Oscars Well Played: Bret McKenzie

One of the Conchords has an Oscar! AND he’s an acrobatic draw with his finger guns!

Now let’s work on Jemaine. If we can’t get him a statuette, then can they at least start writing the opening song montage? You want your young ‘uns, Academy? Go get ‘em.

[Photo: Getty]

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  1. Elissa

    He was the best part of the Oscars. Along with Will Ferral and Zach Galfinakawhateverhisnameis.

  2. Chasmosaur

    This was nice and all, but this particular Oscar is nettling me a little bit.

    Because this means “The Muppets” is an Academy Award winning movie…but not a single one of the 8 Harry Potter movies can boast even one. I mean “Muppet or Man” is cute, but John Williams’ Harry Potter scores only were nominated twice and never won. It’s not that I think the acting was always top-notch, but art direction, visual effects and makeup? Never a one.

    That “Iron Lady” won for makeup when the HP team made Hot Neville look like Doughy Neville – along with all the goblin makeup – is mystifying…

    • Rowynn

      You make a very good point, Chasmosaur. I was also surprised when Iron Lady won for makeup. Not that it wasn’t good, but as you said, the HP team did so much more. I had picked the Albert Nobbs makeup team to win, but there you go… they do say that not every Oscar is awarded strictly for merit.. its politics and popularity. Go figure, huh?

  3. Rowynn

    I was delighted when I realized who he was – I liked the Conchords, but I hadn’t thought of them since their show went off HBO. WTG Bret!!

  4. Jessica

    Well, Williams has a LOT of Oscars — I think at this point, the voters feel like he’s been sufficiently feted. The other movies COULDN’T be nominated because so much of his HP score is re-used (to great effect) from film to film, so they were ineligible. “Muppet or Man” totally deserved that win, I think. And that song winning doesn’t take anything away from Harry Potter, because HP has no original songs. (I wish it did. Can you imagine the Celine Dion song about Voldemort? WHY CAN’T THIS HAPPEN???)

    That being said, I totally agree with you that HP was robbed in the technical departments. Iron Lady beating all that goblin work is a complete and utter mystery to me.

    • Chasmosaur

      Oh, I meant no actual disrespect. I mean, really cute song and the Muppets as a cultural icon are more relevant for me as a child of the 70′s :)

      But I just find it weird that after 8 movies, they couldn’t throw a token one at the HP franchise. Art Direction if nothing else – those movies were so detailed.

      • Heather

        At least “Man or Muppet” was not up against the HP movies in any way. So as irritating as it is, Bret’s not to blame for the robbery.

  5. taylor

    I’m so happy for him about the Oscar. Also, that is the best red carpet picture, ever! Yay, Bret!

  6. PK

    Check out the brigade of old dudes right behind, giving him the “oh, back in my day I would’ve given you a run for your money, young man” looks, LOL!

    • SJC

      I was looking at those old dudes too. Then I had a Muppet thought: They are STATLER and WALDORF. Amazing.

  7. corriner

    It makes me so happy that he is officially an Oscar winner. That, and the fact that he and Jemaine are both doing really well post-tv show. Jemaine is going to be in MIB3 and was AMAZING in Dinner for Schmucks, and Bret is in both of the Hobbit films.

    I love them!

    • Miranda

      HE IS GOING TO BE IN MIB3?!?!?! Words fail me. This is unspeakably wonderful.

  8. Michelle

    Yes. So much yes to all of the above.
    In Jemaine’s immortal words “Bret, you got it goin’ on.”
    (But really, can we get Jemaine an Oscar too? Just so they’ll be on an even footing… s’only fair.)

    • RosieB

      I love them so so so much. Can we get them hosting the Oscars next year??

  9. CJ

    He’s the Boom King!!

    • Deborah Stultz

      I was singing the same song in my head when he went to the stage!

  10. Sarah

    Conchords 4-Evah!!!!

  11. LG

    Favorite picture from the Oscars. The end.

  12. Jen

    Does he have a note taped to the bottom of his shoe? What is that?

  13. Ruby

    Yay another Oscar for New Zealand! And more specifically, Wellington!!! woohoo homgrown talent

  14. Ruby

    *homegrown…my excitement got the better of me

    • Rebecca Bryan

      Wellington. Crappy weather but amazing talent. Love my home town :)

  15. Ngaire

    Man or Muppet winning was an awesome moment because:
    a) it’s a great song,
    b) it was brilliant hearing a Kiwi accent on stage, and
    c) this photo is the BEST red carpet photo ever.

    Bret and Jemaine should win ALL THE THINGS.

    Oh, the clothes. Well, Bret does look seriously dapper.

  16. Mahastee

    Hooray for Antipodean talent! Yay!!

  17. jenny

    This is excellent. The only way it could be improved would be if there were a little thought bubble above those three guys in the background that said something about whippersnappers.

  18. Sajorina

    I love this picture! And, he’s not only cute, but he can wear a tux & work it! Well Played!!!

    • Lilibet

      Too true! Pity Germaine wasn’t there to add some dry deadpanning. Love ‘em both.

  19. freena

    This made my day.

  20. Meginha


    …as you were.

  21. AM

    Bret and Jemaine need to host the Oscars. Then I might watch.

    Sadly us Aussies can’t claim them as our own :-(

  22. Kay

    He is so cute it hurts me a little.

  23. Remi

    See, if I did this in a picture…well, it would need to be destroyed obviously.

    So obviously me and the green monster think this is a ridiculous picture.

  24. Peachsiki

    This makes me so genuinely happy… words can not describe how excited I was to see him win, even my uncle was excited haha!

  25. Sonya

    Bret is so cute and talented. Sigh.

  26. vandalfan

    Not a clue who he is, or any Conchord (Big airplanes?) but this is utterly adorable. Isn’t that just how wining an Oscar should FEEL? And Statler and Waldorf agree.

    But Rickman wuz robbed, I tell ya…

  27. Lizzie T

    THIS just made my day!!!!! Bret is SO adorable. Let’s get some love for Jemaine, too!

    And they ABSOLUTELY MOST DEFINITELY should be the next Oscar hosts. Now I’ve got that idea in my brain and nothing else will make me happy.

    Cutie patootie.

  28. Not That Molly

    Oh yeah baby…it’s Business Time. Adorable! His win was one of my favorite moments of the night. I just wish the producers had had him perform “Man or Muppet” instead of that stupid Cirque de Soleil nonsense that had nothing to do with anything.

  29. Jo

    So delicious!

  30. Maddy

    Einstein and friends look on in dismay.

  31. Rebekah

    My Wellingtonian Cup of Pride doth runneth over. Red carpet posing like a boss.

  32. yeahandalso

    I’ve hated the Jamaine in everything I’ve ever seen him in, he is the sole reason I don’t watch Flight of the Concords, which everybody tells me is hilarious. Brett looks pretty dang spiffy in a tux though!

  33. Rachel

    I jumped up and down cheering for him. VICTORY!!!

  34. gg

    His outfit is perfect, pity his head is so dweeby. And his song was awful!

  35. Katie

    Yaaay! A New Zealand comedic musician has won an Oscar. Freaking awesome! Love being a Kiwi sometimes. (: