love this!!!

    • jerkygirl

      Oh, and will this count toward the Oscar’s best dressed vote, even though it’s an after-party dress?

  10. Esme

    Hmm, for me, this is the wrong touch of NO!

  11. filmcricket

    This is another one of her “Girl on Fire” dresses – is she ramping up for the next set of premieres? I love it, although her hair is a bit Max Headroomy for my taste. She is the rare pale blonde who can wear things on the yellow end of the spectrum and I love that she does it often.

  12. BrownEyedBetty

    Stunning Look. Beautiful and effortless. I only wish I could get those damn blinking “get the look” stars off my screen. So Annoying!!

    • Heidi

      In the top left corner of the picture there is a circle with two l shapes in it, click on that and then “turn luminate off”

  13. Art Eclectic

    From the neck down that is one amazing look. The belt is perfect and this was one of the few strapless gowns I saw that I didn’t think needed a tug northward.

  14. Tiffany

    Loooove this dress. It looks so bright and fresh.

  15. house mouse

    She’s so great. I love the way that she’s always willing to rock a bright pattern, and this one is definitely one of her best.

  16. Gaƫlle

    It looks nice…on this photo.On the other photos I saw, this dress pinched and cinched her chest painfully.

  17. karen

    See, this seems to be the right amount of cleavage – Heidi & Brandi, are you paying attention?!

    Hate the hair, but love her smile & the dress!

  18. Jamie

    Look what Dior started. METALLIC BELTS FOR EVERYBODY!

  19. ErinE

    I like this! It reminds me of the purple dress Mila Kunis wore during the Black Swan year – very flowy and pretty.

  20. Roosje

    I love this dress and wish we could have seen it on the red carpet, there’s several actresses whom I feel this would have been great for

  21. Chasmosaur

    I’m not dissing the dress, but Michelle Obama essentially wore it to the China State Dinner two years ago.


  22. mepe

    Totally agree – this is gorgeous on her!! And love that gold belt. Who’s her stylist?

  23. Helen

    Max Headroom tries cross-dressing.

  24. KB

    I lovity, love, love, LOVE this.

  25. fritanga

    OK, Avery can do no wrong for me no matter what she wears, but this is particularly beautiful and flattering. So romantic and bright. She just rules.

  26. Mary

    I agree with ErinE… This dress felt like it had been worn before… When she said Mila I finally found the dress that this one reminded me of… Mila’s is better.


  27. MegoPachego

    Of course it’s McQueen. I have a McQueen weakness. She looks gorgeous and this dress is all kinds of awesome. Plus, I love me a blonde in orange (thanks Clinton Kelly).

  28. Emma

    So far I don’t agree with any of Heather’s picks for best dressed. This is disturbing.

  29. Vandalfan

    I’d prefer a thinner black belt and less hair shellac.

  30. Sajorina

    I love the dress and that belt is bitchin’! I don’t like the hairdo,. but she looks great! FAB!

  31. ThaliaM

    Wow, a beautiful dress. Love the color, print, drape, and the gold belt. Maybe a teensy bit of a weird fit in the bodice, but that would be nitpicking. But good gravy, the HAIR. It is rare for me to see hair so egregiously awful that it can almost spoil the effects of an otherwise great dress, but this is IT. Awful, horrible hair.

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