Oscars Well Played: Amy Adams


It’s possible that I only love this because this was yet another awards night — in a long, long era of them — in which way too many people showed up in nudes, white, black, or red. (Do NONE of these crazy-ass attention whores understand that if you wear a color, you will AUTOMATICALLY get a pantload of press for it? Let the rainbow be your pimp.)

But it’s also possible — nay, probable — that I love it because it’s awesome.

Amy Adams

Amy looks so beautiful here, and an entire galaxy better than she did in that horribly ill-fitting white dress from the SAGs (the post about which included me whining about how gorgeous fair-skinned redheads should wear colors, and ta-da, she has proven either that I am wise, or that old adage that even a stopped clock is right twice a day). The big question with Amy was the jewelry — specifically, the necklace:

Amy Adams

If this dress had a plunging v-neck, this necklace wouldn’t have jumped out at me, except maybe to stick out its tongue and taunt me about the fact that I will never own its equal. But laid as it is over her high neckline, is it a funky statement, or — as my husband would say — putting a hat on a hat? By the way, he and I, because we are fatally geeky, had this whole long discussion about that phrase: I disbelieved that it was real after he said it; he insists he has used multiple times despite the fact that I only ever heard him do it that once. (Now, of course, I say it all the time, but only to him.) Apparently it’s the equivalent of saying something is superfluous. Personally, I think that’s unfair. What if some random dude’s top hat needs a baseball cap? I don’t know its life. Maybe somewhere out there, a Panama hat’s soulmate happens to be a beret. ¬†Who am I to get in the way of true millinery love?

Jessica came down on the side of, “Amy will regret that necklace choice later,” and I do wonder if she’ll see pictures and wish she’d taken it off (and put it in her purse and then RUN LIKE HELL from the security people), but for some reason I’m not mad at it. I don’t think the dress needed the competition — it takes a lot of sparkle to overshadow a gem that large, but this dress almost does it — but I also think the fact that her accessory choice here piqued my intrigue at all is making me grow to love it. Kind of like how the new 90210 made me go, “Oh, honey, no,” and then suddenly now I think it’s kind of great. I am fickle. Or easy. Or both.

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  1. Pam

    I LOVED this! I thought she did an amazing job of channeling old Hollywood and hitting the nail on the head! She’s was one of my favorites!

  2. bex

    i love it. it’s the oscars, so why not lay on the glamour? and emerald jewelery was made for red heads. she looks stunning.

  3. Fawn

    This is what Nicole Kidman should look like all the time. As for the necklace, I love it. Without the necklace I don’t think the bracelet would work, and that is one gorgeous bracelet!

  4. Lina

    It IS gilding the lily (and I’d really like to see the necklace on a background of a different color because the deep blue sort of swallows the emerald), but if there’s ever an event where gilding the lily is FINE, it’s the Oscars.

  5. Gigi

    Redheads + emeralds = love 4 ever. Always. Ad infinitum.

    Her “infinite universe” sexy galaxy dress just underscores that point.

  6. Betsy

    Green jewelry is no longer a surprise accent color, ladies. So many people are doing it now, Amy being a repeat offender, I believe. Let’s move on to something new. I’m looking at you Reese.

  7. jen

    It’s a necklace over sparkles.

    it’s unnecessary… it remind me of this wedding I was at. The dresses had this big chiffon scarf thing on top of a high neck and the bride insisted on chokers. You either didn’t see the chocker (I had to look twice to figure out if Amy had a necklace or it was a trick of the light) or you thought “what the f?” (which although Amy’s necklace is much better, I still think it’s giving neither the dress nor the necklace the proper respect).

    But damn, I do love blue.

  8. Faye

    The emerald necklace wouldn’t be my first choice to go with the sapphire-blue dress, but who cares. Her dress is so fantastic she gets a pass on the necklace. It fits her well, is a great color, and is striking without being all crazy “look at me.” Well played indeed, Amy! You redeemed yourself from the Golden Globes.

  9. pidge

    Weirdly, I like it. I know I shouldn’t, but it looks good with the high neck. Without anything there, she might look a bit throttled. The white stands out well, though the lovely emerald does get lost. Maybe she could persuade the necklace wranglers to let her wear it again, with a different neckline to let the beauty of the emerald stand out…

  10. Rowynn

    I voted “Yay,” but it’s more of a vote for Amy herself than for the necklace. I think your husband might be right about that, Heather. Although now that someone has mentioned her bracelet, I went back and looked at it, and now I do kinda see the synergy between it and the necklace. So I’m standing by my “yay” vote, but now it’s for Amy AND her jewelery.

  11. The Other Molly

    A big YES to the dress.
    The jewelry is nice, but doesn’t go AT ALL with the dress, thus, taking away from it a bit.
    Less is more Amy, less is more.
    Go with that.

  12. babyface

    ugh. i though she looked horrible. I’m super excited about ‘alternative’ jewels making it big–emeralds were huge at the Oscars, i predict rubies and sapphires next (diamonds…over-rated, not to mention the political implications). The necklace is really unique and cool, but looks awful with that dress (high neck, sparkly blue? Come on). If she lost the necklace and did something with her hair (which seemed to be plastered to her head), maybe? But i think the color and cut of the dress makes it awkward and harsh. Not that i dislike the color or the cut–but together? Doesn’t work.

  13. M.Amanda

    The green is sort of hard to see next to the blue though that is not my issue. I wish she had pulled her hair back more. Also, with such a high neck it is just a long column of blue. Instead of a necklace, I would have loved an emerald jeweled belt. Or a lower neckline with the necklace showing against her skin.

  14. Laura

    What a stinker. It’s Derek Trotter in a frock.

  15. jerkygirl

    That is a GREAT dress, and I love her hair, and that bracelet. The necklace is a little weird, maybe more “putting a little fabulous fascinator on a hat” (love that phrase though, must steal) but I can get over it because the whole look is beautiful.

  16. Nina

    I’m not crazy about all the sequins, but the dress fits her beautifully.

    It’s a shame that the glowing emerald is completely lost on that dress. Definitely would have looked better against her skin instead of a sea of dark blue sequins.

  17. Kel

    Love the dress! It so doesn’t need the necklace, I wish she’d left it off. But other than that, major love for the look.

  18. TrinnyT

    She looks great! Would the whole look not have been a bit safe had she left the necklace off?

  19. Cat

    I think she looks gorgeous and the color of the dress totally makes it for me. It might have been better to have her hair pulled back, but it’s a small quibble, along with the necklace, which is just unnecessary.

  20. Bella

    I love the dress, but not the jewelry with it. I don’t think it really accents anything. I would have loved just gorgeous earrings and bracelet.

  21. ariel

    I actually would have loved the necklace had it not been for the emerald, which I think clashes with the dark blue of the dress.

  22. shapewear

    I love her dress!. It suits her well. She looks fabulous and awesome.

  23. Chasmosaur

    I don’t know that this dress needed a necklace – I would think more statement earrings than necklace.

    I don’t know I would have liked this on anyone else, but with Amy’s off-center fashion choices and the fact that the tones work beautifully together, I thought it was awesome.

  24. Rayna

    Hmmm, if she had put her hair up, she could have matched earrings to bracelet and done away with necklace. Or if she had the plunging neckline of the lady behind her, necklace would’ve gotten its due on bare skin (my preferred look).

    But she didn’t, and she didn’t, so………….I’ve moved from Necklace Tolerant to Team Necklace!

    LOVE Amy and her dress! In a COLOR! Nicole, grab a pen!

  25. Whiffltude

    Great necklace. Great color on the dress. Add in some cleavage and drama and this is a winner. As it is, it almost looks like a t-shirt dress. Where’s the glamour?

  26. Jennifer H.

    My husband and I have a similar phrase whose origins are unclear. “No one ever said no.” He thinks it’s a real one; I’m pretty sure he made it up. Either way, we both say it a lot now.

    And, to be on point, I love the green with the navy.

  27. sem

    Well played??? NOT. Th high neckline, cap sleeve and full sequins do not need or want that jewelry. The dress isn’t that flattering on her and the hair color is drab. Probably the worst I’ve seen her, she usually looks quite nice.

  28. CJ

    She looks absolutely gorgeous here. Loved the necklace. Jewelry at the oscars can often be opulent yet so predictable at the same time. If not antique, it reminds me of the very unique type of jewelry I remember seeing at a museum’s Cartier retrospective. Maybe not the neckline most would choose for the necklace, but I loved it and it took a beautifully fitting yet very simple dress and made it very special. People keep talking about the colors at the latest Gucci show, but this a simple yet elegant study in mixing great colors wonderfully: the fabulous blue of the gown, her gorgeous hair and that beautiful green emerald. Totally FAB.

  29. TaraMisu

    I think she looks fabulous! I’m meh about the necklace, it can go or stay. Her hair and make up are stunning, big win!

  30. amy

    Gorgeous. The necklace is absolutely perfect with the dress. The diamonds are beautifully cut, and green and blue compliment each other so much.

  31. witjunkie

    I think she needed something there to break it up a little bit…if there was nothing there we would all be saying she needed something. I would have preferred a longer single strand with the emerald instead of a short one that looks like a double strand, but other than that, closer to Yay than Nay.

  32. Fox

    Loved the dress. Didn’t dig the necklace and her hair should have been up. Too much going on around the collarbone with the high neckline, the competing colored necklace and the big hair. But the dress waa a winner.

  33. C. C.

    Loved the dress, loved the emerald necklace against the rich blue of the dress. Did I read that she was wearing $1.35 million worth of jewels?

  34. Annabeth

    LOVE the necklace over the dress. It’s just a little bit edgy and unusual, while still retaining the classic lines of the dress and the simplicity of the necklace. And the brilliant green over the blue sequins is such a beautiful contrast, and both colors together work to play up her delicate coloring. I think this is a very fashion-forward choice, and that we’ll be seeing copycats in future. The only thing I might change about the dress is the cap sleeves — I am all for the return of the sleeve, someday, assuming fashion designers still retain the skills to make them — but I feel like this gives none of the benefits of sleeves and yet takes away a bit of the impact of sleevelessness. A minor quibble, though, for something so well-tailored, in such a wonderful color, and so simply and yet unmistakably glamorous.

  35. Amy

    I didn’t even know there was an emerald on that necklace until seeing this picture. Didn’t see it on Red Carpet or even when she was shown during telecast.

  36. Carrie

    I’ve never disagreed with you ladies more. This was my least favorite look of the evening. Didn’t like the necklace, the neckline or the cap sleeves. I also thought her hair looked flat and lifeless.

  37. rhly

    She is so close to perfection here, but I don’t like the necklace. It just distracts from how great the dress is. But, I guess it must be hard to say no when someone offers to let you wear something like that. BTW, I’ve never heard the “hat on a hat” expression, but my engineer husband has a similar expression that I love–”belt and suspenders.”

  38. anner

    Knew you ladies would love this dress, as did I. Navy is the perfect color for her; it contrasts beautifully with her soft red hair and porcelain complexion, without overpowering.

    I think the necklace is lovely with it, if not the intuitive choice. It almost looks like part of the dress. There’s something about the shape of the pendant that echoes the sublte chinoiserie of the dress’s cut.

    I’m usually a sucker for pouffy ball gowns and avant-garde sheaths, but this year I think she’s my best-dressed!

  39. pam

    Amy should have given this necklace to Sandra Bullock or Hilary Swank, both of who looked a little naked up on top. And, yes, emerald jewelry as an accent color is getting played out. Angelina did it several years ago with huge emerald earrings, and now everone is jumping on the bandwagon.

  40. Julia

    I’m sure that someone else has already said something like this, but I think the necklace actually was a very necessary and wise accessory. It gave the impression of a lower-cut neckline, breaking up what could have seemed just a huge plain of sparkly fabric. My second thought, upon seeing the photo of her – after “pretty!” – was “good choice on the necklace.”

  41. anne p.

    Thank goodness I checked with you guys! I came across so many press trashings of Amy’s look, I was beginning to wonder if I was rong to like this as much as I did. (1) *Everyone* looks so great in Navy or Sapphire, you wonder why it’s not worn more often — Amy looks especially good in it. (2) Really like the ’30s-’40s stuff (high neck, suggestion-of-sleeve, painted-on effect), esp. vs. the here-we-go-again strapless & goddessy — and the hairstyle is perfect for it. (3) And … in those decades, this jewelry application was not at all unusual. So Amy, I think you should feel real good about it — you looked wonderful!!!

  42. The Moonay

    Initially I was a complete “NAY” on the necklace, but then I tried to imagine her without it and it seemed kind of boring. Amy Adams is, well, a bit stale (which is the less-nice way to describe her style), and she needs every jazzing up she can get. Had this been Cate Blanchett, I would’ve said “of COURSE she’d wear it with that necklace”, but with Adams it’s not an expected choice, which makes it all the more interesting.

  43. anonymoose

    she has a lovely figure and looks. but the necklace and bracelet don’t do the dress any favors. the veronica lake hair is great, but doesnt work with the high neck on the dress. too busy, too much coverage. good color, though.

  44. AnaBe

    You know Mondo? From Project Runway? He tweeted last night, “Amy Adams looks like a starry night”. I feel that says it all. And I love the emeralds.

  45. miwome

    I like that the green stone (emerald, I’m assuming) brings out the green in her eyes, which are usually very pale.

  46. vandalfan

    The necklace is perfect. Anywhere else, it might have been a touch too much. The dress by itself is fine, beautiful even, but for the Oscars sparkle and sequins abound. The emerald necklace and bracelet were the first things I noticed about this, and I fell in love. Like a starry night, indeed.

  47. DiamondJen

    I think the dress on its own would have been stunning – but as a girl who is always pro jewelry, I say good for you Amy for adding a little pop to your sizzle! Frankly, a redhead can never go wrong with an emerald accent – especially one that size.

  48. JanetP

    I really liked the necklace with this dress because it added a little depth to that high neckline. The dress would have looked very severe without it, IMO.

  49. avidbeader

    It’s almost right. The necklace and the dress don’t quite mesh in harmony, since I think the emerald gets lost in the background of the dress material – would have done better with a low neckline or as someone mentioned, put her hair up and let the bling be the earrings.

    On the other hand, I love seeing someone dressed to look beautiful rather than see just how much cleavage is too much, so I give it all a thumbs up.

  50. Katie Starfish

    Gorgeous dress, but all the peripherals are wrong, to me. Hair – bad. Makeup – WAY too heavy. Necklace – wahhh?

  51. Shannon

    She’s absolutely gorgeous. Love the dress, love the hair, love the jewelry. I’m glad she wore her hair down. If I had hair like that I’d not only wear it down forever, I’d probably walk around swinging my head around in an extremely exaggerated fashion, as if I were in a shampoo commercial. Hair up would have been dull and predictable. The necklace is beautiful, and worn that way adds a touch of interest to the dress. Perfection.

  52. cranky old batt

    Jessica Rabbit would have been proud.

    She looks fabulous in a way that makes me nostalgic for Hollywood before they abolished the indecency laws.

  53. Lee

    So, who made the awesome necklace? I absolutely love the sequins + bling, too many ladies had no or sadly understated jewellery…

  54. Shannon

    I disagree completely and the necklace isn’t even the worst part. Her hair was frizzy, her makeup chalking and she seemed to be perpetually spaced out the whole time she walked the red carpet. The dress was pretty but she didn’t pull it off at all.

  55. Corrine

    I wish a thousand times that this had been a v-neck and it might have been a well-played for me, maybve even best of the night, but with the crew neck its HORRIBLE. She looks like she can’t breathe.

  56. crystal

    love the even split on this. i voted yes, because i love this outfit enough to marry it & i think the necklace it what really takes it to the next level. <3

  57. Soapstef

    I hated this on the red carpet, but my goodness when she came out on stage…I thought beautiful shimmering stars were coming out of my TV! She was stunning and I forgot all about the necklace.

  58. Amy

    I love this. The dress would have been too plain without the necklace.

  59. NYCGirl

    I’m not normally a big fan of navy blue or sequins, and yet I really like this, necklace included.

  60. one

    Amy can do no wrong, in my book. I can’t explain why.

  61. Sajorina

    I think it’s perfect just the way it is!

  62. Melissa

    Thank you! I said the same thing about the necklace – totally took away from the dress…it looked so out of place. The dress was beyond gorgeous on her though! Very stunning!

  63. Diff

    I thought the dress was okay on the red carpet. When she got onstage I desperately wanted it, and tried to grab the shiny through the tv. Alas, I’d begrudgingly settle for some opportunities to use the line “let the rainbow be your pimp” in my usual daily goings-on.

  64. RenaissanceGrrl

    I like the necklace fine–it’s a meh sort of thing for me, really–but dang, she and Kidman could play sisters. Amirite?

  65. Hannah

    the necklace is completely superfluous but thankfully, the dress is SO GREAT and she looks SO BEAUTIFUL that the irritation of the necklace is outweighed by her awesomeness.

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